Joan Rivers Still On Life Support With A Lot Of False Reports Being Printed In Media

Comedienne, Joan Rivers is still on Life Support but, it is unclear at this time whether she has come out of the medically induced coma that doctors have reportedly put her in and is being kept sedated heavily or, whether she is still in the medically induced coma.


One doctor (un-attached to Rivers’ case), has given a definition of Life Support and how and why it is used. 

“Most often when a doctor puts a patient on life support, I would imagine that means they are on a ventilator and possibly some other combination for the support for the heart and the kidneys.” 

“Although Rivers is 81”, he cautioned not to speculate that her age is a major factor as it is not as important as the care given immediately after cardiac arrest.

“What makes much more of a difference is the duration of the arrest and the success or failure of the initial resuscitation,” he said. “Statistically age just doesn’t weigh as heavily as you might think.”

A doctor will gradually wean a patient off life support as the condition improves.

Rivers had been undergoing an routine endoscopy on her throat on Thursday in an endoscopy clinic in New York when she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest.  The hospital was about a mile away and she was transferred there and put on what is being assumed as a ventilator.  

The reports about her status have varied and been puzzling to say the least.  

Last reports stated that the 81 year old was being slowly brought out of the coma during a 2 day process of reversal so that they could assess what damage may or may not have been done to her brain function.  No one seems to know how long Rivers had been without oxygen and therefore, whether or not that might play a role or not in her having a complete recovery or what state she might be in should she be able to get off of the ventilator. It’s been speculated that there could be anything from a complete recovery to being in a vegetative state, being unable to get off Life Support as well as the possibility that she might make a partial recovery but, be wheelchair bound.  

Meanwhile, another rumor circulated the past day or so that Rivers’ family was thinking of or, going to sue the endoscopy clinic that had done the endoscopic procedure that put her into this state.  That has now been said to be “untrue”.  

Sources close to the family have recently said that the public shouldn’t believe anything that is written and that Rivers is still on Life Support as of Tuesday.  

Which is it?  What is going on?  Millions are either praying for the comedienne and her family or, are sitting waiting for news as to her status but, her daughter, Melissa has been less than forthcoming with any sort of details.  Instead, the family has given little to no information and has simply thanked the public and Rivers’ fans for their prayers and well-wishes.  

Though sources reportedly close to Rivers and her family have reported that she is doing better and making small steps in her recovery process, nothing that is printed can now be believed.  In short, we don’t really know what state Rivers is in or how she is doing. 

If they want the public to pray and the media to print truths, give it.  While they don’t owe it to the public to divulge every detail, a somewhat more detailed account of what is really going on as well as disputing rumors that they’ve seen printed via a spokes person appointed by the family on their behalf, would certainly go a much further distance than simply to allow rumors, speculation and wonderment to befall the world and Rivers’ fans.  Give something more than, “thank you for the prayers”.  

There comes a point where there’s a fine line between the need for privacy and another line where because of a star’s celebrity status with millions hoping, praying and waiting for news, something, somehow has to be said by the family as a more thorough update than to simply say that the celeb is on Life Support and leaving it all wide open to what the media does best…speculate and work on rumors from oftentimes, untrustworthy sources.  

It’s clear that they deserve their privacy especially, during such an emotional rollercoaster ride and, fearful time for the family.  However, along with fame, also comes a certain amount of respect and responsibility to the public as well as themselves, to offer up some sort of truths to put an end to silly speculation that happens in the news all of the time then, getting angry about what has been written.  

While people wait with prayers and well-wishes for the peppy, fiesty, oftentimes grating and politically incorrect comedienne we can only hope that her family would say something to the public to give some indication as to what is reality and what is not.  

If you want the truth rather than speculation and un-truths to be told, give it from the horse’s mouths through a spokesperson who can relay some level of truthful information rather than letting the media try to scoop one another with falsehoods.  It’s going to happen so, why not give it straight up?  At least, that’s the way that I am seeing things from my little corner of life.   




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