Malaysian Prime Minister Screws Up Again As Flaperon Found Not From MH370

   Insiders in the France led investigation into missing Flight MH370 have leaked out that French investigators in Toulouse, France had finished their technical examination of the flaperon found, washed up on Reunion Island in July 2015 and there is no technical link to it and the 18 month missing Boeing 777 plane known as MH370.... Continue Reading →

Knowing When To Hold Or Fold Them When It Comes To Friend’s Problems

There are times when we all will have to choose between keeping a friendship and letting it go.  It shouldn't be this way and normally, it isn't but there are times when a friend gives you no choice but to accept that there is no choice and either way, can lead to an issue. The... Continue Reading →

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Changes His Story Again On Missing MH370

In case you're wondering...yes, I am fixated on the plight of missing Malaysian Flight MH370 because there are so many flaws and mysteries behind its disappearance as well as Malaysia's seeming untruthfulness or lack of action during the time it went off radar and communications well over 500 days ago now, that it can't be... Continue Reading →

France Searching More Areas For Possible MH370 Debris

Kudos to France, the lead investigators in the find of what has been deemed as a "flaperon" from a Boeing 777 plane found on the French island of Reunion, just east of Madagascar.  They are daring to put pieces together more thoroughly. While Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was quick to make what seems now... Continue Reading →

A Lot of Questions About MH370 And Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

According to Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, the debris found on the island of Reunion, just off the coast of Madagascar, conclusively belongs to the missing Boeing 777 known as Flight MH370 that went missing over 514 days ago at time of the writing of this piece.  His statement emphatically states that the plane and... Continue Reading →

Waiting For Answers About Plane Piece Find On Reunion Island And A Match To MH370

As we await final forensic studies on the plane piece found on the rocky beach side of St. Reunion, the French run island to the east of Madagascar to see if it truly does belong to missing Malaysian Flight MH370, we have to wonder quite a number of things along with this discovery. It's being... Continue Reading →

Taming Fear And Worry Thoughts

We all have them.  They are those nagging worry thoughts that flood into our minds, causing us to react with "fight or flight" chemicals coursing through our veins.  None of us are immune to having them.  They're the thoughts that drag us through the proverbial mud of potential fear and panic. How realistic though, are... Continue Reading →

Plane Piece Found Part of Missing Malaysian Flight MH370?

Some 500 days of searching for missing Malaysian Flight MH370 and nothing had been found until, possibly now. A piece of what appears to be part of a Boeing 777 plane has allegedly washed ashore on the small French island, Reunion just to the east of Africa's Madagascar.  Experts are saying that based on the... Continue Reading →

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