White Christian Plus Sized Middle Class Female Smokers Feel Prejudices Too

I’m White, a woman and a Christian so, I know my place.  I know that I’m supposed to be “Politically Correct” in everything I say or do because Heaven forbid, I should “offend someone”, somewhere, somehow, or in some way.  I shall forever be accountable for the atrocities that were committed by generations gone byContinue reading “White Christian Plus Sized Middle Class Female Smokers Feel Prejudices Too”

The Lily White Oscars Or Chris Rock’s Black Orchid Awards?

  I love Chris Rock and his comedy….well, most of the time anyway.  So, I tuned into the 2016, 88th Academy Awards.  Having watched none of the movies nominated, I was eager to see what Rock was going to do with this controversy over the “all white Oscars”.  It was my bet that Rock wasContinue reading “The Lily White Oscars Or Chris Rock’s Black Orchid Awards?”

Can Our Adult Children Bully Us?

My daughter is an only child who has now become an adult, still acting like a child in spite of having grown up with other children around her at all times so as not to develop “Only Child Syndrome”.  Our home was constantly filled with other children, mainly her friends and some that I temporarilyContinue reading “Can Our Adult Children Bully Us?”

We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve

I read a blog entry the other day, written by a fellow blogger.  I asked permission from him to re-blog it.  He graciously gave me permission because it hit me in so many ways with his only request being that I didn’t reblog it in the traditional way and keep his blog piece anonymous, whichContinue reading “We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve”