Missing Malaysian Flight 370 May Have Landed Somewhere Else

Call me crazy but, there’s something fishy about the missiing Malaysian Flight 370 that leads me to believe the potential that the plane was possibly intentionally flown out of the intended flight path and possibly landed somewhere else, outside the current search range.

The Boeing 777, carrying 239 people in staff and passengers, had about 7.5 hours worth of fuel and was scheduled to head from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, a flight of approximately 2700 miles.

The last transponder communication showed that the plane was several hundred miles off course to Beijing, having turned towards the west. The transponder and communications equipment was turned off and not seemingly, accidently or by direct impact.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the plane’s disappearance, not the least which includes how the transponder could possibly have been accidently turned off.  Turning off a transponder is a deliberate act.  Transponders are manufactured to withstand impact, water, salt and fresh as well as fire.  There is little chance in what I’ve been hearing that the transponder malfunctioned but, was intentionally shut off.

This leaves the question of who turned it off as well as the other communication systems that shut down within minutes of one another?

Could it have been a hijacker, or was it one or both of the pilots themselves?

More to come but, my suspicion is that Flight 730 is somewhere on ground, landed, not crashed.

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One thought on “Missing Malaysian Flight 370 May Have Landed Somewhere Else

  1. No bodies,no jet, no debris floating anywhere after listening to everything and reading this latest thing here I tend to believe the pilots turned off the transponders and the communications and they landed the jet somewhere in another country because just what all do you know about these pilots. I believe that more thorough background checks need to be done on pilots and the stewardesses as a matter of fact they need to do a more thorough check on any suspicious passengers lik the 2 with stolen passports. Why would they take that certain jet and then the jet disappear seems pretty suspicious to me. As a matter why don’t you hire one of those stupid psychics who know everything. Anyhow I think the pilots and those 2 passengers are in this together and they turned the transponder and communications off.


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