What Simon Cowell Was Eating On X Factor

It seems everyone wants to know what Simon Cowell was eating while on the judging panel of X Factor USA.

I’m still getting search engine hits on this topic so, while the show has been cancelled and Cowell has become a dad since those days, may as well answer this question to put it all to rest.

Simon Cowell was trying to quit smoking during the season so, he brought a bowl of MINTS and NUTS with him to munch on to quell his tobacco cravings.

There, it’s been answered.  The mystery is gone out of what Simon was so obnoxiously munching on throughout the show each week.

Phewww.  A load off our minds now, huh?

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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