The Stars…Astrology…Not Celebrities


Let’s face it.  We’re all Closet Horoscope readers.  Don’t deny it.  You know you’ve at least glanced out of fun, at your horoscope in the daily newspapers or perhaps, glanced at a yearly horoscope book discreetly while waiting in line at a grocery check-out or even hid in a book store.  We’ve all done it.

Most of us have also been to see a psychic at some point or another as well…either on a dare or out of fun or even seriously seeking some form of hope as to what our futures will bring.

This past birthday, I had pondered what to do with my day.  Nothing came to me at first but, upon my morning coffee and reading (yes, I admit to reading my horoscope every morning that comes through my in-box), that day’s horoscope hit me with a wallop.  It hit a home run with issues that I had been struggling with for quite sometime and questions that had never been answered.

As luck would have it (well, maybe it wasn’t luck but, rather in the stars somewhere), I wrote to an astrologer to see if he could accommodate me in doing my first professionally done, personal chart reading for me.  He wasn’t working that day but, made an exception and re-arranged his shared office space with his colleague to work me in for the afternoon of my birthday.

I had never had a personal chart done and was skeptical as to how “the stars” could give any sort of prediction but, wanted to try it.  What did I have to lose?  Besides, this man had gone to great pains to work me in for that day and time.

Upon arriving at his office, I was pleasantly surprised at the decor and warmth that the waiting area gave out.  Calmness, serenity and an inviting atmosphere in a quaint older building in Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, “Greek Town” area, surrounded by artsy and spiritual services.  That, in and of itself was quite the treat and mesmerizing.

Phil Booth

Armed with a laptop computer, the astrologer, Mr. Phil Booth entered and set up in his office at a glass-topped board room style table.  We both sat down and waited for his computer to boot up to show my already set up chart which detailed the star’s alignment at the time of my birth and fast forwarded through the present and into the future.

Of course, I understood nothing of these charts.  To me, it was like reading hieroglyphics with no meaning.  However, this is where I realized that a good astrologer will show you your chart and explain it as they go along, even if you are looking at it as though they are showing you a different language.  Phil did just that.  He explained as he was going along what the significance of each planet placement meant to me at the moment of my birth, right through the present and into the future.

The reading was to take 90 minutes and at first, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into.  How could I stand 90 minutes of planetary babble that I didn’t understand?  What did this all mean to me and why had I even entertained this idea?  Five minutes into this, I was totally awestruck on what Mr. Booth (you can watch him on Youtube) was able to pick up.  How could he possibly have known this about my parents, my past, my present, my husband, daughter…everything about me?

It was amazing the amount of detail he was able to pick up and give to me.  He picked up my prior relationships, my current ones and explained why there were “troubled spots” within my life at many different points.  (Yes, my life had been one of troubles, heartache and disappointments that I never understood the reason behind).  It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle was slowly being put together for me with such accuracy that it was, at times, making me feel as though he’d been a fly on the wall of my life.

What added even more to the session was his own personal experiences, his travels and how it all pertained to how the planetary alignments can influence our lives.

The 90 minutes flew by.  It felt as though I was only there for 10 minutes and left me wanting more…which he did give to me.  But, alas, all good things must come to an end (his colleague needed the office back).

Of course, I never would have remembered all that he’d so amazingly given to me during our session but, he had taped it and emailed me the session the next day.  I’ve listened to it more than a couple of times now.  Each time, I see more and more in what he was trying to explain and I wasn’t getting at the time.  It makes much more sense now and many of the things that he “predicted” from the symbols on his computerized chart, have already come to pass.

While I have not had the experience of any other astrologers, I can vouch for the amazing session I have had with Phil Booth.  If you’re interested in having your own chart done, I cannot recommend this astrologer enough.  He works world-wide via Skype or telephone and since the stars aren’t partial to any part of the world in specific, it’s a good thing because many can have access to as wonderful an experience as I’ve had.  I will be going back to see him again and hope that his book will soon be upon store shelves…though he wouldn’t reveal its name just yet.  I will keep you all updated.  But, if you’re interested in learning more about astrology in general, you can follow Phil Booth on Facebook where he often explains what’s coming up in the planetary alignments for all of us.   Very interesting info for anyone who is interested in learning more about astrology and horoscopes.

If you’ve had a great reading with anyone…let me know.  I’d love to hear your own stories.  And, if you do decide to follow my lead and have a session done with Phil, let me know that as well and your thoughts.  It’s always nice to compare notes and “come out of the closet”.

I hope to do more entries on all kinds of readings soon.  Give me your experiences and comments.  Let’s get a discussion going.


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4 thoughts on “The Stars…Astrology…Not Celebrities

  1. Shirley, I’m so sorry that you and your friend didn’t have the experience that I did with Mr. Booth. Perhaps, I got lucky…or, perhaps, he was having a bad day the day that you went to see him. Whatever it was…I’m sorry to hear this.


    1. Sure…I can give you his email address. Sorry for the late response. You’d have to write to him first to set up an appointment time.
      He’s in an area known as “The Carrot Common”. But, write to him if you’re interested and he’ll give you all of the details. Best of wishes! I know you’ll love a reading by him.


      1. Hi I already had a reading, I bought one for my friend who had it right after mine— we both felt he had done zero prep so it was nothing special.

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