Infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford In Hospital With Abdominal Tumor

Rockin’ Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been lambasted with several things in this past week.  The latest came today when Ford was hospitalized in Toronto’s Humber River Regional Hospital, having gone in for abdominal pain.  A CT scan has diagnosed a tumor in his abdomen, lower left quadrant.  A biopsy is to be done through a colonoscopy it’s been reported. No one knows for sure but it’s expected that the tumor is one of the colon.  It’s also unclear what size it is at this time.  

Doctors and Rob Ford’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, have said that they don’t know whether it is malignant or, if it is, whether it has spread.  They will be doing tests to figure that out in the next couple of days.  It may be the end of this week before we know but, Ford is said to be in “good spirits”.   

The Ford Family has asked for their privacy while they await further diagnosis and figure out what needs to be done to treat it.  

Speculation about whether Ford will continue on with the re-election campaign is on hold until the outcome of these tests are found out.  

Late last week, Ford was subpoenaed to testify at the “Sandro” Lisi extortion trial that is coming up likely after the elections are done next month, possibly as late as next Spring.  

Lisi was Ford’s friend and an occassional driver for Ford.  Lisi was charged with extortion when he allegedly attempted to retrieve the videos that surfaced in May of 2013 of Ford smoking crack.

Up until this point, Ford has allegedly, refused to co-operate with police in answering questions about Lisi’s involvement in the extortion for the tapes, his interactions with the Dixon City Bloods and his involvement, if any, in trying to recover the crack video.

Something stinks in all of this but, it seems that Ford has bigger fish to handle before this legal matter becomes an issue. It seems that the last few days have been one hell of a ride for the tarnished and trouble-plagued Toronto Mayor.  

Whether one is a Ford Lover or a Ford Hater, we all wish him well.  No matter what else he may have done or not done, he deserves to be well and not ill.  At least, that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life.  

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