ALL Lives Matter Not Just Black Lives!

The past few days, Toronto, Canada and the world, have had to sit back and watch the antics of a tiny, almost negligible group of self-titled “Queer” Black Activist women, stop a Gay Pride Parade with a sit-in and hold everyone hostage until their “demands” were met by parade organizers, signing their letter in order to get the parade moving.  Their chief gripe was “Black Inclusion” and police “exclusion” from the parade.

I refuse to put up a photo of them here as it only gives that group more attention, which is what they are wanting more than anything else.

It’s hard to even type out the name of this tiny group, started by 2 women who call themselves “activists” but, media keeps giving them attention everywhere they go and therefore, Black Lives Matter-TO, will keep on staging sit-ins and protests with one main theme…Blacks are treated unfairly by police.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about Canada here.  We’re a far-cry from other countries in policing or treatment of the Black Communities.  Are we perfect? No, but this country certainly isn’t “bad” by any means of the word.

This group chose the name of a member of the Black Community who was killed by police over a year ago on which to form a platform.  It was un-justified given that the majority of deaths of members of the Black Community, are killed in cold-blooded murders by other members of the Black Community.  Apparently, Blacks, killing other Blacks with guns and knives in bold, aimed and directed murders by the dozens is “ok” but, let a White police officer kill a member of the Black Community (justified or not) and all hell breaks loose.  Protests, rants, cries of long-gone slavery and mistreatment, again rear their ugly heads as guilt inducers to the White Community.

What’s sad is that White Canadians appear to be the staunchest defenders.  During a 3 day-long Twitterfest’s worth of rants, the most hardened of Tweeters backing this small group’s highjacking of one of the world’s largest Gay Pride Parades for 30 minutes, were Whites who seemed to be saying that they were feeling some form of guilt for being White.

Sadly, while the Black Lives Matter-TO group claimed “victory” in holding up a parade with demands that had little, if anything to do with Gay Pride, what they didn’t see was that they actually did more harm to their cause than they did good.

There are members of the Gay Community on Toronto’s Police Force and to hear that they were no longer welcomed at the parade, no police float and Pride Organizers signed the demand list, prompted police to be upset, angered and have one Homosexual officer write a letter with his feelings towards this topic.  His letter can be read HERE.  In this case, the only things worse than being a White police officer is being a Gay/Black police officer.  Toronto has a Black Police Chief by the way.  Mark Saunders.

What blows this all out of proportion for me is that these activists are promoting “anti-white” thinking.  All of their “Black Rights” propaganda is working against the idea unity of the world with no colours, only people.  They are isolating Black from White or any other colours.  They are pro-Black and seem to be saying “nobody else matters”.  They’ve gone so far as to say that they “own” the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and any take-off on it such as “All Lives Matter” are taken from them.  There isn’t a patent on the phrase with their name on it anywhere but, let them think what they want.  They will anyway.

If members of the Black Communities think that they’re getting a rotten deal, they obviously don’t care about anyone else’s struggles in this world.  One need only look as far as Honour Killings to find horrid atrocities.  Articles like THIS ONE simply make one shake their heads in disbelief that what this particular minuscule group of women are complaining about, is laughable by comparison.  Where is their outrage over situations like this where women are being murdered by their own parents, brothers and family because they married outside of an arranged marriage by their families?  Any gripes that BLM-TO has, pales by comparison to this type of practise and makes their demands and protests all seem laughable.

If the Black Community in Toronto want to be treated differently, they need to stand up to their own children and communities by taking a good, hard and long look at what their own youth are doing rather than blaming police for doing a job that they, themselves wouldn’t want to do.  They need to pinch themselves and remind themselves that if Black youths weren’t out gunning one another down, taking innocent by-standers with them, there wouldn’t need to be police intervention.  If the majority of gang-related troubles weren’t heavily practised by Black youth, police wouldn’t be down their backs or anywhere around them.  The reality is, it’s easier to blame others than to sort out their own dirty laundry first.

Like it or not, this is what I’ve been seeing from my little corner of life and I’m being reminded of it daily as criminal events in my own neighbourhood and the loss of a friend of mine as an innocent by-stander in a running gun fight between members of the Black Community (as they call it) over a “dis” have been in my face with eyes wide open in my own life.







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