MH17 Tragedy Needs Action From The World As A Whole

There are no words to express the shock and horror of the loss of 298 people’s lives in a plane crash, let alone one that was most likely caused by fighting over land that had nothing to do with those 298 innocent people who were simply passengers on Malaysian flight MH17 this week, flying to their own personal destinations, totally unaware of the evil that lurked before them.

This type of thing is what happens with greed, territory, ill-intentioned governments and peoples who have no sense of right or wrong beyond their own causes.  

It’s unclear as to who shot down Malaysian Flight MH17 yet but eventually, it will be figured out. What is clear is that no matter what side was responsible for this tragic and horrific loss of lives, there is a wrong that has been done.  

Some will call this “collateral damage”.  Others will label it as a “casualty of war” but, no matter which way it is looked upon, it was wrong.  It was evil.  

Between the March 8th disappearance of 239 people as again, innocent passengers on Malaysian Flight MH370, (who are all presumed to be dead at this point in time) and, this catastrophic loss of another 298 lives on MH17, it brings a total of 537 lives lost to evil deeds.  

Neither of the 2 plane disasters are thought to be due to plane or mechanical issues.  Both are thought to be the result of evil doings by one or many for their own, personal agendas.  Sadly, 537 innocent people have lost their lives because of the wrongs of others and their misguided, malicious, self-serving actions or lack of them.  

Terrorism needs to be stopped.  The radicals are not of the human race.  They don’t deserve to be treated as humans.  Their minds lay in the proverbial gutters of a hell that they have created and been aided by corrupt, greedy governments around the globe.  As a world of human beings, we need to rally together to put pressure on these groups, the tainted governments behind them and those who keep these types of attrocities going.  

No country, no religion, no piece of land, no amount of money, no one, has the right to impose upon others, what they want or believe by these means or tactics.  It needs to be stopped and the perpetrators punished accordingly by the rest of the world as a united front against these terrorists.  Until we do this…until we gather together as a world of human beings, more innocent people will lose their lives unnecessarily.  

At least, that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life.  



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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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