Australian Authorities Finally Have Evidence Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 Tampered With

Has Australia suddenly woken up from some sort of slumber or perhaps, a purposeful skirting of what they already knew but were reluctant to let out to the public over missing Malaysian Flight MH370? Australian officials, overseeing the search for the missing plane have now come out and said that they have some evidence that... Continue Reading →

He’s Back! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Leaves Rehab For City Hall Again

He's back.  Rob Ford re-entered the role of Mayor of Toronto Monday, June 30th.  That is, as much of a mayor of one of Canada's largest cities as he can be, given that he's been stripped of all real power except the title. Yes, Ford has completed his 2 month stint in rehab and has... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Sight: Catarct Surgery

For years, I've struggled to see.  I mean, I literally couldn't see.  Cataracts had clouded my vision so badly that I'd lost the ability to see more than dark and light or, what amounts to having your glasses fog up after coming into a warm environment from the cold temperatures outside.  I literally had to... Continue Reading →

Experts Cave On Personal Theories Of Where MH370 May Be

If you were one of the millions who were watching CNN for its constant coverage of missing Malaysian Flight MH370, you're likely familiar with Science Writer and CNN contracted panelist, Jeff Wise.  Due to his daily appearances on the different segments concerning this subject, he put himself on the map with this story. Wise was known... Continue Reading →

Families of Flight MH370 Trying To Flush Out Information On Plane’s Whereabouts

Some families of passengers on missing Malaysian Flight MH370 have formed a coalition to raise $5 million as a "reward" to entice people to come forward with information that might lead to the whereabouts of their loved ones and the plane. “We are convinced that somewhere, someone knows something, and we hope this reward will... Continue Reading →

Search For Madeleine McCann Renewed In Portugal

It's been nearly 7 years since Madeleine McCann, a 3-year-old British toddler had been abducted from her parent's rented apartment in Algarve, Portugal.  To date, she has not been found but, in a joint attempt between British and Portuguese police, searchers have narrowed down their search to scrublands within a 5 minute walk of where... Continue Reading →

Are Today’s Doctors Caring Less About Their Patients, More About Their Wallets?

Is the wave of the future of healthcare to have docs give up private offices and move into clinics where they share staff and resources? I recently had cataract surgery.  I need another at the end of this month but, the very people who have cared for me throughout all of this time and my... Continue Reading →

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