Malaysia’s Prime Minister Changes His Story Again On Missing MH370

Searchers, looking for plane debris on Reunion.
Searchers, looking for plane debris on Reunion.

In case you’re wondering…yes, I am fixated on the plight of missing Malaysian Flight MH370 because there are so many flaws and mysteries behind its disappearance as well as Malaysia’s seeming untruthfulness or lack of action during the time it went off radar and communications well over 500 days ago now, that it can’t be ignored.  With 239 people’s lives involved and those of their family members, not knowing what happened to their loved ones as well as being distrustful of any more false reports over this mysterious disappearance, it’s hard to not think about it.

This past week brought no new revelations to the situation.  In spite of searchers from Malaysia having been sent to The Maldive Islands to look at debris that some believed might have belonged to MH370, there was no evidence of the pieces having come from MH370.  Once again, Malaysian officials deemed conclusively that they were not from the missing plane and not even plane related pieces and that MH370 lays in the Southern Indian Ocean with all 239 passengers and crew, dead.

However, more suspiciously, while French investigators in Toulouse, France, still have not conclusively deemed the Boeing 777 flaperon, found on the beaches of French run island of Reunion, to the east of Madagascar a couple of weeks ago now to be that of MH370, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak was more than eager to declare it as positively a piece of MH370 before investigators have come to that conclusive decision or even finished their investigations.

After a letter on behalf of MH370 families, saying that they were not taking the word of the Malaysian Prime Minister as gospel truth and explaining that they were highly suspicious of the Malaysian government and everyone concerned, Razak came out with his own “theory” of what happened which lends more lack of credibility to Malaysia’s story at least, in my mind.

Having said in early days that MH370 had crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean and all 239 aboard were dead, he soon recanted that statement and appeared to have bowed to pressure to show some form of empathy towards the families of the missing passengers and crew as there was no proof of the plane’s whereabouts at all, no debris, nothing.  All everyone had to go on was a set of data or satellite “pings” from a British company, called Inmarsat who admitted that their data has never been, nor intended to be used as a method of tracking a missing plane.  With some help from Australia and some math calculations, an area was deduced to have been the area that MH370 had “crashed into” and both air, surface and underwater searches began by several nations.  Nothing was found except for a lot of “ocean garbage” that is always being found.  There was no connection to the missing plane.  Not even an oil slick or a plane cushion, nothing that would indicate a plane had crashed into the waters anywhere to be found.

There were also stories that went around about the plane’s black boxes/data recorder’s batteries having been on their last legs as no one had allegedly changed them prior to flights.  It ranged to the idea that the batteries were over a year past due.  Yet, searchers picked up “pings” in what one would assume would be the beacon’s final battery days.  Hopes were raised, only to find out that the pings were possibly coming from tagged dolphins or some such nonsense type of account.

Now, some over 500 days later, a piece of 777 plane mysteriously washes up on a beach on Reunion and Malaysia leaps to make the announcement that it belonged to MH370 and offered condolences to the families of the deceased.  Families become enraged as French investigators have only said that it’s a strong possibility but, entered into air and land searches on Reunion and nearby islands for more debris with nothing found to date to tie into the wing part.

After it became more public that a 777 flaperon had not been detached from a plane via violent methods and forcing the re-thinking of the possibility that if this were to be part of MH370, it wasn’t ripped off in a huge crash style water entry, the Malaysian Prime Minister has now started his own theory that the plane had made a soft, gliding landing on the water’s surface with one or two people alive still and slowly sunk to the bottom whole.

The more Razak opens his mouth, the worse he makes things for himself it seems.

One cannot help but wonder whether French investigators were out searching for other possible washed up debris that might be tied to MH370 to perhaps, build more solid evidence that even if this wing part is from MH370 that it wasn’t planted as the sole piece. More debris linked to the plane, having also washed up on either Reunion or Madagascar’s shores would be more in line with the idea of what so called experts have deduced was current, tidal and wind blown influence on that piece washing up where it did, how it did and at the time that it did.  If that were true, then there should be more of the plane also coming up.  It’s not thus far.  That would mean that most thinking people would ask why not and, the only solution is for a theory such as Razak has more recently dealt the world.  It sunk whole with a soft landing.

It’s sounding more and more to me as though Malaysia knows more than it’s been saying as to what happened to MH370 and the more it tries to possibly cover it up, the deeper it digs itself into a hole and implants more suspicion upon it.

It’s been stated that these flaperons are often changed by airline mechanics and that pieces can be gotten easily.  It’s equally possible that if Malaysia knew what happened to MH370, that specific piece, being replaceable, could have been planted in the ocean or where it was found.  The mere fact that the finder, Johnny Begue, a beach cleaner, thought first to pull it ashore then, plant flowers around it but, then called a radio station first and not police, is telling.  I will let you draw your own conclusions.

What I do know and have been saying all along is that something is fishy in this plane’s disappearance.  Whether we will ever really find out or not what really happened, is still anyone’s guess.  If I am considered yet another “conspiracy theorist”, so be it.  I am not convinced that Malaysia has been or is, telling the truth of what they know…at least….that’s the way that I’m seeing things from My Little Corner of Life at this point in time and solely my personal opinions.

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