Malaysian Prime Minister Screws Up Again As Flaperon Found Not From MH370


Insiders in the France led investigation into missing Flight MH370 have leaked out that French investigators in Toulouse, France had finished their technical examination of the flaperon found, washed up on Reunion Island in July 2015 and there is no technical link to it and the 18 month missing Boeing 777 plane known as MH370. There was only circumstantial links.

This piece of information flies in the face of Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak’s proclamation in early days of the investigation that it was indeed from MH370, proving that the plane had indeed gone down into the Southern Indian Ocean with all 239 passengers and crew, dead.

Razak’s announcement came prematurely as the investigators in Toulouse, France would only say that it was a flaperon, part of a wing and came from a Boeing 777 plane but, stopped short by saying that there was a strong suspicion that it could have come from MH370 given the circumstantial knowledge that it was part of a Boeing 777, in a possibly correct location and that no other 777 had been deemed as missing.  Razak was the only one who rushed to make a grim, premature and false news release, stating that it was from MH370.

This wasn’t the first time that Razak has made such a leap to judgement and his ensuing rush to deem the plane as having crashed into the ocean with everyone on board, dead.  He made the same announcement only days into the initial search phase, rattling families of the missing passengers and crew as well as the world.  He later had to recant that statement through pressure from family members and lack of any evidence, proving such a claim.

It’s been stated by many within the airline industry that plane pieces are often changed by mechanics with airlines for differing reasons.  This specific part was reported to have shown no signs of having been ripped off in a violent manner such the alleged plane crash.  Razak then, turned his story into one that included his own hypothesis that the plane had made a “soft landing” onto the water’s surface and had sunk as a whole.

Secondly, we have the fact that while no other 777 had been reported as missing, the fact that these parts do get changed by airline mechanics and can be gotten ahold of, means that there is the possibility that someone had wanted that found on Reunion or, it went missing off of a boat of trash like so many other items have done amongst what is considered, ocean garbage.  Adding to that is the fact that Reunion has at least 2 airports which service and run public, commercial flights.  Is it not possible that parts for Boeing 777 planes, new and used, are stock-piled in one or both of those airports?

Thirdly, we can look back at the finder of the plane part, Johnny Begue, an island beach cleaner, that he was looking for a rock to use as a grinder for chilis when he came across the find at 8:45 a.m. that morning, having started at 7:00 a.m..  He told media that he first thought to bring the plane piece onto a grassed in piece of land and “plant flowers around it”.  Why?  It’s anyone’s guess but, he later apparently, turned his story into one of heroism where he knew it must be a crashed plane and he wanted to be respectful.  However, he told reporters that he thought about it and later decided to call a local radio station about the find.  Again, the question of “why call a radio station”, begs to be answered.  Begue later stated that he hoped he’d “get a medal” for his find.

One need only be reminded that Reunion has a high poverty and unemployment rate amongst its residents.  Bringing an international media spotlight to the tiny island and Begue himself, was not exactly one of wonder or amazement.

What is, however, amazing is that yet again, Malaysian Prime Minister Razak has been quick to leap the gun and declare the plane as part of the floor of the Southern Indian Ocean with all 239 passengers dead so many times and after his government as well as Malaysian Airlines had screwed up this missing plane’s saga so badly from the moment it signed off and shut down all communication systems through until it was deemed as missing even when it had re-crossed the Malaysian peninsula and flew for hours more, way out of its track and over the tip of Indonesia.

France is now also handling a criminal investigation case as 4 of the plane’s 239 passengers and crew were French and it is widely believed that the plane was intentionally taken with communication devices, seemingly manually and maliciously turned off right after the plane had signed off from Malaysian ATC towers and was to be handed over to the next in line.  The plane never made contact again.

What is he, his government and Malaysia Airlines covering up?

That is the question that runs through my mind from My Little Corner of Life.

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