Can We Trust Anything That Comes Out of The Malyasian Prime Minister’s Mouth About Missing Flight 370?

Malaysian Prime Minister, Razak at press conference on Missing Malaysian Flight 370
Malaysian Prime Minister at Press Conference concerning missing Malaysia Flight MH370.

The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, made a visit to Australia where he and Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, gave a news conference on Thursday where Razak declared again that the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 is now considered a “criminal investigation”.

April 1, 2014, it was announced by Malaysian National Police Chief, Khalid Abu Bakar that all 227 passengers had been cleared of a possible involvement in 370’s hijacking.  This left only the 12 crew and 2 pilots as suspects.  The criteria for excluding 227 passengers (rather quickly from what can be gathered) were any personal or psychological problems.  While that may not have been the totality of the investigation into each passenger, it certainly leaves a lot of holes by which there can be questions still left behind.  Not every hijacker will have displayed or known psychological or personal problems.  Furthermore, most family members or friends of these passengers are grieving their losses and would not likely release any information about their personal lives in a negative light.  So much for that “investigation”.  Like everything else the Malaysian Government has done in this plane’s disappearance, it’s been quick, hap-hazardly done and rushed to what seems to be, hasty conclusions.

At the same time, investigations into the two pilots as well as a search of the pilot’s home-made flight simulator’s hard drive (which had allegedly been wiped out), have netted no evidence of any sign of criminal intent and no red flags.  In effect, Malaysian authorities have said that neither the pilot nor the co-pilot have anything under their fingernails to hide either.

So, what does this leave us with?  A member of the crew?

How is it that Malaysian police and the Malaysian government, can so quickly clear 227 passengers but, they haven’t yet cleared 10 crew members (excluding the pilots)? Keep in mind that this clearance of the 227 passengers also included two passengers who were travelling on fake/stolen passports.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Finally, Malaysia has released the full transcript of Flight 370’s departure up until there was radio-silence and the plane fell off the radars with communications systems having gone dead, seemingly, intentionally turned off.

The first part of the transcript seems like normal communications between the control tower and the plane’s pilots.  All appear to be normal communications done by every pilot getting ready for take-off as well as in the air.  While seemingly insignificant to most experts, Malaysia had not been accurate in reporting the final words of the pilots and their final words at hand-off to Beijing’s control towers.  That has now been corrected in releasing the full transcript only some nearly 4 weeks later.

Here is the excerpt of the transcript between 1:07 a.m. and 1:21 a.m. when the plane went forever silent and off radar.

[The last transmission by the plane’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) — which relays key information on the plane’s mechanical condition every 30 minutes — takes place at 1:07 am]
01:07:55 (MAS 370) Malaysian… Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:08:00 (ATC) Malaysian Three Seven Zero
01:19:24 (ATC) Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal 9, good night
01:19:29 (MAS 370) Good night, Malaysian Three Seven Zero
[The last transmission from the plane’s communication transponder is at 1:21 am, and it vanishes from ATC radar at 1:30 am]
At 1:19 a.m., Flight 370 was at a normal cruising altitude of 35,000 ft. (for all intents and purposes, allegedly on autopilot/George) and was being handed off from the Malaysian control tower and over to Beijing’s control tower as was supposed to happen. Nothing seemed amiss/wrong.  The last ACARS report at 1:07 gives no indication of any mechanical problems or otherwise.  The pilots give no indication of any issue.  It’s a normal hand-over.  But, at 1:21 a.m., only 3 minutes later, the transponder had been turned off and shortly afterwards, the ACARS system also shut down.
So, what happened to have the plane turned around, heading in the opposite direction to its intended flight path, communications turned off and continuing to fly for another 6 to 7 hours?
It seems most logical that someone had to have a lot of skill and aviation knowledge to have turned off communication systems, turn that plane around and fly for another several hours.  Who had the knowledge and ability to have done so and why?
A hijacker, likely wouldn’t have been intentionally heading south into the Southern Indian Ocean.  What was there to fly towards or where was there to land in that stretch of the ocean?
Pilot suicide seems even less likely when either of the pilots could have simply plunged the plane into a watery grave within the first half hour or less of its flight path.  Why fly another 6 to 7 hours to do so?
Mechanical failure cannot be ruled out but, it also seems highly unlikely since there was no indication of any problems with the plane prior to the abrupt turn-around only moments after the last transmission and all communication systems having been seemingly, intentionally turned off.
So, where does that leave this bungled investigation?  Can we believe anything that comes out of Malaysian Prime Minister, Razak’s mouth now or, is he simply a possible “mouth-piece” for other Malaysian groups?  Can we believe anything that we’re being told by Malaysian authorities about this case and can we trust their investigational skills at all?
The world is involved.  Many countries are spending millions or dollars in trying to search for a needle in a haystack with half truths, lack of proper information as well as perhaps, something as sinister as a government cover-up?  Who knows?  One thing is becoming clearer by the day, this mystery is not solved and if other countries are going to continue to be involved, they must insist on being able to carry out their own investigations as well…whether or not it contravenes any national laws on this sort of event.
Lest I am criticized for over-blogging about this flight, I am signing off until or unless there is something more substantial that comes to light.

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