Missing Flight MH370 Could Be The Result Of A ‘Cover-up’

Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 still has more questions than answers surrounding the mystery behind its disappearance.  Moreover, there have been reports that MH370 will be declared officially “lost” as the end of December of 2014 or sometime in January 2015.

Having searched some 670 square kilometers underwater in a new area of the Southern Indian Ocean since early October 2014, some 9 months after MH370 lost contact and was deemed missing, nothing has been found of the plane.  No wreckage, no debris, no sign or trace of the plane anywhere from the ocean.

Search efforts between Australia and Malaysia Airlines as well as privately hired investigators have cost well over $30 million dollars thus far and turned up nothing that even remotely resembles being close to the final resting place of the missing and ill-fated flight which set off from Kuala Lumpur March 8, 2014 towards its intended destination of Beijing but, never made it.  It suddenly reversed course and headed back over Malaysia in a westward direction, turning northwards while traveling over the north end of Indonesia and finally, appearing to head south.  That’s where there is confusion and the rest of the story appears to be based upon the British Satellite tracking system, Inmarsat’s raw data in a way that has never been the company’s intentional use nor, been done before.  Further details can be read HERE or you can do a search on this blog for other previous entries for more details.

Hugh Dunleavy, the commercial director of Malaysia Airlines set MH370 passenger and crew family members into a rage when he stated that Malaysia Airlines and the Australian government would be declaring the plane as “lost” late December or early January 2015 and preparing to compensate the families.  Both Malaysia Airlines and the Australian government have denied such claims from Dunleavy and vowed to continue searching.

What has become clear is that this newest and recalculated flight path, hundreds of miles from the original search sites where they were so sure that they’d heard pings from the plane’s black box, is also proving to be less than accurate as the new search has yet to find any evidence of the missing plane and its passengers.

Equally frustrating is the idea that new theories are now abounding, including conspiracy as well as technical expert opinions where they now believe that the plane was under control at the time and perhaps, had made a landing which would have resulted in little damage to the Boeing 777.  This has led to more criticism towards the handling of the protocol that has and had been used in this plane’s mysterious disappearance and more potential theories as to what happened to it.

One flight authority, Desmond Ross, has stepped forward in more recent days, saying that he believes that the plane’s disappearance is likely the result of a breach in protocol as well as having been the victim of cover-ups.

Ross feels certain that both Malaysian and Australian officials are being led on a wild goose chase as a “façade”.  He states that proper protocol (assumed to mean the procedure when a plane fails to respond and signals are lost to it) wasn’t followed. Certainly, we know that Malaysia Airlines traffic controllers and authorities waited several hours before it declared the plane as missing, in spite of not having heard from the plane since the time of sign off and, sign off towers in Cambodia, asking where the plane was as they had not had contact from it.  Many hours later, Malaysia admitted that it had military radar information which showed the plane had made a 170 degree turn and re-crossed the Malaysian Peninsula in a westward direction, having purposely disabled all communication systems.  Authorities did nothing about it and were reluctant to report it.  It was only with force that reports were finally released several weeks later. All of this resulted in a much delayed and unnecessary delay in search efforts.  The question of “why” is running through many people’s minds.  Ross questions whether there is a cover-up in place.

It doesn’t take a genius but, rather those interested in this story to recognize that something is wrong with this entire scenario from start to finish.

There appears to be pieces of information and evidence that has been held back and searchers have been sent on what is now known to have been fruitless in findings.

With no evidence, no debris at all found, it’s looking more and more like the possibility of a cover-up could be real.  If you’ve read any other entries in this blog, you’ll know that I have believed this since Day 1 of this story and continue to feel about this. Something is fishy and it’s even possible that the so-called “whacky” former Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was and is correct when he wrote that MH370 has likely been hijacked, stripped of its markings and will be used by a terrorist group with the CIA knowing more than they are letting the world know.

”Airplanes don’t just disappear,’ he said. ‘Certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio and satellite tracking and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities.”

”The plane is somewhere, maybe without MAS [Malaysia Airlines] markings,” he said in his blog.

”It is a waste of time and money to look for debris or oil slick or to listen for pings from the black box.”

So, it seems to proving itself even now, some 9 months and millions upon millions of dollars spent on futile searches which all seems to be turning up nothing towards any evidence whatsoever.  More experts are now admitting that a lot of materials in the plane were made of plastic and something should have washed up on some shore, somewhere.  Nothing has done so to date.  People have called Dr. Mahathir Mohamad somewhat of a quack but, who would know the inner workings of the Malaysian government system better than a former Malaysian prime minister?

It seems that things are not as the public or the families of the passengers of still missing Flight MH370 are being told.  Something is amiss.  Something stinks. Something is being hidden and searchers could possibly be on a wild goose chase as a facade.  One thing is certain…nothing else they’ve done has given any clue, evidence or answer so, this case is as wide open to possibilities as one can imagine.

At least…that’s the way that I’m seeing things from my little corner of life at this moment.

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