Malaysian President Now Refuses To Say Flight MH370 Is Lost And All 239 Passengers Dead

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak has refused to say that MH370 is "lost" and, countering his earlier statement over a month ago now that MH370 has crashed and there are no survivors, Razak is now saying that he will not say that 370 is lost nor, there are no survivors. "At some point I would... Continue Reading →

Missing Flight MH370 “Cover-Up” Or, Hysterical Family Member?

There are lots of conspiracy theories running rampant about what happened to missing flight MH370 but, no answers.After over a month of searching, with a lot of mis-steps, there's still a lot of questions.With no debris, no more pings, having searched the most viable ping area underwater in a 6 mile radius, finding nothing, there... Continue Reading →

What went wrong in Tom Cruise's three marriages?  Was it Cruise's devotion to his Church of Scientology religion or was it his ever-increasing fame? It seems that Tom likes his wives to be in their 20's when he marries them and, all three marriages ended when his wives were 33 years of age.  Perhaps, it's a statement that Tom doesn't see himself as... Continue Reading →

Flight MH370: Have CNN’s Panel of Experts Become Biased?

In listening to CNN's coverage of Missing Malaysian Flight MH370, one can hear some of their panel of experts, becoming dismissive of any other explanations for the whereabouts of the missing plane and its passengers and crews. Lately, it's become obvious that a lot of these panelists have become biased towards the idea that there... Continue Reading →

Have Searchers Found Missing Malaysian Flight 370 With The Latest Pings?

It was announced early yesterday that both Chinese and Australian searchers had both picked up what could be considered "pings" on Friday and Saturday and, "could" be from Missing Flight 370's black boxes..  The Chinese say that they heard two separate acoustic events.  One was brief and heard on Friday, the other, some two kms... Continue Reading →

Can We Trust Anything That Comes Out of The Malyasian Prime Minister’s Mouth About Missing Flight 370?

The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, made a visit to Australia where he and Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, gave a news conference on Thursday where Razak declared again that the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 is now considered a "criminal investigation". April 1, 2014, it was announced by Malaysian National Police... Continue Reading →

Is Criticism of CNN’s Coverage of Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 Justified?

It's been nearly four weeks now since Malaysian Flight MH370 has seemingly disappeared without a trace. Anxious family members of the missing 239 passengers, including the pilot, co-pilot and crew, are riddled with questions and awaiting answers to the questions of whether they are truly dead or whether they are still alive somewhere. In a... Continue Reading →

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