Shockingly, Robin Williams’ Funeral Was Done August 12th Less Than One Day After His Death

It’s seemingly almost incredulous that we were hearing that Robin Williams was found dead by his personal assistant at about 11:55 a.m. on the 11th of August, 2014 and pronounced dead by first responders at about 12:04 p.m..  There was to be an autopsy done and was reportedly done.  An official statement was made about his death as well as preliminary reports from autopsy results.  Now, we are hearing that it’s been confirmed that he had been cremated, ashes scattered over the San Francisco Bay, a funeral done and over with on the 12th of August.  

Most of us would respect the family’s wishes to hold a private funeral for him and perhaps, not inform the world about the details.  However, what remains in question is the idea that he was found dead near noon on the 11th, an autopsy took place, cremation and, a private funeral services and ashes spread, the very next day.  That’s all been done less than or around 24 hours after finding him.  His death certificate stated that his ashes were spread over the bay and the funeral had taken place on the 12th of August in Monte’s Chapel of the Hills in San Anselmo 

How?  Why so quick?  

I have no answers to the above questions but, it raises questions on all of this and how quickly it all took place.  

Within 24 hours or, perhaps less, Williams had been autopsied, cremated, funeral and ashes scattered.  It almost appears as though the family had known wishes or this was pre-planned by perhaps, even Williams, himself.  

According to news sources, Williams’ Death Certificate (as of August 20th) was issued, still listing the cause of death as “under investigation”.  

This leaves the public, whom loved him, left gasping at the idea that there was no public form or ability with which to put closure to his death.  The world was waiting for funeral arrangements or some type of memorial plans to be revealed.  It came as quite the shock and, probably best put in words, as a “kick in the teeth” that not only had he died but, within 24 hours or less, all of the above had taken place and, no future plans announced for a more public memorial.  

From my little corner of life, something isn’t being said or told to the public about a man the public adored.  There are no words to describe the grief and shock of his death but, more to the point, there are no words to express the shock that his funeral had already taken place.  There is a lot we don’t know about all of this and, while we have no “right” to know, it would certainly be a courtesy to Williams’ fans and the public to know.   



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4 thoughts on “Shockingly, Robin Williams’ Funeral Was Done August 12th Less Than One Day After His Death

  1. Many death certificates list “pending investigation” whenever there is an autopsy performed. I have family members with a 2 part death certificate for this reason, it just allows autopsy results to end up on the finalized death cert. There is nothing fishy about Robins cert saying the same thing.


    1. There very well may not be anything to it as you’ve said. It is likely the point of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. However, the quietness and the swiftness of the funeral and all that went with it…for that of a very public figure…was simply very shocking.


  2. His assistant found him hanging, and his depression and Parkinson’s diagnosis was known by his family. There’s nothing else to discover by investigation. It’s the family’s business how and how quickly to dispose of the body, and to what degree to extend courtesy to the public during their grief. If fans want to honor him, they can honor the memory of his work. He regained his right to privacy and anonymity in death.


    1. Invisible Mikey…I will agree with your view that it was up to the family as to how quickly they disposed of his body. As I have also stated in this piece, I don’t question the family’s right to a private funeral nor, did I say that the family owed it to the public but, it would have been a show of courtesy to Williams’ fans.

      The entire point was that the hurry with which this was all done, was shocking to those who cared.

      Though it appears to be the case and most have no doubt as to his death being a suicide, the official cause of death has still been deemed unfilled, “pending investigations.

      The mere fact that Williams had put and kept himself in the spotlight as a celebrity, lends itself to the idea that his death would be less than private as well.

      One has to keep in mind that were it not for the public’s attention and even adoration, Williams would not have had nor enjoyed the fame and fortune that he achieved. He was an actor and comedian who craved the lime light. He got what he wanted. That said, one cannot expect to have the adoration only on certain terms….theirs. He became who and what he was because he was who and what he was. Death didn’t make that vanish as quickly as his family seems to have disposed of his body…to use your terms.

      It will be interesting to see whether the family is interested in having the public have interest enough left to pay to see Williams’ 4 completed movies this Fall. I am sure they will have interest in the public’s love then.


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