Why Is EgyptAir 804 A Possible Terrorist Act But Not MH370?


EgyptAir Flight 804, an airbus with 60 people aboard, headed from Paris to Cairo, loses all contact with radars and goes down from a cruising altitude of 37,000 ft.  It’s immediately suspected of being a terrorist attack with the feeling growing stronger as the hours and minutes go by.  Yet, Malaysian Flight MH370 which still has yet to be found, with much more mysterious circumstances surrounding its disappearance and is not considered a terrorist act at this point.  One has to question why.

Was it considered a potential terrorist act because EgyptAir originated this flight from Paris, France where there are known terrorist affiliates still working at the airport?  Is France looked upon as a “hub” for terrorists?  What is it that makes this airline’s sudden and catastrophic disappearance any different than MH370’s strange behaviour and resulting disappearance with only a few pieces found some 2 years later, thought to be “most certainly” that of MH370?

In the days that are to come, I’m sure we’ll get more answers to these questions but, the questions are still there.

EgyptAir Flight 804 had taken off from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France at 11:09 p.m., heading for Cairo, Egypt with 56 passengers, 7 aircrew and 3 security personnel that included at least 1 infant.  It’s reported that according to Greek military radar data, “Flight 804 veered off course shortly after entering the Egyptian Flight Information Region (FIR). At an altitude of 11,000 metres (37,000 feet), the aircraft made a 90-degree left turn, followed by a full circle right turn and then began to descend. Radar contact was lost at an altitude of about 3,000 m (10,000 ft).”  At 2:30 a.m. it’s said that the aircraft was lost on radar.  That was some  3 hours 25 minutes into the flight that should have ended approximately a half hour or so later but, had not begun its descent yet and should therefore, have been “safe”.  It was due to land in Cairo at approx. 3:05 a.m. but, when it disappeared 280 km (170 mi; 150 nmi) north of the Egyptian coast.  The plane was said to be swerving 90 degrees to the left and then spinning 360 degrees while the plane dropped from 37,000 feet to 15,000, Panos Kammenos, the Greek Defense Minister, made note.  All contact and radar detection was lost at that point in time.

Unlike MH370 wreckage from 804 has been found near the Greek island of Karpathos and has now been changed from a “Search and Rescue” to a “Search and Recovery” mission.  Egyptian, Russian and U.S. authorities have stated that they believe that this was a terrorist attack, likely involving a bomb.  Yet, no claims have been made by any terrorist group thus far.

Why is it then, that with all of MH370’s mysteries, that it wasn’t considered an act of terrorism?  Lack of debris?

From my little corner of life, it seems that MH370 was likely also a terrorist related disappearance and murder as EgyptAir Flight 804 but, we’ll not hear those words uttered.  For what reason?  Why won’t they say that much about MH370 with all that’s known and not known?  Something is still fishy for MH370 and now, EA 804.


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2 thoughts on “Why Is EgyptAir 804 A Possible Terrorist Act But Not MH370?

  1. I also think there’s a cover up.Something like suite case’s or pieces of the plane have had to come to the surface by this time. So where was security for this flight ????? A ;lot of questions not answered

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    1. Absolutely, Cathy. MH370 had ZERO debris from Day 1, no oil slicks…nothing. This EgyptAir 804 flight has not been found yet either. The debris they thought was from the plane, was NOT. So, where ARE these 2 planes? I believe there’s different factors in both crashes but, things are being covered up or not told.


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