Is Your Doctor Bad For Your Health?

Think positive.
Imagine what you want to happen.
You attract what you think of most.

The Laws of Attraction.

Have you gone to a doctor with something bothering you lately?

If you have, you’ll likely find that there’s no such law in a doctor’s office.

The first thing doctors do is assume that you have something wrong until they’ve proven that you don’t have anything death inducing. To do so, almost always entails testing, waiting, worrying, wondering and fear. Of course, in a lot of cases, they will tell you,
“We have to rule out (fill in the blank),” which usually means the worst case scenario.

Gone are the days when your family doc looked at your symptoms with his/her years of experience behind him/her and, used them to find the simplest and most likely explanation for the symptoms first. Most docs nowadays, seem to only know what symptoms require what tests or which specialists to send you off to. Not many docs will diagnose you without a plethora of tests or sending you off to a specialist who will also do a small filing cabinet’s worth of tests.

It’s not bad enough that you’re already uncomfortable and likely, have had to take a day off of work that puts your boss in a really uptight mood to see your doc but, you usually come out of the office with further appointments and requisitions for tests that will require more time off of work and more anxiety.

In the Justice System, we consider people innocent until proven guilty.
In the Medical Field, we are considered deathly ill until proven healthy.
Talk about anxiety.
Then, they tell us to reduce our stress because it’s going to kill us. Irony?

Not only does it seem that most doctors nowadays are ill-equipped to draw upon their experience to make a diagnosis but, it seems that they’re trained in the art of fear mongering. What may be a rather small and minor issue, gets turned into possibly, a three-month or better anxiety trip as you wait for appointments for testing for diseases that you never dreamed you could have but now believe you likely do have it. The waiting is hell.

Even when they’ve done the tests and tell you that they’ve all come back as “normal”, they still leave doubt in your mind as they remind you that they’ll want to “repeat the test in another 3 or 6 months”. When you ask why, they tell you that these tests can “miss things” so, they “need to be sure.” That always leaves you feeling secure and well rested.

Once they’ve exhausted all of their testing regime, they’ll bring out their prescription pads and hand you a prescription for something or other that they claim, will help. Feeling a little better for the moment, you have the prescription filled at your pharmacy on your way home, only to find a sheet in the bag with a list of potential side-effects the length of your arm that scare you more than the possible diagnoses the docs have come up with.

This is where you go home, toss the prescription into the garbage and take out the bottle of brandy, swearing off of going to the doctor again. Afterall, your grandparents never went to a doctor and they lived into their late 80’s or 90’s. Is it any small wonder? They didn’t have the stress that doctors put us through today and we all know….stress kills.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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