Flight MH370: Have CNN’s Panel of Experts Become Biased?

In listening to CNN’s coverage of Missing Malaysian Flight MH370, one can hear some of their panel of experts, becoming dismissive of any other explanations for the whereabouts of the missing plane and its passengers and crews.

Lately, it’s become obvious that a lot of these panelists have become biased towards the idea that there is no other place that the missing plane could be, other than the depths of the Southern Indian Ocean.  Any other possibility mentioned by viewers has been labelled as a “Conspiracy Theory”.

There’s been many false leads, many false hopes, many delays, and many un-truths as well as mishandling of this case by the Malaysians.  Almost daily now, we are hearing of some tidbit of information that the Malaysian Government either didn’t expose or, has to correct.  It’s gotten to the point where even these experts are admitting that we can’t trust the Malaysian Government for information to be correct or fully exposed.  That is leaving a wide swath of questions and, leaving it wide open to many interpretations.

The latest came when Malaysian Authorities let it out suddenly that the 370’s copilot’s cell phone signals were picked up while the plane flew over Penang.  At this moment, as with everything, it’s unknown whether the co-pilot was trying to make a call, the phone had been left on (an apparent no-no in the cockpit for pilots) or, whether the pilot had switched it on but, not made a call.  Seemingly though, no other cell phone signal from the 238 other passengers and crew, had been picked up.  At least, that we know of or, have been told about thus far.

There’s been no debris found from the plane.  Nothing, nada, zip.  Yet, experts will explain that away as the amount of time it’s been since the plane went down, a cyclone having hit the area two to three weeks ago and, just about every other imaginable explanation that they can come up with to support the idea of 370 being under the Southern Indian Ocean.

The pinger’s batteries have died.  Searchers were lucky to have gotten four pings from it on the very last two days of the batteries’ power, in an area/location that was tracked using calculations from a satellite that does not have GPS abilities and never was intended to be used this way.

Searchers and experts know that the area they are searching in, is deep, likely far too deep for the underwater sonar equipment that they’re using to be able to do a thorough job of mapping the ocean floor below in search of 370’s alleged wreckage.  The mission was aborted yesterday as the Bluefin returned to the surface early, due to the depth of the ocean floor.  Yet, other equipment exists that can go deeper than the Bluefin.  It’s just not on site and there seems to be no plans thus far, to bring that into play.

Questions, anyone?

Many “brave souls” have ventured to question this entire theory of 370 being on the bottom of the ocean where searchers are looking.  Those questions have been met with both a great deal of skepticism and even condescension by CNN’s panels of experts, brought in regularly.  Anything outside of the idea that 370 is not on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, has been repeatedly termed as “Conspiracy Theories” and quickly dismissed.


With no real or trusted information from Malaysian authorities, no debris, no wreckage and a plethora of nothing but questionable mistaken leads, is it so far-fetched to thing that perhaps, that plane is not where searchers believe it to be?  Why is it considered a “conspiracy theory” to question whether there could be the possibility that 370 is elsewhere or perhaps, landed on land somewhere?

It seems plausible now that anything is possible.  MH370 may indeed be the target of some “sinister” plot by a hijacker or, a misguided flight crew member or, even a rogue passenger.  It’s possible that 370 may be sitting on land, somewhere, with passengers alive and being held hostage while clandestine negotiations are going on between either Malaysia or China and an unknown source, is it not?  It’s just as feasible as anything else at this point in time and with lack of anything really concrete in terms of proof that 370 lays in a bed of silt on the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean, a few miles beneath the surface.  The Mirror might have something for all that anyone knows.  The possibility that 370 is in Afghanistan, on land, being held by a militant group and passengers being held in a make-shift hostage camp might not be totally out of the realm of possibilities.

CNN, if you’re reading this, ask your panel experts to be a little more tolerant of other people’s potential theories.  At this point, they’re as plausible as anything being spoon-fed to us by both the searchers and the panel experts you bring on endlessly.  Who knows?  There could be a lot of egg to wipe off of smug faces down the road.  That remains to be seen in a mystery where anything is possible.

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