Inmarsat Had Already Handed Over Data On Missing Flight MH370 To Malaysia

British satellite company Inmarsat, famous for its ping data on missing Malaysian Flight MH370, says that it has handed over the raw data to Malaysia.  Malaysia denies it.  Is someone lying?

In a statement to CNN today, just hours after Malaysian Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had denied that they had the famous Inmarsat raw data on missing Flight MH370, Inmarsat, the British communication satellite company set the record straight.

“Inmarsat’s raw data was provided to the investigation team at an early stage in the search for MH370,” the statement from Inmarsat to CNN’s Erin Burnett said and blamed Malaysia for not having released that fact or the information.

Actually, Malaysia has denied having had it all along.  Why?  What is that saying?

While Inmarsat has complete faith in its data and is the basis for the ongoing search for the 70 day missing plane with its 239 passengers and crew, many others are not as assured at this point.  It’s become one of the most expensive and mysterious searches in modern aviation times.

“We have very high confidence in the analysis of this data, which was independently evaluated by the international teams accredited to the official investigation,” Inmarsat statements went on to say.

Meanwhile, searchers have now said that 2 of the original 4 ping areas originally heard over a thousand miles offshore from Perth Australia, are not considered to have been man made and therefore, are not from MH370.  Searchers are now doubting that they’re even searching in the “right ocean” and may have to halt the search and re-think everything.

Let’s face it.  Searchers have been covering the Southern Indian Ocean, based on data received from the British Inmarsat Communications satellite company whose data was never intended for use like this and has no GPS capabilities.  It was attempting to break ground with its calculations based upon “pings” from its satellite to what it believes to have been flight 370.  It’s not the same as a radar “ping”.  In less technical terms, Inmarsat data is meant as a communications beacon for chiefly marine and plane communications, not for tracking planes.  It was attempting to see if the plane needed signals, much like your cell phone attempting to reach a signal.  Inmarsat took the data, not intended for tracking and did some math calculations based on several single pings over a 6 or 7 hour period and attempted to find a “track” that stretched into northern countries as well as to the south and into the Southern Indian Ocean.  The north track was somehow eliminated as a possibility by authorities and the southern track was then calculated to have been the path whereby after the last half ping it captured, would have been the area in which the plane allegedly crashed, laying in a watery grave, some 4,000 miles beneath the surface.

The problem with this is that not a single piece of debris from the plane has been spotted or found in over 70 days now and in spite of hundreds of hours of and millions of square miles of ocean surface having been searched.

Secondly, the batteries on the flight’s data recorders and black boxes, only had a 30 day life expectancy.  Almost ironically, searchers said that they hit the last 4 days of the battery life to pick up four ping areas before the batteries “died”.  How “lucky” could that have been?  (Count it as a miracle were it to be true…that’s how “lucky” it would have been.)  With nothing else to go on and these pings, along with Inmarsat data, being the only potential leads thus far, searchers continued to search.

However, it’s becoming extremely costly for searchers from international sources and Malaysia Airlines has hit its lowest in over 2 years.  Things need to be re-looked at and someone is lying about that raw Inmarsat data.  My bet is that Malaysia is lying but, I’m guessing, based on a lot of other information that Malaysia has held back in this case or, at the least, not been forthcoming with it.

Stay tuned, as I’m sure that there’s a lot more to come out in coming days, weeks, months or perhaps even years.  At least, that’s how I see it from my little corner of life.



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