Harry Connick Jr Is Keeping American Idol Alive

Harry Connick Jr. brings a breath of fresh-air to American Idol and revives ratings with his humor.
Harry Connick Jr. brings a breath of fresh-air to American Idol and revives ratings with his humor.

Let’s face it, American Idol has taken a nose-dive in the ratings department over the past few years with many of its former fans, bailing on the ailing show.  With FOX and Idol executives scrambling to find fixes for the show’s lack luster performance, they’ve done everything from re-formatting the show to paying out huge sums of money to bring judges to the table who simply didn’t have the right chemistry together.  More often than not, egos got in the way and the tensions ran so high that people were turned completely off of watching the rest of the season.

Enter Harry Connick Jr., a crooner who not only has the goods himself but, seems to bring the judge’s table together and lights the air with a breath of fresh air in his both, bluntness and humorous escapades while in the judge’s chair.

As a former Idol die-hard fan, it was a struggle to watch the show after former Idol judge, Simon Cowell left the show for what he believed would be greener pastures (which all failed miserably) and finally turning off the show completely after a couple of episodes of watching the likes of Niki Minaj and diva, Mariah Carey totally ruin the show with their ego lit cat fights.

In 2014 when the powers that be behind Idol decided to dump the panel, including “The Dawg”, Randy Jackson, the sole original judge who had out-stayed his welcome on the show and replace the panel with singer, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., curiosity got the better of most of us who hoped that the show could be revived by this change.  It didn’t totally disappoint but, lacked luster still somewhere that I, personally, cannot point out and again, interest was lost.

This year, Connick seems to be bringing more of his humor than his harsh, Cowell Wannabe attitude and that seems to be making a difference for the better.

Connick seems to ignite the flames of interest in never knowing what he and Urban will do next.  The humorous stunts and attitude give the show not only a light feel to it with a great deal of entertainment value but, also brings the spotlight back to the contestants, something that the show is supposed to be about but, had been taken away by poor choices in judges on the panel and bad chemistry between them.

Kudos to Connick for his sense of proportion and fun-loving antics that don’t detract from the contestants but, add to the entertainment of both the contestants and the viewers.

While Idol may still be lagging behind its competition in “The Voice”, aired between September and December, it’s certainly seemingly being given a boost by Connick and Urban’s sense of balanced humor.  J-Lo is simply a pretty, giggling face that doesn’t clash but compliments the two men’s humorous escapades.

Bravo to FOX and Idol execs.  They’ve found a balance that will hopefully, revive the nearly half-dead show this season if it continues as it’s going thus far.
At least, that’s the way that I am seeing things from my little corner of life.

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