Have Searchers Found Missing Malaysian Flight 370 With The Latest Pings?

It was announced early yesterday that both Chinese and Australian searchers had both picked up what could be considered “pings” on Friday and Saturday and, “could” be from Missing Flight 370’s black boxes.. 

The Chinese say that they heard two separate acoustic events.  One was brief and heard on Friday, the other, some two kms away from the first, was  heard for 60 to 90 seconds but, stopped.  It was not long enough for them to have recorded it. 

Meanwhile, Australian searchers, some 300 nautical miles away from the Chinese, said they also had heard an “acoustic event” that they believe *might* have been from 370’s black boxes. 

Ships are now heading to the Australian site first then, to the Chinese site to check it out.  They believe it will take some 14 hours for a British ship, pulling a towed pinger locator to reach the Aussie even site.  It might take another 24 hours to reach the Chinese site. 

Pardon me for being skeptical but, a few key points stand out in this scenario that go against this being the answer as to where Flight 370 went. 

First of all, yet again, officials have done yet another calculation round, using new calculations, figuring a higher speed than previously thought.  This would put the plane in yet another location. 

Secondly, both the Australian and Chinese ships were some 300 nautical miles apart but, both claim to have heard the “pings”. 

Thirdly, the Chinese were using a rather rudimentary or cruder form of ping detection, which consisted of a microphone fashioned to the end of a pole and hung over the edge of what appeared to be a rubber dingy.  With the ocean depth being estimated (something that changes by the reporter) to be 4.5 kms deep, it makes it rather dubious as to the ability of this rather crude instrument being able to pick up that ping.  But, who am I to question this?  I am not an aviation expert. 

Fourthly, the fact that both heard pings but, were some 300 nautical miles apart, is telling me (logically) that one or both are not hearing real pings. 

Fifth, is the idea that the black box batteries are running out and, at least a billion dollars has been spent thus far, in trying to locate the missing plane.  Countries and resources searching, cannot keep up this search both resource wise as well as financially.  Something has to be found soon or the search has to either scale back or be dropped.  It’s a question of when, not if so, if something is not found soon, aiding countries are going to pack up and leave the search. 

Lastly, comes my conspiracy theories kicking in again. 

The time is running out on the battery life of these black box batteries after a month of searching.  It’s estimated that we’re likely already at that 30 day point now but, perhaps, have another 10 to 14 days if we’re lucky in the batteries life expectancy.  It’s ironic that just as we reach this critical point, two ships, hundreds of miles apart, have suddenly, heard potential “pings”? 

It’s been said that the Malaysian radars did not pick up the turn-around that 370 made nor, the crossing back over Malaysia.  Some have theorized that perhaps, ground control had turned their heads away intentionally from “seeing this” event.  Of course that would lead many to think that Malaysia knew something that they don’t want anyone to know that they know.  Know what I mean?

If the above were to be the case, what would stop Malaysian or, perhaps (not sure why) even Chinese from dropping a black box into the ocean, set to the same frequency as Flight 370 and even perhaps, batteries drained to almost the same amount as Flight 370 would have to be at this point in time?  What if they want searchers to concentrate on that area and this is the incentive?

Of course, all of that is purely conjecture and imagination.  But, what if it were to be true?  What if that plane were to be sitting on land, perhaps, even in Malaysia, hidden away, passengers held somewhere in a make-shift refugee style camp situation?  Could it be?  It might be.  Nothing is impossible and the way things have gone thus far, with so little information coming from radars, satellites, governments etc., it’s just as possible and plausible as the theory that 370 is sitting at the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean west of Australia somewhere, totally intact so that no debris can be found. 

More to come, I’m sure. 




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