Rob Ford Ill While Doug Ford Takes Over Mayoral Race: Does Toronto Lose Out?

The Toronto Mayoral Race is in full gear though, Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford has dropped out of the running for the Mayoral position due to his declining health issues. Ford was admitted to hospital last week with severe abdominal pain in the lower left quadrant.  Tests showed a large tumor in Ford's abdomen.  After several... Continue Reading →

Watching The News Can Make Our Lives Feel Worse

Have you ever been having a bad day, week, month or year and been watching the evening news, only to find yourself feeling even worse than you were already feeling?  Is it little wonder that it does that to us?I mean, who needs to come home from a hard day's work, feeling worn out, cruddy... Continue Reading →

Infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford In Hospital With Abdominal Tumor

Rockin' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been lambasted with several things in this past week.  The latest came today when Ford was hospitalized in Toronto's Humber River Regional Hospital, having gone in for abdominal pain.  A CT scan has diagnosed a tumor in his abdomen, lower left quadrant.  A biopsy is to be done through... Continue Reading →

Justin Bieber Needs A Good Old Fashioned Spanking As A New Charge Is Placed On His Record

Twenty year old, Justin Bieber just can't seem to stay out of trouble.  He's been at it again this past weekend and now has 2 more charges, assault and dangerous driving.  These latest charges came about as The Beebs was out on an ATV on Friday afternoon, reportedly with on and off again girlfriend, Selena... Continue Reading →

Joan Rivers Still On Life Support With A Lot Of False Reports Being Printed In Media

Comedienne, Joan Rivers is still on Life Support but, it is unclear at this time whether she has come out of the medically induced coma that doctors have reportedly put her in and is being kept sedated heavily or, whether she is still in the medically induced coma. One doctor (un-attached to Rivers' case), has given... Continue Reading →

Celebrity News Tells Us That Fame And Fortune Can’t Buy You Happiness Or Good Health

One need only look as far as Celebrity news to find unhappy, unhealthy, depressed, addicted and even suicidal human beings.  It's not a "poor man's plight".  As a matter of fact, it may be more of a "rich and famous blight".  We've all watched the news to hear of stars who have money and adoration... Continue Reading →

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