Justin Bieber Needs A Good Old Fashioned Spanking As A New Charge Is Placed On His Record

Twenty year old, Justin Bieber just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  He’s been at it again this past weekend and now has 2 more charges, assault and dangerous driving.  

These latest charges came about as The Beebs was out on an ATV on Friday afternoon, reportedly with on and off again girlfriend, Selena Gomez riding the back saddle.  Reportedly, Bieber not only collided with a minivan but allegedly, assaulted the driver in the aftermath of an altercation between himself and the driver of the minivan. 

Justin Bieber riding ATV that collides with a minivan last Friday and leaves The Beebs with 2 more charges against him.
Justin Bieber riding ATV that collides with a minivan last Friday and leaves The Beebs with 2 more charges against him.

Though police were called on scene on Friday, Bieber was charged on Monday and turned himself in at a nearby police station near Stratford, Ontario and is said to be co-operating with police.  

The pop star is no stranger to legal issues.  This latest charge is just one of several, reports CBC News. 

  • In January, Bieber was charged with assault in Toronto in connection with an incident involving a limo driver at the end of last year. He turned himself in at a police station in downtown Toronto.
  • In July, Bieber pleaded no contest to misdemeanour vandalism and had to pay $80,900 in restitution to a neighbour whose house was egged in Calabasas, Calif. He was sentenced to two years’ probation.
  • Last month, a case was resolved in Florida, where Bieber had initially been accused of street racing. He pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was required to take an anger management course, make a $50,000 charitable contribution and to pay court fees.
  • Reports emerged this summer alleging Bieber had been involved in an altercation with actor Orlando Bloom at a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain.

What is clear is that Bieber is now coming dangerously close to being a threat to his own and perhaps, others’ lives now. His actions are no longer that of a teenager gone wild.  He is clearly at the point of being out of control with both his judgement and his temper and, could result in himself or someone else being killed.  It is no longer an eye-rolling, sighing situation whereby, we say, “there goes The Beebs again!”

Stars who became too famous, too wealthy and too free, too young can’t seem to handle the responsibility that comes with it.  Bieber is just one of a string of young celebs who have gotten out of control and are running foot-loose and fancy-free throughout North America, seemingly feeling as though they are above the laws or, that money can buy them the best lawyers and get them out of their jams.  This time, it involved a collision where both he and Gomez could have been killed. Worse than that, Bieber didn’t know who would leap from that minivan and what could ensue from Bieber’s temper tantrum.  

While Bieber has stated that he does have problems with paparazzi, he doesn’t want to end up like Princess Diana.  Yes, well, he’s slowly becoming dangerously close to that potential and if he isn’t somehow reigned in by his father or mother or someone in authority, we could see another Lindsay Lohan on the world’s hands.  One of them is going to get to the point where someone is going to get seriously injured or possibly even killed.  

From my little corner of life, it is seeming more and more like Bieber needs to be put over someone’s knee and spanked some sense into him.  Although he’s 20 years of age, this kid has gotten a little too big for his britches.  Someone needs to bring him back to earth before he or others get seriously hurt or killed.  Better Beibers behind than someone losing a life.  

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