No, Madeleine McCann Has NOT Been Found

In spite of a plethora of newspaper claims that Madeleine McCann has been found in both Greece and Ireland, there’s absolutely no truth to the stories.

Both of the girls found in Greece and Ireland were blond-haired, blue-eyed and around the age that McCann would be right now but, neither were Madeleine McCann.

Reporting newspapers glittered their headlines by using quotation marks around Madeleine’s name in their titles.

‘Maddie’ found in Greece
‘Maddie’ found in Ireland

Sensationalizing their top stories with false hope is an unfair tactic.

However, the couple in Greece who had one of the blond haired-blue eyed girls, have been arrested on suspicion of abduction which gives the McCann family new hope that children do get abducted and perhaps, Madeleine might also be alive somewhere and can be found.

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