Celebrity News Tells Us That Fame And Fortune Can’t Buy You Happiness Or Good Health

One need only look as far as Celebrity news to find unhappy, unhealthy, depressed, addicted and even suicidal human beings.  It’s not a “poor man’s plight”.  As a matter of fact, it may be more of a “rich and famous blight”.  

We’ve all watched the news to hear of stars who have money and adoration galore, loved by millions but, even their bank accounts and all of the company that surrounds them, can still leave them lonely, ill, addicted to substances and on the verge or having ended their own lives.  

Recent news of Robin William’s suicide and Joan Rivers’ routine procedure at a posh clinic which put her into cardiac arrest and has her in a medically induced coma, have been just 2 examples of stars who have found that money can’t buy them guarantees of happiness nor, good health.  Even the richest of celebs who can afford the best of doctors and have the connections to get them, can’t buy their way into good health, happiness or sobriety.  It leaves the rest of us wondering what chances we stand if the rich and famous can’t get the help that they need.  

What we’re not taking into account is the idea that fame and fortune come with a price tag that often sees them struggle within themselves, their lives, relationships and oftentimes, the best of doctors can’t undo what has been done by the stars, themselves.  The best doctors and all of the money in the world, can’t always save someone and, may even goof up.  No one and no amount of fame or money can save us from those types of things.  

A lot of us will follow celebrities, thinking, “what have they got to worry about when they have people surrounding them, serving their every need and enough money to live in mansions or buy whatever makes them happy? They should have my problems for a day!”  

Celebrities, like all of us, have problems.  None of them are problem free.  That’s been made obvious by the number of addictions, rehab trips, depressions, suicides, over-doses (intended or accidental), court appearances, stealing, divorces and many other ill-chosen actions or choices we’ve seen stars go through.  They are, after all, simply human beings that have been put under the public microscope.  We see and know about their flaws, warts and faults in a public fashion.  

Perhaps, it’s because of their money, fame and stardom that celebrities feel that they can not only afford to buy their way out of trouble but, also because they’re above the law or physical dangers?  It’s unclear to laymen as to what causes this type of behavior in people who seemingly have so much going for them but, it begs the question of whether there’s more of it going on in stars’ lives or whether it’s simply that we know more about them than we know about our neighbors.  

If we look at the most recent cases of Robin Williams and his suicide, Joan Rivers undergoing a routine and often done procedure, ending up in cardiac arrest, or a myriad of other stars who were and are riddled with problems, it appears that neither their money nor, their fame, were or are, able to buy their way out of their problems.  So where does that leave the average Jane or Joe in Society?  Are we further behind the proverbial 8 Ball or, are we better off for not having that fame and fortune?

Robin Williams once joked about his cocaine addiction by saying, “it’s God’s way of saying that you’re making too much money.”  

While a joke with no real substance as there are cocaine users who have to steal to get the money to feed their addictions, the sad reality is, money can be a blessing but, can also be a curse.  In a lot of cases, money and fame are the roots of what we loosely call “evils”.  

From my little corner of life, it appears that happiness doesn’t come with fame nor, does it come from money.  It just may be that the average Jane/Joe in Society, might stand a better chance of being happier with far less.  Certainly, having enough money to be comfortable is desirable and yet, there’s something to be said about having to work for what we have.  There’s certainly something to be said about having our anonymity and not being under that microscope.  Maybe, we are just as well off or even better off than those who truly do have fame and fortune.  Happiness isn’t dependent upon money nor, fame.  





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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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