Bobbi Kristina Brown Is In God’s Hands Now

Bobbi K

Since January 31, 2015, Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of legendary singers, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, has been in a coma and not come out of it.

Bobbi K. had been moved from hospital to a rehab centre and has now been transferred to a hospice where family reports have somewhat varied with little information but, the crux of the story is that there is no recovery for the young woman.  Irreversible brain damage has been cited.

Bobbi Kristina was found eerily similarly to her famous mom on January 31, 2015 in her home near Atlanta Georgia.  It had been nearly 3 years since her mother’s death in a bathtub, said to be caused by drugs, alcohol and a heart attack when Brown was found in her own bathtub, where boyfriend/friend, Nick Gordon and his friend allegedly found her and started CPR.  It is said that Brown had a pulse and was breathing but, was placed in a medically induced coma as brain damage was thought to have deteriorated her brain function and recovery would be considered “a miracle”.

Though Brown is reportedly, no longer in a medically induced coma nor in a ventilator, she remains un-responsive and is deteriorating in brain status. Some sources from the family and friends of the family have stated that Brown is considered to be near death. This seems to have prompted both sides of Brown’s family to move her to a hospice on June 24, 2015 where rumour has it that she will likely not live much longer.

Father, Bobby Brown and she had been estranged for many years, their relationship strained at best but, it’s said that they were attempting to work things out after Houston’s death in February 2012, having drowned in a hotel bathtub after a night of partying, drugs and booze.

Questions surround Nick Gordon as conflicting reports swirl around Brown and him and their relationship.  Gordon was said to have been taken in by Houston and raised as Bobbi’s sister but, the gossip sent out by Brown, herself, led people to believe that she and Gordon were married.  That rumour has since been quashed by her family and friends.

Gordon and Brown had allegedly fought, loudly prior to Brown being found face down, without vital signs.  Gordon became a suspect in possible foul play.

With not much in the way of actual facts to go by, other than what little family has released to the public, it’s hard to say what the reality of the situation with Brown is, other than she is likely not to make it as her brain suffered damage so greatly that she’s been unresponsive in spite of no longer being in a medically induced coma, not having made any progress and in fact, has deteriorated in brain function.

Given that it’s hard to judge what is truth and what is fiction or media fabricated for sensationalized stories, it’s better to reserve judgement on all involved at this time but, it appears that one thing is certain.  Bobbi Kristina, no matter how long her body lingers, is no longer with us and the likelihood of any type of recovery whatsoever has gone and has been gone since January 31, 2015.  The only thing left for family to cling to now is her body.  Anything that was or could be the Bobbi Kristina people loved and knew, stopped existing that fateful day in January and for her body to go on living now, is likely, simply torture for her family and friends to be around.

From all reports, all that could have been done, has been done.  Allegedly, Brown was devoid of vital signs when found but, resuscitated by Gordon before paramedics then, by some of the top medical specialists money can buy.  It seems as though resuscitation may have been one of the perhaps, worst things that could have been done, given the outcome of this situation.

One can only hope that there is a life after death and that Bobbi Kristina has already been re-united with her famous mother whom she missed so much after her passing.  If one can believe that there is a life after this one, it is possible that Brown is no longer in that body that lays, clinging to biological life by a thread, held by the most primitive of brain functions.  It would seem to be a blessing, given what is reported, for Brown to be set free finally of these earthly chains.

When there is no hope of a meaningful recovery, alive or barely clinging to life without consciousness is a “limbo” where bodily death would be the kindest thing for that person. One can only hope that though she appears to be in no pain or discomfort of any kind, un-knowing of her situation from within her body, that she is comfortable and will pass on soon for her sake and those who love her.  Seeing her body linger on, without any higher level of brain functioning and no real hope of a recovery, would make death seem like a blessing.

Move on Bobbi Kristina.  Go to The Light and be with your family and especially, your mom.

At least, from experience in this type of situation, that’s how I see things from my little corner of life.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Brown Is In God’s Hands Now

  1. We know that once the person is said to be brain dead that they are in spirit. So I for one am glad that she is in peace and is watching over the people that she loved. I just wonder why no one tried to get her help , maybe they did and she didn’t want it. What pain that little girl must have been in. I’m sure that her mother was there to guide her into spirit and now both are at peace.


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