Joan Rivers Still in Coma But Moved To Private Room From ICU

As a quick update, besides daughter, Melissa’s thanks for prayers for her mother again, the news seems to be that Rivers has been moved from her ICU room to a private room but, is still in a coma.  

The reasons have not been explained for this move but, reassurance that her mother is “resting comfortably” were given to the public by Rivers’ daughter, Melissa on Wednesday morning.  

Nothing further was said, leaving it wide open to more speculation from both media and the professionals they will hire or bring in to analyze this silly again and more rumors to be spread.

If I were a betting gal, I’d speculate that all that can be done, has been done and she is stable enough to have moved to a more private room, possibly in an ICU capacity with full time, one on one care but, I’m not a betting gal.  

From my little corner of life, this isn’t looking like a “good sign” but, then again…we don’t know right now what or whom to believe anymore.  It’s a “wait and see” type of situation.   


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