Missing Flight MH370 “Cover-Up” Or, Hysterical Family Member?

There are lots of conspiracy theories running rampant about what happened to missing flight MH370 but, no answers.

After over a month of searching, with a lot of mis-steps, there’s still a lot of questions.

With no debris, no more pings, having searched the most viable ping area underwater in a 6 mile radius, finding nothing, there is now talk about ending the Bluefin21 unmanned sub ocean mapping search within days. 

Sarah Bajc, the partner of Philip Woods, one of the 239 missing passengers and crew on MH370 has been interviewed on CNN a few times.  It’s her belief that her partner, Woods, is still alive and that the plane has been landed with passengers having been taken hostage. 

In the following interview, Bajc cites her reasons for believing what she believes.  Could she be right? 




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