American Idol 2014 Judges Chosen

It’s October 2013 and American Idol is already in progress, taping its 2014, thirteenth season after a really rough season last year;

The judges’ table will see the return of two former Idol judges, Keith Urban and yes, Jennifer Lopez will be back to her seat.  (I guess gyrating with Pitbull and being “On The Floor” had its day and Idol is giving her a job that pays again.)  The third judge will be Harry Connick Jr.

Also returning to Idol for the 2014 season will be (yes, the dawg couldn’t stay away), Idol’s sole original, Randy Jackson.  Though Jackson won’t be sitting at the judges’ table this year, he will have a role as a mentor.

Harry Connick Jr. Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban, the new American Idol 2014 judging panel.
Harry Connick Jr. Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban, the new American Idol 2014 judging panel.

Ryan Seacrest will be back in his usual spot and role.

It seems that Fox smartened up this year and decided that a four judge panel was too much especially, if it included another female judge.  Heaven forbid it should make the same mistake it did last year with the Minaj-Carey duel that had viewers tuning out faster than flies dropping with a fly swatter.

According to Jackson, this season will see a lot of joking around between the judges.  That’s a far-cry from the obnoxious diva duelling that turned away fans by the droves from last season’s viewership.  A lot of viewers were tired and sickened by the cat-fight, tacky antics between Minaj and Carey that took the focus off of the competition itself.   Jackson is said to have approved of the new judges which means little since he approved of last year’s fiasco by bringing in his protégé diva, Mariah Carey to sit beside him and Minaj at the table, leaving Keith Urban to scratch his head, wondering what to say or do next.  It’s likely to be a much easier season for Urban in 2014.

Auditions have already started so, let the show get set, ready and rolling.

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