Has MH370 Been Found?

Tuesday March 8, 2014:  Searchers have re-established connection with what they believe are the pings of the black boxes from Flight MH370 but, are waiting to find wreckage before they’re able to say for sure that it is 370,  Head of the search, Australian Angus Houston has said that he believes it is those of missing flight MH370 without coming out and saying it directly. 

This is either the most brilliant piece of detective work the world has seen, the most miraculous piece of luck or, there’s a lot of intelligence that searchers and governments have been privy to that the public hasn’t been told. 

While this is looking more and more like it may be the wreckage of 370, laying in its watery grave in the Southern Indian Ocean, there’s a lot of questions that go with its discovery. 

They’ve found NO debris. 
How does a plane hit that ocean’s hard surface and leave no debris?  There are many hypothesized answers but, none of them fit fully that there would be no debris left behind. 

Was it brilliant detective work, formed through calculations from Inmarsat, the British Satellite Company’s data which contains no GPS abilities that allegedly found the area…information and data not used for those purposes and never has been used for that purpose before?

Or, is it a pure stroke of luck that the pingers have been heard by the Australian searchers just as the battery life of the pingers batteries have reached the end of their charge?

Is this MH370’s pingers or is it some other piece of equipment?  

Whatever this is or isn’t, it’s truly miraculous and mysterious.  This is either another false finding or the biggest piece of amazing work the world has ever seen. 

Or, is there a lot more than what the public has been given in intelligence information? 

It’s still a mystery until the actual wreckage has been found and identified positively as that of Flight MH370.  Until then, there’s a lot more questions to come from this mystery.   More to come, I’m sure.   

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