Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes: What Broke Up Tom Cruise’s Three Marriages?

Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers. Scientology and Cruise's cheating broke up that marriage.
Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers. Scientology and Cruise’s cheating broke up that marriage.

A lot of readers have come to this blog, wanting to know what it was that broke up the marriage between Tom Cruise and his first wife, Mimi Rogers.  It’s really not a big secret but, the alleged truth is that Scientology was behind the break-up or rather, the big-shots who were running it.

Rogers was raised with the basics behind Scientology through her father’s devotion to the church’s founder, Ron L. Hubbard and his theories in dianetics, formed in 1952 by Hubbard.

Rogers, born as Mimi Spickler, whose father, Phil Spickler raised her under the principles set out by Ron L. Hubbard.  Her father was instrumental in helping Hubbard begin the first foundations for the Church of Scientology, based upon Hubbard’s theory of Dianetics. A lot of what Spickler did for the church was to try to funnel influential more lucrative people into the folds.  When Hubbard went into seclusion in the 1980’s, Spickler became disenchanted with the new powers-that-be that took over the church and left while continuing to follow Hubbard’s dianetic theories.

Rogers was raised on this type of premise and Hubbard’s theories and had a stint with owning her own field office in California so, it stood to reason that when she met Cruise, now a major Hollywood star, she introduced him to Scientology somewhere around 1986 when they started dating.

Cruise had what is alleged to be “philandering ways” and had been said to have slept with lots of women.  Rogers was apparently, hoping that Scientology would straighten him out and stop this habit.

“Tom was fucking everything that moved,” a friend of Rogers’ said. “But they were all women. I know why the gay rumors started later, but it had nothing to do with who he was having sex with. He slept with women, and he slept with a lot of them.”

In spite of Cruise’s indiscretions, Rogers, 6 years older than Cruise, married him in a hush-hush ceremony on a Scientology important date, May 9, 1987, the date in 1950 that Hubbard had published his first book on dianetics.  Hubbard died in January of 1986 and others had long since taken over the church.

David Miscavige, now a big-shot within the church and brought in by Rogers, saw a huge opportunity in the idea of having a big star like Cruise as part of bringing the church’s ratings and to the forefront in enlarging its membership.  Cruise became an integral part of the church’s future membership and Miscavige wasn’t about to let Rogers possibly screw that up for them.  He set out to destroy the marriage when he saw Rogers as a threat to his plans as her father had left the church nor, did Miscavige want Cruise to be associated with Rogers’ father, Spickler who had become what the church considered a “squirrel” (someone who practiced outside of the church).

When Rogers suggested that she and Cruise use the church’s form of marriage counselling, hoping to change Cruise’s philandering, Miscavige saw that as a clear opportunity to break up the marriage completely.  He made sure that he hand-picked and coached a therapist from the church, do the “counselling”.  That, as it’s said to be, was the beginning of the end of their marriage as Cruise had become more deeply entrenched in the church and the counsellor was sure to ensure that the counselling failed.  It did.

It was during that time that Cruise met Nicole Kidman, his future second wife through his cheating ways and perhaps, because of the church. It’s unclear how he met Kidman. After several times spent together with Kidman, Cruise then got her involved with him further by getting her a role in his then, new movie “Days of Thunder” where their affair continued as Miscavige had wanted to happen and had a “church audit” done on Cruise where he was convinced to stay with Kidman and let Rogers go.  When Rogers showed up on set during the filming, the church made sure that she was “handled” so as to protect Cruise’s relationship with Kidman.  The marriage was doomed through a lot of interference and plotting by the church, as well as Cruise’s own ego and womanizing ways and, it worked.

The church told Rogers that the marriage needed to end by convincing her that it was for the church’s greater good and convinced her to sign the divorce papers.  Rogers swallowed it and signed them as well as an agreement with Cruise to “not talk about it”.

Via a very similar method, the church eventually saw Kidman as a threat to the church when she had Cruise start to back away from it for a few years of their marriage.  The church worked on her as well.  Kidman had also gone into Scientology because of Cruise’s involvement.  Eventually, that marriage also ended through the church’s meddling.  Cruise was too big a ticket for them to lose and also cost Kidman 2 of her children as the church turned them against their mother as well.

What happened between Cruise and Kaite Holmes, Cruise’s third wife was eerily similar to the other 2 wives.  As a matter of fact, Holmes had become friends with Kidman who allegedly, helped her to see what was happening to her through Cruise’s involvement with the church and how the church would also involve Suri, Cruise’s and Holmes’ daughter.  That’s when Holmes woke up and got out, with her daughter.

So, there’s the skeleton from the rumour mill and how Scientology ruined all 3 of Cruise’s marriages.  Sad but, from my little corner of life….he’s a “bought man” and part of a cult following.  As long as he remains part of the church…his life is in their hands and he’s merely a puppet with a puppet master.  But, that’s just my personal opinion on the matter and nothing more.

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3 thoughts on “Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes: What Broke Up Tom Cruise’s Three Marriages?

  1. How could Tom Cruise be that stupid? To let that cult take his children away from their mother. Thank GOD Katie divorced his ass and got Suri out. What a pure waste of a soul (Tom). Now we know why the women never talk about him.

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