Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality


If you can’t afford a trip to Disney World and don’t like going to church, take a romp through Facebook where everything is a joke, un-real fantasy seeming or, like going to church with prayers.  The place where nothing is real and everyone’s lives seem like they’re living in one huge either grateful or wonderful life.


Want to feel badly about yourself?  Go read your Facebook friend’s walls.  Tell me what you see.  Everyone is grateful, happy, laughing, sharing the attributes of their family lives, joking around or praying for you, while sharing good wishes.  It’s like a trip to Fantasy Land that makes you feel like somehow, you’ve travelled down a wrong path somewhere while everyone else has found the right one to go down.  They’re in Heaven while you’re still working hard at trying to find your way out of Hell.

happy people 3

Didn’t get the time to go to church, synagogue or temple this week?  No problem.  Look at your friend’s walls.  There will always be someone posting prayers or preaching.

Need a laugh? There’s plenty of jokes going around on the Home Feeds and one will ensure that you’re laughing heartily.

Were you not able to have children or yours has gone by the wayside and you haven’t heard from them in months or years?  No worries.  You can see everyone else’s children as they grow up and see photos of them too.

No one seems to love you or care about you?  Don’t fret, Facebook is filled with people sharing their love for everyone and, will send you well-wishes while they’re at it.  After all, their lives are filled with love, laughter and joy so, there’s plenty to go around.

“Share if you love your grandchildren more than life itself.”  Oh sorry.  You don’t have grandchildren?  Don’t worry about that either.  You’ll get to click “like” on everyone else’s  grandchildren, complete with photos on their walls.

However, if you’re looking for people who will share in your problems, make you feel like you’re not alone in having them or, want to drown out the fact that your life isn’t one huge love-fest-party, you might want to seek forums elsewhere and avoid Facebook like the plague.

happy people2

No one’s life is that charmed or happy.  Trust me when I say that Facebook gives the illusion that all is well and everyone lives in one huge bubble of happiness, fun, love and faith as it appears in that portion of social media.  It’s all in what you don’t see or hear on Facebook that is reality.  Talk to any person who has posted nothing but jokes, fun and happy photos and you’ll find that most are people, trying to either “keep up with the Jones’s” or, put up a front like their lives are going swimmingly well.  You’ll find the reality in that talk.

From my little corner of life, Facebook is like a Disney story where it’s small tidbits, built into a story of wonderment and fun.  Their realities are not as charming as what their personal walls make it seem.  If you truly want to feel better about your life, stay off of Facebook for awhile or…talk to those you feel are leading charmed lives and see for yourself.  Either way, Facebook is not real.  It’s fantasy.




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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

4 thoughts on “Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality

  1. I don’t know how I feel about what you said in your blog . I myself have not tried to give the impression that my life was perfect, I don’t find the need to share my personal life on Facebook. I have with you at times. I just feel that I want to entertain my friends with things that I feel are funny or important for me to share . Maybe I don’t feel the same way because I know most of my friends personally that might make a difference and I do include you.But I do agree with you Facebook is a crazy place. Love you Girl

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    1. Cathy…I was speaking from a perspective where those who are already down about their own lives, can find Facebook a place to make them feel worse about their own lives by many of their Facebook friends. I have a couple of friends who are severely depressed with their own personal lives. In going to Facebook and seeing all of the “happy, cheery” selfies, family pics, etc., they begin to feel even worse about themselves and their own lives. One felt as though she needed to end her own life already and Facebook nearly took her over the edge.

      Of course, not many want to post the “bad” in their lives. Like you, many want to simply bring laughter or smiles (such as yourself). You, however, don’t seem to “flaunt” even your “good” side of your life. You are simply there, posting for fun and having fun….which is MUCH appreciated by the way! I always have enjoyed your posts, as you know. 🙂

      What I am speaking of in this piece are those who have friends who post everything as though their lives are wonderfully enchanted lives. Of course, it’s only “enchanted” by omission. No one’s life is that “perfect” and happy. However, when you’re already at the bottom of the pit of despair, Facebook *can* be the worst place to be to feel worse about yourself and your life.

      I simply wanted to get across the idea that not all that you see is “reality” on Facebook. Many people don’t post “the bad” and only post “the happy” or…at least, the “good” portions of their lives. It’s not all peaches and cream though for even those whose lives appear to be roses and butterflies on Facebook.

      So, yes, I can see how you’d feel ambivalent about what I’ve said in this piece. It’s not meant for everyone but, it is meant to remind everyone that Facebook is not “reality”. Even you have admitted that you simply want to entertain your friends (which you do, by the way and I truly enjoy it) while not divulging what isn’t so good about your life. Mind you, like I’ve said earlier, you also don’t try to portray a lopsided version of your life by posting hundreds of “happy selfies” either LOL Your wall is pretty much an “as is” and “at face value” place. Others….not so much. 🙂


      1. Please know that I do agree with you 150% ( So stop sending all those happy pictures LMAO ) I just wished that we lived closer so we can post the crazy stuff we would do.

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