Families of Flight MH370 Trying To Flush Out Information On Plane’s Whereabouts

Some families of passengers on missing Malaysian Flight MH370 have formed a coalition to raise $5 million as a “reward” to entice people to come forward with information that might lead to the whereabouts of their loved ones and the plane.

“We are convinced that somewhere, someone knows something, and we hope this reward will entice him or her to come forward,” Ethan Hunt, a technology company chief heading the group project has stated.

Vocal and well-known for her fight to find her partner, Phillip Wood, Sarah Bajc has been careful on wording her comments as she has had death threats for her up-front opinions that the plane may not have crashed and could potentially be elsewhere with the passengers and crew alive.  She has stated that there are a handful of families who wish to put together enough money to get “fresh eyes” on the case.  Something, most families would want to do, I’m sure, given that recent and past searches have come up with no signs of the plane, not even debris.

“Governments and agencies have given it their best shot but have failed to turn up a single shred of evidence, either because of a faulty approach or due to intentional misdirection by one or more individuals,” Bajc has said.

Bajc’s sentiments have been the feeling of many throughout this case.  As searchers have exhausted every lead they had but, still cling to British Satellite Company, Inmarsat’s data calculations, more people are joining the idea that there might be something going on with the disappearance that hasn’t been uncovered and could have sinister plots.

In this day and age where so-called “conspiracy theories” are ripe for the picking on just about any topic, it’s become a trend to dismiss anything that remotely resembles a conspiracy.  Yet, in a handful of cases, it’s been proven that conspiracies do exist and have taken place throughout the world and its governments.  Even within corporations, large schemes have taken place that would curl our hair to think about.  Scandals, cover-ups and more occur on a regular basis in every faction of life.  So, why would this case be so hard to fathom as perhaps, being a conspiracy plot of some kind.  This idea is especially true when Malaysia itself, declared the shut down of MH370’s communications systems “a deliberate act”.

I won’t pretend that I remotely understand the mechanics nor, mathematics behind the statements and calculations made in Duncan Steel’s Blog to be read here.  However, one thing is certain.  The northern arc initially looked at by Inmarsat, Malaysia and Australia, were rather hurriedly, ruled out and therefore, bears more looking at.  If you’re so inclined and have the knowledge to understand what is written in this blog, please do so.  If nothing else, please take a look at the possible, projected, northerly path diagrams and, wonder why these weren’t looked upon with more serious eyes.

A lot of what has been reported on concerning this northern arc, excused further searches along it, in part or perhaps mostly, because experts have said that the northern countries noted no radar detection of the plane, military or otherwise.  The question is, does that hold water if there was a conspiracy plot?

One need only look as far as Malaysia’s military radar data and how they appeared to be looking the other way when MH370 made its westward turn and re-crossed the Malay peninsula.  Then, think about the idea that Malaysia took several hours before it declared 370 as missing and, how it gave Vietnamese false data, saying that the plane was out over Cambodian airspace, later recanting that statement as it was the “projected flight path” and not the actual whereabouts of the plane, after the fact.  Something does not add up here does it?

The point here is that in my little corner of life, my mind is filled with questions that in spite of best efforts being made to excuse it all away, something isn’t right with the stories that the public and families of the missing passengers and crew are supposed to swallow whole while Australia and Malaysia are out on the ocean, searching for a plane that has become one of the most expensive, modern day aviation mysteries.  Two and two are not making four for me and I am sure it’s not coming to that number for many of us out here, wondering.

Something is fishy still and it’s not MH370.

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