Is MH370 Really A Mystery Or Is It The Work of Ineptness Or A Cover-Up?

“The fate of MH370 has become one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history since it vanished on March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board,” it’s been said about the missing plane.

Is it truly simply one huge “mystery” with no one knowing or understanding how a Boeing 777 could just totally disappear or, are there other factors at play?

No, the world and public at large, doesn’t know where MH370 is or has been so, that makes it a mystery to most of us.  However, it didn’t need to be a total mystery had authorities been doing their jobs properly.

MH370 was like any other plane taking off that night or early morning.  It had clearance from Kuala Lumpur control towers to take off, a destination, a route path and Vietnamese control towers to be handed off to when it signed off from Kuala Lumpur’s control.  What should have been a normal “hand-off” didn’t happen and no one caught it.  That’s where the control of MH370’s whereabouts went terribly wrong and created the beginnings of the “mystery” on many levels.

At some point, it appears as though there was a plan.  Someone knew exactly what they were doing in turning off MH370’s communication’s systems (Transponder and Acars) at the point at which it was done.  Just after signing off from Kuala Lumpur control towers and, directly before it was to sign onto Vietnam’s control, those 2 systems were turned off seemingly, deliberately.  There was no further communications between the plane and either of the control towers.  Malaysia has deemed it “a deliberate act”.

It took 6 hours after the sign-off from Kuala Lumpur control towers and no further communications with any air traffic authorities anywhere in the world before Malaysia reported MH370 as missing.

In the interim, Malaysia gave out false information to Vietnam that MH370 was over Cambodian air space, knowingly or unknowingly.  It would later in time, be corrected to be saying that it was the “projected flight path” and not the real whereabouts of the plane.  That alleged miscommunication lost time right there. Either way, it’s becoming clearer that perhaps, Malaysian authorities were not acting correctly in this matter.  For what reason?  We don’t know at this point in time but, it’s clear that either Malaysian authorities didn’t know what they were doing or it’s not totally implausible given these facts, that they had reason for being so apparently, unaware and seemingly, inept.  Those facts raise questions that need answering but, have yet to be addressed without more than what appears to be contradictory excuses.

It took 17 minutes of no communication from the alleged handed-off MH370 for Ho Chi Minh to recognize that it hadn’t had any contact from the plane it was to have taken on as their watch and, finally question Malaysian authorities as to where it was.  It was then that Malaysia gave false information to Vietnam of the plane being over Cambodian air space when in fact, it wasn’t.  Again, Malaysia later excused or corrected that statement by saying it was the “projected flight path”.  That let more time slip away.

Meanwhile, Malaysian military radar had shown a plane crossing Malaysian air space that it deemed as “friendly” and likely a commercial flight.  It dismissed it.  Only on play-back, hours later, did Malaysian authorities believe it to likely be MH370 which appeared to have made the famous 170 degree turn around after disabling communications and head west, back across the Malaysian Peninsula and back out over the Straits of Malacca, travelling along way stations and well north of Penang.

The Malaysian Military Defense Minister seemingly tried to cover up what might have been a solution to the issue of the un-identified plane by saying that it “appeared to be friendly” and “we are not at war” (with anyone).  He went on to say that he did not send up military jets because they had no intention of shooting it down so, what was the sense in sending up military jets if they weren’t going to shoot it down?  Many have questioned the possibility of a military “escort” to corral the plane back and onto a possible landing strip.  Of course, that wasn’t addressed or answered either.

With contradictory statements, such as “we only spotted the plane on play-back” and “we saw it but, thought it friendly” (without explanation as to how they had deemed it “friendly”), we are left with many questions.  Some of which might include whether Malaysian military was asleep at the controls not watching the screens because they weren’t at war, were lax or, could it have been that there was reason to overlook such a happening?  Ineptitude or perhaps, looking the other way purposefully?  No one in the general public knows at this point in time.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the passengers were Chinese Nationals.  Families of the missing plane’s passengers have complained about learning that their loved ones had died from Malaysian authorities via text message after the time the plane had been alleged to have crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean via Inmarsat’s raw data, a British Satellite communications company.  It appears to have been cold, premature and without certainty.  No debris, no oil slicks, no real reason to have deemed it downed in that area except, via Inmarsat’s say-so.

Malaysia later went on to say that there was still “hope” that the passengers were still alive, explaining nothing further but, to intimate that the reversal in statement from “no survivors” to “hope” was purely for the sake of the families.  This came on the heels of calls for death declarations to be issued so that families could receive some form of compensation through the Montreal Convention.   The lack of declaration of death, halted that process.  Why?  Why did Malaysia only back-track on their certainty when money was to be awarded to the families?  Another question that lays unanswered and adds more mystery to the country’s actions or lack of them.

While no one in the general public knows where MH370 went or rests, one way or another at this point in time, there’s no big mystery to the idea that this mystery didn’t need to be the case had Malaysia been on the ball with both their aviation and military practises.  Perhaps, Malaysia’s operations might be the biggest mystery of all?  Perhaps, the country is hiding something?  Perhaps, some other country is covering something up?  Or maybe, there’s dirt under a number of fingernails.

One thing that comes through is that there were missteps made by Malaysia and possibly, may still be being made through ineptness or possibly, purposefully.  There are things that we are not being told or, at the least, not correctly or openly by factions somewhere, somehow and for some reason.  At least, that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life.










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