Waiting For Answers About Plane Piece Find On Reunion Island And A Match To MH370

As we await final forensic studies on the plane piece found on the rocky beach side of St. Reunion, the French run island to the east of Madagascar to see if it truly does belong to missing Malaysian Flight MH370, we have to wonder quite a number of things along with this discovery.

It’s being reported that Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak has already made a statement that confirms that plane piece as belonging to that of MH370 while French Investigators have not yet confirmed this at the point of writing this piece. Investigators in Toulouse, France are not quite as quick as Razak to deem it as that of MH370 and said that tests on the plane part would be done on Thursday of this week.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you, an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion is indeed from MH370,” Prime Minister Najib Razak said at a brief press conference. “We now have physical evidence that … Flight MH370 tragically ended in the Southern Indian Ocean,” Razak said in a short news conference.

However, let’s remember that Razak while Malaysian authorities seemed to have under-reacted to the plane’s seeming deliberate acts of diversion and the entire missing plane saga from Day One, was very quick to announce that MH370 had gone down and all 229 passengers and crew were dead.  He later had to retract that statement as angry, grieving, shocked family members began to rally with questions and anger.

“The burden and uncertainty faced by the families during this time has been unspeakable,” Prime Minister Najib said today. “I promise you this,Malaysia will always remember and honor those who were lost onboard MH370.”

MH370 has been missing for over 500 days.  In spite of a massive air and water search, NO debris from the plane has been found, up until this latest discovery on Reunion’s shores over the weekend.  Suddenly, the tiny island, filled with poverty and relying chiefly upon tourism for its source of revenue, has been flooded with media and has become news worthy.  Most people hadn’t even heard of the island until this piece hit the news and there’s been a lot of coverage on it in the past few days.  

The beaches are now being combed and all at once, everybody and their brother, are finding pieces of things that are being thought of as possible pieces of MH370.  A bit unusual to say the least that it would happen this way but, each “find” has been making the news, bringing more and more publicity to the small tourist island and locals are gaining recognition with reporters surrounding them and writing their stories as well as filing filmed reports of their accounts.

One needs to ask themselves where all of this debris has been floating since Day 1 when searchers traveled and covered thousands of square miles of surface and found not even so much as an oil slick or trace of any debris.  Suddenly, pieces are washing up on these shores?  How can that be?  Where was it all this entire time?

They have hypothesized that the “flaperon” found on Reunion and now deemed to have come from a 777 plane such as MH370, had been floating because of air pockets within the metal encased interior.  However, that would mean that rust would have formed much more heavily over the more than 500 days since the plane went missing, were it to have been “floating” on the water until it washed up on shore.  Johnny Begue, the finder of the piece stated that there wasn’t much rust and no bolts had been rusted.  Could it be that Boeing has really done its job on paint and rust retardants?  That could be true but, it still sounds a little more than fishy at the moment and does not explain why any of this debris wasn’t spotted early on during air and water surface searches.

I’m not an expert on any of this so, it’s likely that experts could easily explain this phenomenon however, it seems rather dubious to me that the plane piece would be surfacing to be found only at this time and on that island were it to be found to be a match to pieces from MH370.   Where are the other pieces and where is that plane?  Why only now is it surfacing?  One would think that the opposite would be true.  The parts would be so water logged that it would be rather glued to the ocean floor by now through water weight, not getting lighter and just surfacing now.  Again though, experts could likely counter all that I’m postulating here.

Let me just say that no matter what turns out of this examination and whether or not this is in fact a piece of missing Malaysian Flight MH370, the fact remains that there are many questions as to how this all happened as it has not the least of which includes why it has been that Malaysian Prime Minister has always been quick to the draw to report that airline as having crashed into the Indian Ocean from only hours past the country’s very late announcement and mysterious lack of reaction that the plane had gone missing.  What did and does he know that is not being let out to the world?

Could this be a “plant” of some kind whereby, someone seeking fame or attention to the tiny island, has placed a piece of a Boeing 777 there?  Given that there are 3 airports in Reunion and pieces of planes can be gotten and are often replaced, could someone have gotten their hands on one and placed it where it would be found to raise media attention on the poverty stricken island?

Even were that not to be the case, could it be that there are those who may have been responsible in part for the plane’s mysterious and widely thought devious disappearance, placing parts of it where it was least likely to be thought to be found?  Or, perhaps searchers or the Malaysian Government itself, looking rather empty handed, trying to divert attention away from a failed search that has cost several nations millions of dollars and over 500 days without a trace, to resort to desperate measures to protect their search efforts?  Did Malaysian authorities know more and now have a piece of the plane to plant? Why has no more of the plane been found?

Let’s remember that the Malaysian authorities, did not react properly to a plane that had disappeared with 239 people’s lives at stake.  They did not follow what should have been proper protocol in seeing an un-identified plane, flying back over its airspace.  They waited hours before reporting the plane as even missing.  Did the Malaysian government know something that they’re not letting out to the rest of the world and thus, their lack of appropriate reactions and actions?

While we await full answers as to whether this plane piece, does in fact belong to the missing airliner, let’s remember that there are many questions that would also need to be answered should it be found to be part of MH370.  Not the least of which includes why Malaysia has reacted so negligently towards this missing plane.

Something is rotten in that Southern Indian Ocean and questions need to be answered no matter which way this analysis goes.  At least, that’s how I am seeing things from my Little Corner of Life.

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