Searchers Now Admit Wrong Area Was Searched For Missing Flight MH370

Searchers for missing Malaysian Flight MH370 have now declared that they’ve been looking in the wrong place all along for the plane.  It’s been reported that Australia has officially declared the searched area, off-coast of Perth, as “ruled out” now. 

After searching for 2 months in the area, going by pings they thought might have been the dying moments of MH370’s black box batteries, they’ve concluded that the pings were not those of MH370 and might have come from some other source which potentially includes other pieces of equipment or something the ocean itself produced. 

Still not giving up on the British Communications Satellite company, Inmarsat’s data, they are expecting to go back undersea with a contracted search of over 60,000 square miles but, the new search area has not been revealed yet and will come later.  However, they expect that search won’t commence until August of 2014. 

It was long since questioned in this blog, how it could be that searchers got “lucky” enough to have captured the final dying moments of the plane’s final battery life on its pingers.  The fact that there’s been no debris, no oil slicks, nothing found while searching over 4 million square miles of ocean surface, leaves a large, hanging question mark as to whether they’re even remotely close or, quite frankly, whether the plane is even in the ocean rather than on land. 

Meanwhile, Malaysia has finally handed out the Inmarsat data records.  Families of the missing passengers and crew members had been demanding that they be released as some of them had wanted to hire independent analysts to go over the data in their own investigation.  Not trusting Malaysian authorities and many of them still believing that with lack of proof of any sort of crash, their loved ones may still be alive.  At the same time, tensions between China and Malaysia have been growing steadily and the relationship between the 2 countries has become strained.  The majority of passengers on the plane were Chinese Nationals. 

Conspiracy theories are running rampant and being condemned as simply conspiracy theories.  At this point in time, it seems that any theory is just as valid as the ones that searchers have been working on and with.  One of these theories could be correct. 

It’s likely that these entries will become buried amongst many other entries before MH370 is found or, it could go via the path of Amelia Erhardt whose plane has never been found.  Moreover, it’s one of the biggest, most costly modern aviation mysteries and one not to be forgotten. 

Where is MH370?  What happened to 239 people on board?  Are they still alive somewhere?  Is there or was there a conspiracy behind its disappearance?  Have aliens taken it?  Will it show up as a missile in terrorist’s hands, having been hidden somewhere?  Will Inmarsat’s data also be proven to be wrong or bogus in line with the pings heard by searchers near Australia that they were so certain were from MH370?  We don’t know at this moment but, it appears that this case has been mishandled since the moment the plane’s flight officers signed off from Kuala Lumpur’s control. 

Or, perhaps, all of this was decided long before MH370 took off on that runway and that plane is somewhere not being searched for reasons that only a handful of people may know? 

Something is still rotten in this case but, we may not know for quite sometime, if not years or ever. 

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