Netflix Bring Gilmore Girls Back As A Regular Series


I’ll make this short and sweet.

I’m forever beholden to Netflix for reviving 4 1 1/2 hr. movies entitled “Seasons” of Gilmore Girls but, in an age of tv that has enough murder, cop, fantasy and reality shows, we need one that has substance.  Gilmore Girls had that and we loved it.

If anyone from Netflix is reading this, there’s a cult-like following of fans for Gilmore Girls and all of us can’t wait to see it revived!  

Ok, I’ve done the bold and text colour change to highlight how important this series is to so many fans and yes, I have a subscription to Netflix at the moment and am dancing in my chair, waiting for this series of movies to be released.

Now, I will make this even bolder….(and, perhaps sounding greedy but, recognizing that more subscribers will come aboard and STAY aboard if you do bring it back fully)


There, I couldn’t have said it strongly enough in a blog.


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