Marco Muzzo: How I Feel

I’m reblogging this piece because I think it makes some important points that we, as Society need to re-think.

I do not think of Marco Muzzo as a “monster” either but, I do feel that he represents many people who feel that they have the right to use a mind altering substance and get behind the wheel and drive in spite of all that has been done to stop this type of choice.

The author of this blog piece seems to believe that this was simply a “mistake”. It wasn’t. Muzzo, willingly got behind the wheel of his car, totally inebriated, and ended 3 young children’s lives, their grandfather’s lives and left many behind, scared for life. That one choice ruined so many people’s lives and ended 4 people’s lives.

The author of this piece seems to be fed up with the “bashing” that Muzzo is taking. Unfortunately, Muzzo deserves the flack and even hatred for we’ve all heard this type of thing happening or lost someone due to choices made by people who make these types of choices, far too often and get off with not much more than a ban in driving for a period of time. Many will go back and re-offend and if they haven’t killed someone the first time around or even the second, they can do it the third or thirty-thirdth time. Where does it stop?

Marco Muzzo may have said his apologies but, as the author of this blog piece has said, “…what else can he do? He is a human being too. He has a family, a finance, friends. He lost his life in a sense as well.” Truth is, Muzzo has these people still in his life. The Neville-Lake family have lost all of their children and a father. There is nothing that Muzzo can do to bring them back. Reality was that he made a choice to put the keys in the ignition of that car and drive a murder weapon. He killed 4 people by his own choices. It’s not as though this was an “unknown” mistake. He knew he had been drinking heavily, was intoxicated and still chose to drive in that state where he had all of the money needed to get someone to come pick him up, grab a cab or have a limo come pick him up. There was no mistaking that Muzzo was a prime example of someone who didn’t just make an error or mistake. He made a choice that everyone should know is wrong and a potential lethal choice. I can’t say, “oh poor baby for what he’s going through now as a result of that choice.”

Anyone using any type of mind altering substance, whether that is alcohol, pills, marijuana or anything else that causes an impairment of the ability to operate a vehicle, should leave the car parked and take alternate transportation. Muzzo took 4 lives by ignoring this thinking and choosing to drive anyway in a willful choice. He shouldn’t be let off the hook nor, should the results of his choices be let go. Someone has to be made a precedent as the message is not getting through to society thoroughly enough.

I respectfully disagree with some of this author’s thoughts. If this was your family, what would you think of the person who while being impaired and had the means to have avoided this choice, willfully still made the choice to drive a murder weapon that ended their lives? Would the author still have the same type of forgiveness and be concerned about hate spreading?

Home with Four

Before I begin, let me say I know this post will generate some differences of opinion and that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion in the same way I am entitled to mine. People get very passionate about this particular case, probably due to the nature and senselessness of it. In no way do I intend to justify his actions but I can’t in my right mind sit here and agree that he is a “monster” or that he “deserves to die”.

Typically, I don’t follow the news. Primarily because its mostly bad news and  quite depressing. I prefer to stay in my own little bubble and carry on with my quiet simple life. However, the Marco Muzzo case couldn’t be ignored. Simply because it exploded all over  my news feed.

Social media has its advantages but it also has some major flaws as well. I couldn’t help but take…

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