Experts Cave On Personal Theories Of Where MH370 May Be


If you were one of the millions who were watching CNN for its constant coverage of missing Malaysian Flight MH370, you’re likely familiar with Science Writer and CNN contracted panelist, Jeff Wise.  Due to his daily appearances on the different segments concerning this subject, he put himself on the map with this story.

Wise was known to have his own theories and spoke up when it was warranted, sometimes, with opposing views to other panelists who tended to agree with what the rollercoaster ride news du jour was from search authorities.  Wise’s own brand of theory, had me riveted to the CNN each evening, watching as many of the different anchor’s shows as I could stomach or keep my eyes open to watch.  I think I drove Don Lemon insane with my tweets and his segments seemed to be the most comprehensive in my mind.

Malaysia with-held a great deal of information and came across as being ‘suspicious’ because they seemed to be rather cloak and dagger with what they let out.  Add to that, contradictory as well as fragmented information, along with what appeared to be the premature declaration that all 239 passengers were dead and in a watery grave beneath the waters of the Southern Indian Ocean, in spite of no evidence to support that blunt statement and, you have the breeding grounds for all sorts of self-imagined hypotheses as to what happened to that plane.

Wise was no different than thousands of others who had the notion that something was amiss and the plane could be somewhere in the northern arc.  It wasn’t hard to speculate that with no debris, no oil slicks, no signs of the missing plane on the ocean, 370 could be somewhere within the northern arc which stretched up into Asia.  This is a theory that a lot of us haven’t let go of fully yet because there’s been no real evidence to the contrary.

March 25, 2014, Malaysia finally released the much publicized and counted upon, raw data from the British satellite communications company, Inmarsat which seemed to sway even the staunchest of non-supporters back into line with the theory that the 370 was in fact, somewhere in the southern arc as eventually declared.  Wise was one of them.

Wise has now reversed his theory and written a public apology for thinking that Inmarsat’s data could be wrong and that the plane could have gone north rather than south.

“To be sure, then, the solution of the Inmarsat data mystery leaves plenty of questions to be answered. If the plane did go into the ocean, why hasn’t any debris been found? If it tracked south over Indonesia, why wasn’t it picked up on radar? And if the final BFO value should give such a clear indication of where the plane wound up, why have the authorities shifted the search area multiple times—,” Wise questions in his article in Slate.

He then, makes a public apology in the National Post in WordPress, in this article.

“To be fully honest, I am not super sorry to have blown the call. As Paul Krugman observed last Friday in a mea culpa of his own, there are degrees of wrongness. Krugman differentiates mistakes that arise from a fundamental error in one’s model from those that spring from simple bad luck. In fact, I would put my own mistake about MH370 into a third category: mistakes in which one knows that one has erred but can’t say why.” Wise said in that article as linked above.

I’m not a scientist and I don’t proclaim to have the slightest ability to decipher any of the data nor, to even fully comprehend Wise’s rationale due to his understanding of the raw Inmarsat data released to the public on March 25th.  However, what remains is logic.  It’s not fact but, it’s certainly not what Wise fears he might have become, “a Wackadoodle”.

“As I wrote last week,” Wise writes, “Inmarsat has by now leaked enough clues about MH370’s electronic Inmarsat “handshakes” that outsiders can now understand why, mathematically, the plane must have gone south. Yet we still have not a single clue as to what sequence of events might have taken it there. MH370 looks to be a unique case not just in aviation history. No machine this big, no group of human beings this large, vanished so completely and so mysteriously since the advent of modern technology.”

“Well, suffice it to say that it (Wise’s own theories) all hinged on the plane going north,” he wrote.  “After I realized that it hadn’t, I spent the next few days eating more junk food and watching more TV than usual. Eventually I consoled myself with the thought that if I wasn’t right, at least I’d been able to let go. I wasn’t a wackadoodle.”

Excuse me, Jeff but, I must be one of those wackadoodles then, because I am still not at all convinced that 370 is laying on the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean, despite Inmarsat’s alleged genius mathematics.  Something is still wrong here and far too many mysterious questions are left on the table as even you, have admitted.  It’s like overlooking the elephant in the room because someone has insisted we all look at the dog, barking in the corner.

With no debris, no oil slicks, pings that turned out to be nothing of significance, nothing, nada, zip, in terms of any evidence whatsoever that MH370 is covered in silt on the bottom of the ocean except for this data and some mathematics, there is no real reason to believe yet that the plane is in that watery grave off the coast of Australia.  There are more questions than what Inmarsat data has provided as alleged answers.

How can I say that Inmarsat data may be wrong?  I don’t know the answer to that anymore than Wise knows the answer to the question of why he knows he’s “erred but, doesn’t know why [he knows he’s erred]” but, from my little corner of life, whether I’m considered a conspiracy theorist or, a wackadoodle, I am still not convinced that Inmarsat has the answers to where MH370 is either.






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    1. I had no clue what I was going to write about either when I started. I just started writing about something that was of interest to me. Then, every time I’d find something else, I’d fill a post with that as well.

      My blog has no real theme. It’s just my thoughts about different things that I feel strongly about or…even mildly. I just write to write. No one is paying me to do this so, it’s my thoughts in a blog format, no matter what the topic.

      Try not to be uptight about it. Just write and let it flow. Who cares if you’re not writing the most prolific pieces. Just write. Start with an experience or a thought or something that you’re passionate about. Don’t hold back. You can always remove posts later on if you find a theme going and they don’t fit.

      RELAX…that’s key here. If you want people to like your blog….like them, follow them. Other bloggers love to reciprocate. It’s rare when you find that they won’t.


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