Was The Purple Prince’s Death Caused By A Pain Killer Medication?

The rumour mills on the cause of Musician, Prince’s untimely and sudden death are running rampant as we all knew that they would.  Everything from the flu to The Illuminati have been blamed thus far in tabloids, newspapers and even mainstream as well as underground media, blogs and water cooler conversations.  All of us areContinue reading “Was The Purple Prince’s Death Caused By A Pain Killer Medication?”

Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell On Adele, Desserts Are Highest Read Entries

There are weeks when you can sit down and write blogs until they come out of your ears only to have readers, searching for the same blog entry topics over and over again. Do you want to know what the highest read topics are? Who were Tom Cruise’s wives? Why does Simon Cowell hate AdeleContinue reading “Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell On Adele, Desserts Are Highest Read Entries”

Why Prince Likely Didn’t Die From The Flu

There were so many tributes pouring out for the Late Singer/Song Writer/Musician, Prince that I didn’t think it necessary to put out yet another one, listing all of his contributions to the music industry.  By now, everyone knows what Prince’s musical portfolio contains over the decades as well as his musical talents. It bothered meContinue reading “Why Prince Likely Didn’t Die From The Flu”

Netflix Bring Gilmore Girls Back As A Regular Series

I’ll make this short and sweet. I’m forever beholden to Netflix for reviving 4 1 1/2 hr. movies entitled “Seasons” of Gilmore Girls but, in an age of tv that has enough murder, cop, fantasy and reality shows, we need one that has substance.  Gilmore Girls had that and we loved it. If anyone fromContinue reading “Netflix Bring Gilmore Girls Back As A Regular Series”

Trial of The Century or Race Card Well Played?

In being glued to the television each Tuesday nights for several weeks, I’ve re-lived the O.J. Simpson Trial like millions of others.  It was a time and a trial that not many who were caught up in, will ever forget. Brilliantly casted, the mini-series, The People vs O.J. Simpson on FX network, was a smashContinue reading “Trial of The Century or Race Card Well Played?”

Jesus Christ I’m Not A Robot!

For the first 40 years of my life, I thought I was Jesus Christ. Has your draw dropped yet? No, I’m not insane or psychotic and I don’t mean literally  but, I am extremely sensitive, a people pleaser (though you might not know it from by blog pieces), overly emotional, sentimental and, my dad’s favouriteContinue reading “Jesus Christ I’m Not A Robot!”

Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality

If you can’t afford a trip to Disney World and don’t like going to church, take a romp through Facebook where everything is a joke, un-real fantasy seeming or, like going to church with prayers.  The place where nothing is real and everyone’s lives seem like they’re living in one huge either grateful or wonderfulContinue reading “Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality”