Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Can Get All of The “Hello’s” He Wants For What He Charges People

WARNING:  And, I am NOT out to “praise him” in this piece.  You might want to LISTEN TO THIS FIRST! 

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Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Can Get All of The “Hello’s” He Wants For What He Charges People 



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“Can I get a HELLO?” asks Youtube channel master, Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).  “And…we haven’t even had breakfast yet.”


                              Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) 

First of all, if you’ve come to this piece, it’s because you’ve more than likely been doing an internet search on YouTuber, Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) and found this piece as many do and will do because there’s not much easily found about Smart other than what he wants you to know about him.

The following is tagged as an opinion piece for good reason.  It’s my, personal opinion of him, based upon my own thoughts and feelings towards him.

When commenters comment with hatred, insults and rawness or even try to do so covertly, they are simply demonstrating what Smart’s work has done for them in a not so favourable way and goes against Smart. 

Better known as Infinite Waters whose real name (or at least that’s what he calls himself) is Ralph Smart, is alleges himself to be a psychologist though there is no record of him having done the Masters Degree, PhD, the clinical work necessary, the exam nor has he registered with the authoritative board as a certified and licensed practitioner.  That’s fabrication number one.  Smart also alleges that he’s a Criminologist, a field that research has shown him never to have been part of.  That’s number, 2.  Beyond that, Smart’s claim to fame has been that he’s a cinematographer where he’s created a couple of videos on skateboarding that went nowhere, a music producer where again, he’s created one or two songs that went without fanfare, and a graphic artist which one can only assume, has come from his YouTube creative thumbnails or website images that everyone has done. Delusions #3, 4 and 5.  To add to the fanfare, his credits include being an “Alchemist” which we all are and, and “Infinite Being”, something that is either borderline personality disordered claims or something that Smart doesn’t hold the key to as we are all those things as well by virtue of being human beings.

Smart, if that’s his real name, has found his alleged niche in drawing in Youtube subscribers, scooping people struggling with either severely troubled minds, young and often in need of more help that any YouTuber should be trying to give out and using false claims of who he is or, by going the popular Spiritual route, “breathing in that good ass prana.” I say allegedly because to date, there has been no proof of him being a true psychologist, registered or otherwise yet, he’s giving out advice to subscribers with the false premise that he’s a psychologist. Sadly, being a psychologist is only what he proclaims himself to be and the only thing that the net world has to go by since he only lets out what he wants viewers to know about him or, isn’t using his real name on those videos.  Most of his devout followers don’t seem to care what kind of damage he has or can do so, who am I to care what everyone else does? It’s their choices and their lives and wellbeing that he’s playing with, not mine.

With some over 1.1 Million subscribers on Youtube at this point in time, Smart seems to have found his niche finally.  Filming mostly in what appears to be a park somewhere, usually standing in front of a tree, Weeping Willow branches grazing his face and sometimes, completely covering his entire head and face, Smart has managed to hook in over a million viewers and subscribers with his own cleverly devised spiritually contented “solutions” to both life and personal issues and free (for you to watch) formulaic style videos on Youtube. They’re so contrived that he could do them in his sleep now but, I will give props where props are due.  They are cleverly done, timed and uploaded marketing for himself.  Sadly, about the only thing that Smart has done is learned how to market himself well a niche in which to fit into to make money and not have to work a regular job like the people he preaches to.  He’s well-read in these areas and I have often heard him spew or parrot what others before him have long since written or said on camera.  There’s not anything new to what Smart says.  It’s all recycled materials from others before him.

Smart admits that doing this, not only covers his monthly bills but has left him (at this point anyway) not having to work a nine to five job like the rest of us do.  Smart also offers private sessions on his website, along with his books, cd’s.  He also calls himself a, Cinematographer, Life Coach, Relationship Guide, Alchemist, and Infinite Being, things we can all call ourselves.

“PEEEEACE” he says, beginning all of his videos.

This calm, serene, happy looking Brit chap stops at least once or twice during his videos to turn his head to the side then back again, smile never leaving his face for the full 20 or so minutes he usually records.  Some have wisely picked up the fact that these motions and repeated phrasing are not simply Smart’s signature moves.  They are actually part of what’s called “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” or NLP for short.  One can learn the techniques easily without having to take any courses though it is more often than not, used for sales and marketing practises which is exactly what I see as Smart doing.  He’s selling his viewers on him, his sessions, books and cd’s.  Though you see Smart’s videos as free, they are not.  Smart gets money for every click he gets on one of his videos from both YouTube as well as advertisers that you may not even be aware of him having because he doesn’t often mention them.  He pays his bills with this form of payment though, at last check, Smart was still living in a small flat in London with at least his mom.  It seemed that there were also others living with them as well.  Whether or not that has changed in recent months, I am not aware of it.

“Slow motion to this side….mmmmm,” Smart says, closing his eyes and mimicking an imitation of a camera slowing its shot.

Admittedly, Smart’s (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) first videos caught my eye a couple of years ago and I subscribed to his channel as nearly a million people have done now.  At that time and under the circumstances I was dealing with then, he somehow, made sense and got me hooked on his videos as he touched upon topics that most of us do struggle with to some extent or another, in one way or another for some piece of time in our lives.  I eagerly lapped them up, spending a couple of hours at a time, binge watching them.  Unfortunately, as time went by, it seems that Smart caught onto the idea that adding Spiritual elements to his videos, outweighed the psychological side of his alleged “psychologist’s” roots.  He, himself got on the mystical spiritual train ride and began spewing more and more Vegan spiels, where each of his videos are extolling (to some extent or another) the so-called virtues of becoming Vegan.  Pathetically, Smart left this repetitive necessity to success, unexplained from all that I’ve watched.  Desperate and emotionally troubled viewers have dropped eating meat and gone over to eating strawberries, grapes and açai without proper knowledge on how to become Vegan properly.  They ran into health issues because of doing so.  Smart doesn’t offer up the proper advice to seek out nutritional counselling so that someone doesn’t become ill.  Take it from someone who went Vegetarian then to Vegan long before YouTube even existed and Ralph was still suckling a baby bottle.  Not unbelievably, I eventually became severely ill because I didn’t know that our bodies couldn’t produce amino or essential acids that needed to be supplemented.  Human beings are not meant to be herbivores but, omnivores.  I found Smart to be more of a salesman so as not to work a normal job than anything else and both he and his videos all became far too formulaic and New Age-y as well as trendy for me at this point. I unsubscribed having found solutions through other sources, healthcare professionals and research of my own.

It’s not that I am not spiritual because I am. I have also studied psychology in university and metaphysics as well as Quantum Physics but, don’t call myself any of these titles as I’m not certified to do so and, it’s my bet that Smart isn’t either.  (Please send me credible sources that prove that Smart is a registered psychologist with a PhD and has completed the necessary post grad training and licensing exam if you have it.  It’s nowhere to be found from what I can tell.  I’m open to credible source citations if you have it.)  It was more the point that I could see through Smart that he had finally, after several other failed attempts at film making, recording music etc., found a hook with which to grab in viewers and sell more of both his books, cd’s as well as those overly expensive “sessions” he sells to most often, vulnerable of people.

Of course, personally, if I had the kind of money required for one of Smart’s sessions and needed help, I’d much prefer to be spending it with a real face-to-face psychologist versus a Youtube video maker but, that’s me. Everyone else is free to do what they please, without doubt.  If it wasn’t evident because Youtube videos are free to watch except for bandwidth costs, Smart also makes money off of his Youtube channel as well.  The more subscribers, the more clicks he gets on those videos, the more he makes in every sense of the word as another Youtuber has explained it to me.  As Smart has said, he doesn’t want to work an “ordinary job” or 9 to 5 and wants his subscribers to feel the same.  Sorry to all of you out there who do work normal jobs as I do.  As I see it, if you didn’t do what you do and I didn’t do what I do to bring in a pay-check every week (writing is simply a hobby for me) everyone lived according to Smart’s ideals, the world would stop functioning.  There’d be no cars, no restaurants or stores, no garbage collection, no anything we have come to count on in Society but, I guess that’s ok for some people though I doubt it would be ok for Smart because he has bragged about being able to travel. Would there be pilots to take him where he wants to go? Isn’t that a regular job?  I digress though.  Again, that’s everyone’s prerogative to believe and follow whomever and whatever they want so, off of that soap box I go.

“Infinite Waters, Diving Deep, PEEEAAACCCCE,” Smart says in every video he does now.  Even a practising psychologist doesn’t make the 350 Smart charges for an undefined 1 hour (psychology or spiritual or what…it doesn’t say) 1 on 1 Skype Session but, for those who can afford it and wish to do it, more power to you as it’s your choice, of course.  Have you found The Secret (a concept Author, Rhonda Byrnes has re-formulated from an old book of the same nature, given to her by her daughter that has her laughing all the way to the bank) and the concept of manifesting what you want into being by thinking it so that Smart also pushes in a quite a few of his videos as well?  Have you tried it?  Does it work for you?

For the kind of money that both Smart charges and likely makes as well as the millions of dollars that Byrnes has made on her books (though she’s been sued several times now as she didn’t give those who promoted her their shares and she lives very comfortably now thanks to them), they will both give you all of the hellos you can stand and send you a hug through the video camera while they’re at it.

Sadly, it’s not totally happy people who are watching Smart’s videos.  Like myself at the time that I first found Smart’s video channel, most people are struggling with something or other in their lives and looking for answers to those problems.  People like Smart and Byrnes give people hope in a mystical way that other professionals can’t seem to give them.  It may be bull droppings for some people but, for others, as long as they are given a form of hope, they will lap it up and some will even pay for it.  Smart knows it as does Byrnes.  I, personally found nothing of value in either of their approaches as nothing either of them have said or done is ‘new’.  Smart has said nothing in any of his videos that hasn’t been said by someone else in books on videos or elsewhere by other authors.  He’s not unique in my mind so, I quit watching him when I realized he was re-cycling older videos word for word, has formulaic scripts and contradicts himself.  That’s me though.  If others find him as a help, that’s wonderful for them.  We’re all Infinite Beings and Alchemists as well as psychologists after all.  At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from my little corner of life.  Everyone else is free to see it their way.

PEACE, Love and Light.

Please Note:  

As of January 16, 2017

I will NO LONGER be PUBLISHING, READING nor RESPONDING to any further comments regarding Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep). Please feel free to read hundreds of other pieces and topics that I have written over the years and comment on them.  Thank you. 




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178 thoughts on “Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Can Get All of The “Hello’s” He Wants For What He Charges People

  1. I see smart using his repetitive tactics and making his claims and take it with a grain of salt and recognize that it works to create a brand. I don’t think he’s hiding the fact that he’s creating a brand. Lots of people create public personas – Marilyn Monroe for instance. If people feel comfort and gain exposure to topics in his content I really don’t see a harm. What I don’t see Smart doing is tearing anyone down like you are- so I think you are a bearer of great negativity. What clinched it for me that you’re a hater is when you started bashing veganism. I’m sorry you didn’t educate yourself on nutrition and how to be a healthy vegan – which is how to do life right. Anyone who argues against veganism is arguing for animal abuse – and is a sad sorry soul indeed. You can go back to living a good vegan life and leaving cruelty and injustice behind – educate yourself in the truth. Find a vegan nutritionist yourself and stop blaming other people for your own perceived failures.


    1. Thank you for your time in commenting, Chrystielyn.

      I always find it so very interesting that people come in here to read about Ralph Smart, even though I have clearly stated that I am not praising him, am not forcing people to read the piece and if someone wants to hear a glowing report, don’t continue reading. Yet, they continue to read and then, comment about me being a “hater”. I still get a chuckle out of that idea. To me, it shows what kind of thinking, people who watch Smart actually have.

      Please tell me, Chrystielyn, what “brand” Smart is attempting to create? I have yet to find it. I’ve found a cult-like following but, no “brand”. I’d love to know.

      Secondly, those who come in here, read a piece that they know and are told won’t praise Smart, read it then proceed to try to tell me that Smart is loving while spewing out hate-filled gobbledygook towards me and how I’m a “hater”. That, in and of itself, tells me a story and everyone else who reads the types of comments you’ve just written.

      As for Veganism…if someone is doing that properly AND, were Smart to teach people how to eat Vegan in a healthy manner (which he, himself is not doing as one can see the weight being packed onto him of late), then I can say that Veganism being preached by him might help others. He doesn’t. And, how do YOU know what I eat and what way I eat? Where have I said that I WASN’T Vegan, Chrystielyn? Please point that out to me. Thank you.

      I’d also like to know what “perceived failures” you think that I think i have?

      Of course, you are a “fly-by” commenter and won’t be back nor, read this response to your comment. You’ve made a lot of broad assumptions about me in this one comment that is rammed with personal attacks and insults. Is THIS what you’re learning? Hmmmm….point made towards what I was saying about Smart.

      Be Well. Best wishes and thanks for your comment.


  2. Ralph Smart is living in the shadows. His real name is James Aubee, he went to school with me and is a con artist. He is ashamed of his past and sought a new persona to escape it, his followers are all gullible and getting scammed. He is a lifelong drifter to put it mildly with no credible history of anything positive. He has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals many times over the years and comes from a very disturbed background. When he was younger he lived in Nigeria. He is in no way a qualified anything. His real name is James Aubee he has no real friends and is very socially awkward and diversionary due to the severity of his long history of acute mental illness. He can’t live alone nor take care of himself his family do so for him they survive on government handouts. Buyer be ware


    1. Hi Dave…thank you again for your comment and taking the time to do so.

      I was looking up “James Aubee” and I came across a musician under that name but, not looking anything like Ralph Smart. I was wondering if you are certain that we are speaking of the same person?

      Thank you, Dave.


      1. VoodooCaster999….Mr. Smart’s nick of “KemetPrince” came from a trip he took to Egypt where a city’s name is “Kemet”. It was his early nickname for his YouTube Channel as well as other things he was into at that time.

        As for him being born in Africa, it’s uncertain since Mr. Smart is likely not using his full or real name and “KemetPrince” is simply another nickname.

        It is known that he lives in London England and has done for quite awhile. He lives, at last check about a year or so ago, with his mother and sister in a flat in or near London, England to the best of my knowledge and research. Whether that has changed now or not, I am uncertain as I gave up researching him.

        Thank you for your comment! It’s much appreciated.



  3. You corner of life is a corner of bullshit!. Stop being a hater. Your article in reference to Mr. Smart stems from hate and jealousy. Don’t You have anything better to do?


    1. Zee, when you read only ONE piece, based on ONE topic that doesn’t agree with YOUR point of view, you’re going to see what you see. This shows me how brainwashed you’ve really become about and by Mr. Smart and his ideals. You are no different than the rest of the “Smart Cultists” and “Smart Defenders” in opinion. I’ve seen your comment in hundreds of them already. You’re simply exemplifying what I’m talking about in this ONE piece you’ve read and proving my point well. Thank you.

      Of course, you won’t be back and I sincerely hope that you aren’t.

      Have a great day.


  4. I simply can’t understand how people try to defend Smart. The way he portrays himself is too perfect to be even possible. Plus, the whole 432 Hz fallacy he exploits with his “healing” hour long music videos should be enough for people to realize that he’s not very honest. I think he’s just another man jumping into the Tai-Lopez-like marketing bandwagon. While Lopez sells success and women, Smart sells the opportunity to become an infinite being. Too bad there’ll always be someone willing to pay.

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    1. Thank you Tailiye for your comment. What you have said is exactly what I am getting out of it as well. After being hooked for awhile, I realized exactly what you are saying and why. These “Smart Defenders” are, unfortunately extremely vulnerable and Smart knows this. That’s how he has been able to hook in new people.

      Smart is a fabulous salesman who has found a niche (after trying his hand at making films, music, designing graphics and so much more that he didn’t succeed in doing.) He is selling people on garbage because they are desperate.

      Worse, I’ve heard things coming out of his mouth that I’ve heard from many others such as Jim Carrey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra etc. and he does so, word for word. It’s not just the concept but, the entire phrasing. Anything to make a buck.

      What most of these defenders aren’t recognizing is that Smart (at last check last year) is still living with his mother in a small flat and is making money enough to barely pay for his own needs. His claim that he is “rich” is NOT to do with money but, a metaphorical statement about being able to live rather comfortably with food…well, make that strawberries in his mouth and be free to do his videos to make money and build himself up.

      Thank you for taking the time to make a comment that truly makes sense and is respectful to everyone.

      Best wishes!




    1. John Samuel, I am every race just as you are. Unless race makes a difference to you? Does it? Your seemingly dire need to know race, means that you value the colour of skin more than you value what lays under that skin. Is that what you’re being taught by Mr. Smart? I don’t think he’s teaching that but…maybe, I am missing newer stuff where he is teaching that? I find YOU racist in your remarks about race as yours means nothing to me.

      P.S…please take the caps lock off of your messages. I hear you just fine. There’s no need for you to cyber yell…unless of course, you feel that insignificant?


      1. ok so you say race does not matter but you scoured the whole net to get the most fucked up looking picture of mr smart for your article to denigrate the man. your propaganda game does not escape me. truth is you hate the man because he is a black man in a position of authority that you wish for yourself. and let me tell you about me because i see you have the same generic reply for everyone who does not agree with you about how ‘ is this what mr smart is teaching you blah blah blah ‘ . listen, i do not watch mr smart. i find him extremely cheesy. I have seen one or two of his videos and i switched off immediately because it was too cheesy for me. so i am not a fan of the man. so you ask ? then how did you get onto my page about mr smart ? well i am an astrologer. i do birth charts on people who have influence in the world. and mr smart came into my radar seeing as he has over 1 million subscribers. i was trying to do the astrological birth chart of the man to find out what is it about him that has 1 million people listening attentively to him. well i did not have his date of birth so i googled information about him and it brought me to your page. point being i am not a fan of the man nor do i listen to any of his teachings – so you can toss that generic ‘ is that what mr smart is teaching you people ‘ that you have used for everyone who disagrees with you. now i did read through your criticism to see what the opposers of the man had to say about him as soon as i was directed to your page. i was anxious and eager to get the juicy news of what it is that he is using to hold these people. i was expecting some nice opposition from you. but the further more i read into your article the more i realised this person has no valid opposition of the man, this whole opposition sounds like it stems from a place of jealousy or racism. so i felt compelled to let you know what i felt after reading your article and anticipating some juicy opposition and nice negative points about mr smart but found none in your article. your only opposition was that he has no college degree. which is very laughable because real wise men dont get their wisdom from university. real wisdom is gotten from the electromagnetic frequencies of the planet. so you expecting a wise man to get his wisdom from college tells me that you are in the wrong business and it tells me you are not a deep or a wise person meaning you have no business creating this blog in the first place because you have no real wisdom to share. if you had real wisdom to share you will already know real wisdom is downloaded from the cosmos and not gotten from an institution. so you expecting to see a college degree to validate wisdom from a wise man tells me you need to cancel this blog and seek a different career path because this one is not for you.


        1. First of all John, what “authority” does Mr. Smart have that you or I or anyone else doesn’t have? Ask yourself that question, please. He is no different than several thousand YouTubers on YouTube and he, himself, took the photo that I have used and it’s posted on Google. Go see for yourself. You’ll find it. He must love himself as there are tons of them everywhere that he, himself have created. Blame him, not me for his photos.

          Secondly, you have just shown your true hand to me and others, reading your comments fully and openly. Your race filled, insulting and degrading remarks are now showing not only me but, the rest of the hundreds of thousands of readers your own racism. It’s hanging out for all to see very clearly. My pieces have nothing to do with race in any way. Why do your comments focus on race so heavily? There must be a hang-up for you with race if you’re not defending Mr. Smart and find him “cheesy”. Therefore, in effect and according to your words, you are hung up on race…which I am not even thinking of nor, is his race of any consequence to me at all. I don’t see race. I see person only as we are all the same colour. I am black, white, brown, red, green and pink with purple polka-dots.

          But, let me ask you something valid. If you find Mr. Smart so “cheesy” and “aren’t a subscriber” to him, why were you doing a search for him and only read about Mr. Smart but, no other topic that I’ve written upon? And, why would you do a birth chart on someone you find “cheesy”? I don’t see the parallel to his “success” in viewership as to what success you would have by doing a birth chart on him. None of your explanation makes any sense to me as you’re defending him, telling me that you think I want to be just like him etc.. Your explanations are quite transparent to, I’m sure, to many readers, reading your comments, not just on this piece but anything else that I’ve written about Mr. Smart. You want to be like ME. LOL

          As to the rest of your comment, I have said that I am done responding to you now because the chip on your shoulder and racist remarks are quite out of the line of topic that I am and have been writing upon both on Mr. Smart or anything else that I’ve written upon and you have NOT read.

          As for education, I have 2 degrees from university so, dear sir, please find somewhere else to nest your comments. You’ve barked up a tree with negativity that I and other readers do not need.

          Thank you for your comments. This blog will NOT be removed and Mr. Smart needs to quit telling people that he’s something that he’s not.

          Have a great day and wishing you well.


          1. LOL ok what authority does mr smart have that you and i dont have ? listen 1 million people are not listening to me or to you so he has some kind of authority that we dont have. if we had that authority 1 million people will be listening to us too lol

            your second question is why i am doing a research on him if i find him cheesy ? i already explained that i am an astrologer. i want to look at his birth chart to see if i can read his mission in life and see why 1 million people are listening to him. maybe he is a messiah figure or something ?

            as for your 2 degrees, i am not impressed with degrees. they are indoctrination certificates. cram and regurgitate and they give you a degree.


            1. Thank you for your comment, John. It’s been entertaining. Now, please find somewhere else to be.

              Thank you for taking the time to comment. They have been eye opening to say the least.

              Good luck out there. Best of wishes.




    1. Yeah, that’s it, John Samuel…I hate all black men who make money on YouTube. ROFLMAO

      Your capitalization (aka internet YELLING) and your words all tell me how wonderfully Mr. Smart is doing and what kind of good he’s doing everyone who makes these types of comments.

      By the way, how do you know what colour I am? Do you know at all? Might fool you if you truly did know, now wouldn’t it?

      Looks good on you buddy. Thank you. You’ve proven my points extremely well for me with this comment that you’ve made. Of course…you’re a hit and run commenter who won’t be back to see this response so, I’ll just finish up by saying….

      Thanks for the validation on my piece and Mr. Smart. You’ve proven it extremely well what type of a leader/teacher he truly is.

      Best wishes!


  7. He just simply annoys me. I didn’t like the first half of this blog because I felt you were over explaining yourself which isn’t necessary, but I’m impatient and just like to get to the good stuff. Your right in your summary of him. Someone comment and said maybe because we are negative people we can’t appreciate him, but maybe we just see through the bullshit. I dislike when people make you feel like something is wrong with you because you refuse to accept something. I think that people are so eager to reach that level of happiness that they blind to the fact that their money is what keeps a big fat smile on his face. Ugh, smh. People need to stop idolizing other people, it will make you even more unhappy in the end.

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    1. Thank you for commenting, Maria.

      I did over-explain myself (which was an add-in after this piece was posted for quite awhile) because I kept getting raunchy comments that I couldn’t publish and death threats. I couldn’t figure out why when I felt that I had just as much right to express my dislike for him and they have a right to keep on watching him.

      I’m smiling right now because that smile on Ralph’s face is an “actor’s smile”. He knows where his bread and butter come from and why so, he follows the script well and says and does whatever he needs to do in order to get and keep viewers. Once the camera is off, he goes back to being him.

      A couple of YouTubers have told me that what we see on YouTube is not who they or others really are so, beware. I have been being aware. I finally woke up to reality.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this piece. Much appreciated.

      Best wishes!

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  8. Ralph Smart has really added quality to my life. There was a time when, although I loved what he taught, I found him annoying. This was because I was generally frustrated with certain things in my life. I now know that a happy energy can’t share the same space as an unhappy one, if you will. To go to all the, how can I say, trouble, of criticising another human being when he is just living life to it’s fuller potential, simply means you admire him and are angry at yourself because you want the same. Not exactly the same, but your version of moving forward successfully. Your article was good as I’m happy to hear that he’s progressing so well. Peace to all. Don’t you realise it’s all a game? Life. Enjoy.


    1. Thank you Mia for your comment….and, oh yes, the armchair psychoanalysis that you’ve given to me. You’re completely wrong (I have an article coming up soon which will explain that) but, do you not realize how much you must adore ME to have commented in the same derogatory manner that you have accused me of putting Mr. Smart down? I am totally flattered that you think that way of me so, I thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Peace, Love and Light.


  9. Hi, interesting blog and I certainly agree with your thoughts about Ralph Smart (I doubt it’s his real name) and his credentials. I think he’s a scammer. In most countries you need to be qualified and registered under strict regulations if you want to advertise yourself as a psychologist or counsellor. Smart is supposed to hold a “BA in Psychology and Criminology”, but a BA, BSc or even a MSc won’t make you a psychologist because you need to study at a doctoral level. You can work as a counsellor after completing at least a PgCert and you need to be registered in a professional body such as the BACP in the UK. Assuming he’s based in the UK, his name is not on the BACP register. There’s no information whatsoever about any University where he got his degrees from or any professional experience on his website, facebook, twitter, etc. I can’t deny he is a marketing genius and makes lots of money from naive people desperate from advice that pay the £350 per hour fee he charges!!! Just for reference, a clinical psychologist in the the UK would charge £110 and a counsellor £50 per hour approx. He also sells CDs and an ebook. His 1-2-1 consultation website looks so fake, like the feedback and questions left by others were actually written by himself.

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    1. Thank you, Camila for this comment that you’ve taken the time to write. It’s truly appreciated.

      Yes, what you’ve found, I have found. I’ve actually had someone in the U.K. go to the board to see if Smart is registered as a psychologist and no, he is not. There’s a lot more that I cannot divulge for legal reasons but, suffice it to say that I see fraud and salesman written all over him as well and sadly, he’s taking advantage of the most vulnerable (young and distressed) people. He should be stopped before he severely endangers someone with his false claims. I get hit after hit on this piece every day. Some have said that they are doing so because they aren’t believing him anymore and are searching for information on him out of suspicion.

      I also highly doubt that he uses his real name as well. I do have another name that he goes by, Okafro however, Ralph likely isn’t his real first name either and Smart certainly fits. He hasn’t had to work a normal job for quite some time. (But, at last check, he lived with his mom still in a flat.)

      Thank you ever so much again for your time and comment. They are much appreciated.

      Best wishes!


  10. I am not a subscriber to Ralph’s channel, but I do enjoy what he has to say. Social media is a new form of employment, and if you can use your talents to make money, then do so! I never understand why people don’t pay attention to “buyers be aware”. If Ralph isn’t who he say he is, then you should have researched him before you gave him your money. People’s time and talents are worth being compensated! This is why labor cost more than materials and supplies. If you have lost money buying his products, that’s your fault (you bought a lesson). If he has hurt you, you gave him permission (forgive yourself and move on)! But when you subscribe or give your faith to another human, and you complain about your results, then again, you need to hold yourself accountable and not blame someone else (take responsibility for your own actions)!

    Ralph isn’t a God! He’s only giving you his opinion about life. He always say” Let me tell you what I’ve learned on my journey .” He also tell you to do your own research! I’ll take the free videos from Ralph on YouTube. Why pay for something he’s giving for free! I’m not looking for a savor or a person with all the answers. Like Ralph says…you already have the answers within you!

    This blog was senseless…but again you used social media to get your voice heard! You should have been compensated for your time! Your words may have hurt or offended others who believes in Ralph. But again as you’ve stated,” this your opinion.” I believe I heard Ralph say the same thing!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Marsay. It’s appreciated whether I fully agree or not. 🙂

      There are people who have written to me as spouses, parents, friends etc., of Ralph Smart Followers. Sadly, many of these people are NOT in as clear a head space as you appear to be, thinking for yourself. They are lost and upset, worried, frustrated as well as a plethora of other issues. In short, they are looking for a “psychologist” (as Smart claims to be) as well as a “guru” to tell them how to live Life. They get into trouble by following Smart.

      Have you noted that Smart pushes Vegan eating in pretty nearly every one of his videos but, NEVER explains more than he eats grapes, strawberries and acaI? I’ve had people write to me, despondent, asking me NOT to publish their comments but, looking for help because they are frightened for their loved one or friend’s health. Smart advocates for eating Vegan and a lot of these despondent people (often young) simply stop eating meats and dairy, going to veggies and fruits but, without knowing how to get proper nutrition. A few of them have ended up in hospital because of malnutrition. This is the type of example that I’m speaking of in my piece concerning him.

      I assume that when you are speaking with the term “you” when it comes to ordering one of Smart’s ridiculously expensive 1 hr. Skype sessions, based upon an unknown format, led by someone claiming to be a psychologist when they are not, you are speaking a general sense of the word “you” rather than a personal “you”. I have never, nor would I EVER, have a session with Smart.

      Your final paragraph of your comment showed your own judgement upon me and my intentions, assuming that my piece was “senseless” and a way to use “social media to get my voice heard”. You also worried that my words may have “hurt or offended others who believes in Ralph”. You do realize that you have shown the rest of your comment to have had an agenda of your own, don’t you as well as having shown that you are simply another Ralph Smart lover/admirer who doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t think as you do about Smart, right? If not, let me point out that you have used social media to express your own thoughts and words right here. Obviously, you find Smart’s video’s “senseful” in order to have called my piece “senseless”. Interesting to say the least but, for those who read your comment and think for themselves, it truly tells them something.

      My hope is that I have woken a few people who were fence sitting about Smart and what he is about, up so that they don’t fall prey to someone who can harm them. Yes, that is my opinion but, you, have given your own as well. No one had a gun to anyone’s head to read my thoughts and I’ve said so. I’ve told Smart Lovers (as part of my initial disclaimer) that I wasn’t going to speak favourably about Mr. Smart and if that’s what they wanted, they shouldn’t read any further.

      Having said all of that, what made YOU continue to read further? You could have stopped right there as well. You didn’t yet, you found the “comment” button to spew out your own thoughts on the topic.
      You’ve shown your hand of cards to be one who didn’t like having Smart’s words not liked by someone. It’s spoken volumes to many now. Thank you.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Best of wishes, be well, Love and Light


    2. I agree Ralph recycles some good tips from other sources, and also spews a shitload of pseudoscience b’s. To me he is 85% inauthentic. I used to watch him a lot back in the days when he was coming up, but back then, I was also struggling. Nowadays I’m a hella lot more healthier, and now I see his videos I just cringe. What you see on his videos is an act. That is not really who he is. He taught himself how to manipulate people who are sick in various of ways. Go follow him if you are lost, but no one will truly be healthy if you continue to believe his BS. Because honestly if you are still following him, it’s because you are unhealthy. A healthy mind with true clarity can easily see he is a false guru who has contradicted himself multiple times throughout the years. This blog about Ralph speaks truth. Ralph smart is most likely not his real name… ask yourself why would he even need an alter ego? Why not use his given name? Because he really is manipulative in nature. For those who are offended by this blog just entertain the idea that he is just taking advantage of unhealthy people. I

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      1. Thank you so much for your effort and time in commenting Urbansage. Of course, I agree with all that you’ve said and why you’ve said it. It’s healthier people like you, who can spot a charlatan when they see one. Unfortunately, those who are devout Smart followers are so blinded by their own issues and someone who seems to be a knight on a shining horse (but, isn’t as you’ve noted so well), seems like the Second Coming to them. It’s my hope that a lot of them (a lot of young, impressionable and troubled followers of his) will wake up as you have done, be healthy or seek out proper, professional help to become healthy. Unfortunately, Smart is doing more harm than good to a lot of people and doing so under false pretences.

        Wishing you well! Love and Light and many thanks for your comment.


  11. I’m so glad I have found this blog
    I was nearly sucked into Ralph Smart teachings
    I just had to click the unsubscribe button on his youtube channel

    He always says he’s going to travel soon
    yet I see that willow tree everywhere
    unless he takes it with him..lol

    blessings xx

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  12. I, also am seeking truth and understanding about my world. I think we all are. I really don’t find Mr. Smart all that “smart” either. However, I do like to listen to him because I find him entertaining, in a calming way. It only took me a few videos to come to that conclusion. He definitely does recycle others’ philosophies. But really, is that not what all of us do? From where does the knowledge come? It’s only the true investigative people that give us knowledge. And there are usually mistakes along the way to nearly every discovery. That’s how we learn. Most human knowledge comes from inquiries into our beings and how our beings relate to the environment, ever expanding outward, out of necessity, because the more we look to outside of ourselves the more it will take us away from ourselves. I think the purpose of that is to find that reaching outside of yourself actually makes you realize that your happiness and peace are not “out there”, but rather within… not what the universe dishes out but rather how you perceive and react or respond to it. My inquiry here is “how do you differ” from those of which you speak? Blogging, youtubing, purposeful social media platforms are just ways to make money. We all want that perfect world and it is in our nature to try to get there, by any means necessary. Yourself included. That is what this whole platform is all about. So why try to achieve your success by bashing another’s way? I will give you credit, though, you have managed to do it in a more tasteful way than most. People will always differ in some opinion or another. If you find his opinions detrimental, then by all means, speak up. But I perceive you as promoting your own agenda as well. To be different, put something out there that is your own. Don’t make your content about bashing someone else. Ask yourself how your words affect those to whom you address your words before you post. We are all capable of coming to the same conclusion about Mr Smart, without your negative contribution. If someone asks you directly, then it is appropriate to respond in this way. But to just make a post to put down another, means you are using your content to grab attention, from someone else, to achieve your own goal. The very thing you are doing in this particular post. Granted, this is my first exposure to your blog, but if you are making money off of it (the reason most blog) consider your audience. Just a thought I wanted to share as to why I wouldn’t put any more credence into your blogs, than his.

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    1. Hello Franki…thank you for your comment. It’s much appreciated.

      Wow, there’s a loaded comment if I ever saw one. it’s like speaking sweetly then pulling out a gun to shoot!

      First of all, let it be known that I do NOT make a cent off of this blog or what I write. It’s like having a journal for all to read with my thoughts, research, experiences etc.. This is not my “job” and I don’t claim to be a psychologist or any sort of professional or make money off of it as Mr. Ralph Smart is doing…falsely, may I add (unless you have a credible source to cite that tells me he is sincere and is an accredited psychologist). Nor, am I trying to sell anyone anything of any sort as is Mr. Smart. It is what it is. My words are just what they are deemed to be…my thoughts only. So, please toss that idea aside as it doesn’t pertain here. I have no “goal” other than to blog, write and express my thoughts. End of story. What one wants to take from it, they can. What they don’t, they don’t. It’s a take it or leave it type of belief/stance that I have in writing and no, you won’t hear my voice to be able to consider it “soothing” as some have said Ralph Smart’s voice is for them. Kudos to him if people find his voice soothing while Weeping Willow branches are smacking him in the head and sometimes, covering his face for most of the video.

      As for you seeing me as promoting my “own agenda” as well…I’d love to ask you how it is that you “see” that? You’ve said that you haven’t read anything else that I’ve written or the many topics that I’ve written on so, how is it that you can watch however many Smart videos but, only read ONE of my set of thoughts and pass that judgement? Interestingly insightful bit that you are giving me about yourself and your own thoughts. Thank you for that inner tour of your own thinking.

      So, please, feel free to browse other pieces I’ve written that are not pertaining to Mr. Smart or flee and never read another thing I’ve written. It makes no difference to me whatsoever because, as I’ve said, (as well as in my blurb to begin this piece) I do not feel Mr. Smart is as genuine as he portrays himself to be nor, can any research I and many others have done, substantiate his claims that he is a psychologist. This blog is purely a hobby for me with no monies ever exchanging hands in any way. The ads that might appear are purely put there by the server and I make no money on anything, anywhere in here. I’m not out to sell you on anything, in any way or form. If Mr. Smart is your only interest in here, thank you for your comment and be well.

      Have a wonderful day or evening.


  13. Hello,
    Thanks for taking the time to write your critique of Ralph Smart. Below is mine.

    My issue with Ralph Smart is that he lacks authenticity with his click-bait Buzzfeed-esque “10 Ways I’m Going to Scam You Today” (I’m being dramatic) titles. I find that his videos are mostly phrases repeated over and over again (like you’ve mentioned), and that when he randomly plugs in “7 Day Vegan Challege, baby”, I roll my eyes and my whole focus of the video is disrupted. I find his videos very surface level, and I believe that’s the idea so you buy a session. I would never buy a session, I’ve had cheaper sessions with a real psychologist. I find his videos aesthetically pleasing, and I’m impressed with his ability to talk through his videos in one-take (or am I missing some editing wizardry?).

    I don’t have an issue with his identity, someone can be a great teacher or leader through experience…. although it does say he identifies as a physiologist on his website. Ironically, on his “About” page on his website, the very first comment is not about how much of an inspiration or gift he is, it reads: “I would like to stop paying the $15.00 fee for member access. I rarely visit that section.”. Spirit guides confirmed my suspicious hunches right there. As I scroll down his replies are vague, and repeated -“Book a session”- as if he has a comment moderator. It’s just very off-putting to me. Oh here’s a laugh: His most viewed video is “10 Secrets Marijuana Smokers Won’t Tell You” followed by his 432 hz music, which does he create himself??

    There’s a few things I have learned from watching influencers on YouTube. When Ralph says “oh you guys have been asking about ____, so I thought I would talk about it”, there’s no way that “Kemetprince1” (his youtube channel original name) has time to read all of his fan’s emails they send… I mean he seemingly has comment moderators for his comments (as I rarely see thoughtful replies), so I am very doubtful -but cannot confirm- that Ralph is not actually taking requests to be so loyal and thoughtful to his subscribers.

    Recently, Ralph made a video “How to stay calm in uncertain times” his advice was to be alone for 5 minutes a day. I was astounded. As someone who has anxiety, I was interested in hearing his tips (IDK WHY??). I’m not sure if this is just me, and I’m about to get off-topic here, but when my thoughts are negative the momentum of those thoughts carry over when I’m ALONE for five minutes? I have found keeping my mind busy helps me realize that my irrational negative thoughts have no bearings when I’m not putting my energy into them.

    And those are my thoughts.

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    1. First of all, Truther, let me thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts on this topic. I agree with everything you’ve said and the reasons why you’ve said them. I feel the same way and I’m sure many others do as well but, aren’t bothering to search for anything further on him. They’ve simply hit the “ignore button” (don’t you wish there was one of those?)

      As for Smart’s answers to others. No, I’m quite certain (sources tell me) that he does not read most responses. More than anything, his canned answers when he does type them are likely copied and pasted. I honestly don’t believe that Smart has a team of people helping him. He’s not that important in all honesty. I do believe that those are his own answers/responses.

      To the best of my research, sources etc., Smart was never a psychologist. He claims he is because he completed a B.A. combined with Criminology, in Psychology but, never went the full length to become an actual psychologist (M.A., PhD, clinical work required and board exam).

      As for his advice about being alone for 5 minutes a day….uhhh….yes….quite the piece of advice for someone who is suffering, isn’t it? He also claims that depression is simply the need for “deep rest” and goes on to tell people to take a nap or go to the spa. I wish that I was joking but, I’m not. That coming from a psychologist? I think not.

      As a final point, he’s done a video (3 minutes) where he tells the world that he spent nearly a month in a psychiatric facility as a patient. Not that I have issue with that idea but, more to the point, I think combining his B.A. with that psychiatric ward stint seems to make him think he IS a psychologist.

      Wonder if he’ll consider himself a psychiatrist yet because he went for a physical this year? LOL

      Best of wishes and thank you again for your comment. It is sincerely appreciated.


  14. His constant push for people to ‘dive’ into veganism without any expert knowledge of nutrition by them or even himself is a real concern. If a lot of people end up with health issues as a result of his amateur advice, he could possibly face a class action lawsuit against him down the road. It takes a very long time for a person to feel the effects from a nutrient deficient diet, and some deficiencies are downright dangerous and can even lead to permanent damage or even death. He is playing with fire and with people’s lives. I don’t trust the man.

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    1. Thank you so very much, Health Nut for your wise words on this topic. I am also extremely concerned because there are so many young people who haven’t a clue on how to eat Vegan properly and will just stop eating animal products because Ralph said he does it, versus getting proper nutritional education and knowing how to supplement properly. Most of them are vulnerable people who are desperate for ways to deal or cope with their issues. Smart is leading them all down a rather nasty path.
      I truly appreciate your educated, well thought out comment. Thank you.


    2. You don’t need ‘expert knowledge’ to be Vegan just knowledge of how to use Google.

      I wonder if we are going to hell in a handcart with people unable to look after themselves…

      I love Ralph, he is real and tells it like he found it. He doe have a degree AFAIK

      I found where he records his vids on Google Earth and he don’t live far from me.

      PS the NLP will turn stupid people into mindless hippies endlessly repeating someone else’s words.
      Whereas thinking people will just be slightly more chilled.

      Next we’ll be calling Disney out for saying Jiminy Cricket is a conscience…

      PS on the cost of a session. If you are £50 for a session and have 1,000,000 followers, you will end up collapsing under the weight of requests [ AS HE HAS PLAINLY EXPLAINED IN PREVIOUS VIDEOS :0þ ]

      So, he charges at a rate that puts off many people, he has little choice.

      If you don’t see the value, you won’t pay the price, simples!

      If iPhones were £10 the shops would have riots because of lack of stock, Apple couldn’t built enough, we would treat them like [ even worse ] crap and some would buy a new one every week.

      This is a simple trade rule.


      I’m a Zen Buddist, but, I still am ‘connected’ to truthful information. Find me on G+

      ARR =]8¬_D

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      1. I’m so happy to hear that YOU can Google More. More than half of those following Smart’s Vegan advice won’t use that function. Sadly.

        Have you considered the fact that Smart has opened himself up to people under what I can only see as a “false guise” as a “psychologist” who should be seeking proper psychological help but, continue watching New Age spiels and following advice like “go to a spa” or “take a nap” from Smart while they are near suicide? No? Ok..so much for intelligent thinking then.

        Best of wishes! Hopefully, you’ll get a “hello” from Smart. It seems Smart can’t even get a HELLO. He keeps asking though! LOL

        PS: You’re the first Zen Buddhist I’ve heard speak like this. Interesting what Smart has done for you. LOL

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      2. Mole, I’m sorry but saying all you need is Google to know how to eat vegan is pretty silly since there is a lot of illinformed and contradicting information about it. Even long term vegans run into health issues if they’re missing adequate amounts of certain nutrients. Some people have pre-existing conditions which will affect the digestion of certain nutrients from different foods. As I mentioned before, being vegan isn’t about what to eat. It’s about what not to eat for ethical or political reasons, not for health reasons. Without expert nutritional or medical knowledge, Ralph Smart could find himself in court if his constant diet advice and guilt trips ends up negatively impacting the health of people.

        Thanks for pointing out that, AFAYK he does have a degree. Surely your expert knowledge must be enough to qualify him to practice psychology. Glad we got that out of the way lol. AFAIK, he has only ever mentioned having a BA in psychology/crimonology. That is an undergraduate degree and does not allow one to practice psychology. To be be qualified to practice it, one must then complete an accredited post graduate degree. He claims to be a psychologist but is he? A psychologist would display their credentials when you book a session with them. Where are his? Are people who are booking a private one on one session with him asking for evidence of his credentials when seeking professional psychological advice from someone who says he’s a psychologist? He could run into legal problems there too if he isn’t qualified to practice psychology and is actually practicing it.

        That’s interesting that you found Ralph Smart on Google Earth lol. Are you stalking him or something? That’s a little creepy, you know. You seem a little too personal and overly obsessed with him.

        Your Apple iPhone analogy is also interesting as it highlights that if Ralph Smart isn’t a qualified psychologist, people may be booking him for $350, believing he’s a bonefide Apple iPhone psychologist, only to later realize he’s just a $10 counterfeit phone psychologist. A bunch of his customers could then band together demanding they get their money back or seek damages that the inferior product caused them. Funny thing that. His die hard fans today are the same people who could possibly put him away tomorrow if they fall victim to him, if he is found to be a fraud.

        Are you a Zen Buddhist in the same capacity as Ralph Smart is a psychologist (and so many other professions)? I’m not saying you’re absolutely not a Zen Buddhist, just like I’m not saying Ralph Smart isn’t a qualified psychologist (and all the other things). I’m just saying it appears that you and he are not.

        Anyway, for the health and safety of young and vulnerable people, I hope they ask to see some evidence of his qualifications when booking him as a professional psychologist and if he’s not one, I hope he gets busted soon or ppsets the record straight before he seriously hurts someone.

        Lastly, HELLOOOOO. I hope my long drawn out greeting makes your day more special.

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      3. Mole,
        let me add something. Nobody really needs any sort of gurus or spiritual teachers. All already exists inside you. The only guru you will ever need is yourself. There are dozens of new age teachers who charge people. They charge because they are after money. If they was not, their services was free. When money steps in with spirituality in any way, it is not spirituality any more. You can’t buy something that is in you anyway. Meditation is a free and reliable way to go. Again, for example, you can’t buy meditation. Just stop thinking and practice it for years and that’s it. Everything else comes naturally. I have experienced the Eternity in deep meditation. A True Higher Eternal Consciousness that can’t be told using words. Everybody can do it. You also. It doesn’t count if you were taxi driver or Zen Buddist. Nobody have to pay a coin for reaching it. You never can’t get it from outside of you. It is sad how so many think that it or its consequences are available for purchase and it is sad how some makes business of it. It is 100% free for everyone of us! It is free to you too when you realize it!

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  15. I came across this site because I believe Mr. Smart is brainwashing my husband. After losing his mother to Parkinson’s last year, my husband was in a dark place. Then he watched Ralph’s videos, and I started seeing immediate changes in him. Being a nurse I knew that most of what Ralph said was garbage, but my husband won’t listen to me. He became a Vegan, which is fine if he was doing it in a healthy way, which he is not. He’s lost weight looks malnourished, is experiencing skin breakdown, and now has Kidney stones. He will not even listen to his Dr. he has become suspicious of western medicine, which from my viewpoint is very difficult to deal with. I am deeply concerned for my husband, and I believe that Ralph’s teachings are dangerous and detrimental to people’s health. I can only hope that this fool doesn’t ruin my marriage.

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    1. Oh good heavens, Dee. I am so very, very sorry to hear of this situation that you’re facing with your husband. This is no laughing matter whatsoever. It’s serious and the very reason why I wrote what I wrote and have kept a couple of pieces up in spite of having “death threats” which I have not published but, kept.

      Mr. Smart is dangerous. He, himself was in a psychiatric facility for nearly a month and to my knowledge, was on meds for his issues. If you notice, many of his videos touch upon the topic of “toxic people”. I have watched and listened very carefully to Mr. Smart before doing any research on him. Something hit a chord in me that this man is as fake as a $3.00 bill. When I did research, I could find little on him online so, had to resort to sources (which I cannot name for legal reasons) to find out information on him that is not publicly available. What I unearthed might be considered slander if I were to print it. (I don’t wish to have a legal suit from Mr. Smart as that would drain my time and energy greatly.)

      Your husband sounds to be extremely vulnerable and unfortunately, Mr. Smart’s videos and business seems “free” and without leaving one’s computer. Extremely unfortunately, your husband is not alone in having been caught up by Mr. Smart’s rhetoric and the “Seven Day Vegan Challenge” and the push for Veganism…as a lot of Vegan’s do. What they don’t do, is to teach people how to supplement and do it properly and safely. It is a push away from traditional medicine and Ralph does appear to be pushing people away from it. When a so-called “psychologist” tells people that depression is simply the mind’s way of saying “take a rest” or “go to a spa”, I feel my blood boiling. No real psychologist (as far as I can see, he’s not one no one can find evidence that he went past a combined B.A. in criminology and psychology but, no PhD, the required clinical work or the board exam required…but, I’m still open to someone giving me proper citations as to his accredation that he’s claiming he has) would give out such advice.

      Equally, unfortunate is that he has a large following of people who are in trouble within their own lives, mostly younger people who don’t have a wife such as yourself to try to balance out his bull.

      Mr. Smart is dangerous to people who are trying to deal with issues like your husband is and running into trouble in more than one way especially, the younger groups of people he has subscribed and following him while he puts out a video or 2 per day, filled with garbage that helps him pay his bills without working a 9 to 5 job as he’s stated he doesn’t want to do and advocates that others don’t as well.

      Again, you have my deepest best wishes that your husband snaps out of this dangerous nonsense and you keep your marriage intact. I wish that I could help further but, know that I see your issues with your husband over Ralph Smart and why.

      Please take care of yourself first and foremost. It’s like the old oxygen mask and putting your own on first because you’ll be of no use otherwise to others. Perhaps, your husband needs a wake-up/shake-up where he’s about to lose you as well? Maybe, pushing him towards having to make a decision between Mr. Smart and you (as well as his health of course) might force him towards making a choice?

      I do wish you well and thank you ever so much for your commenting with your own experiences. I hope others will see something in your words and plight. This man needs to be stopped from hurting others as he’s done with your husband.

      All of my very best wishes. Write again if you wish. I am here.


    2. Dee Aspenlieder,
      my father was a surgeon. He never believed in mambo jambo lunatics. I have gone a long spiritual way without being any sort of new age person. There is something out there I’m not going to bring up at the moment but what is now important to you is that you take a control of your husband. When we are living in material and what comes into your husbands health, nothing compares to western medicine. Take a control and tell your partner that he must follow the instructions of his doctor. There’s no new age healers on earth who can heal cancers or make surgical operations and that is the truth. There are doctors and surgeons and in severe situations only they can do the work. There is no healer who can overcome a real doctor when needed. I hope you can be a kind but strict leader concerning your husbands future in his health and let him understood that the number one is a doctor and only after that comes else if wanted. In your situation be strong. Be rational. All will go well.

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      1. Juha, I beg to differ. I have been healed or put in the path of healing myself from a naturopath who I was recommended from a friend who she had cured his incurable cancer. I struggled with Western Medicine for a long time but it made me worse. I couldn’t afford her for very long but at least what I learned from her was enough to help me help myself. My friend’s doctors were also baffled how he had shrunk his malignant tumors which were located in a place that was too dangerous to operate on. At least they were open minded and told him that what ever he was doing to keep doing it. Our diets and lifestyles do directly affect our health but the vegan diet isn’t about what you should eat, but rather what you shouldn’t, not from a nutritional aspect, but rather a political one.

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    3. As a nurse … Well,this is part of the grief process. I’m not going to get lengthy into that but you can research it. You should be familiar with those elements. Also,there are healthy ways to be vegan and I assure you that meat does actually negatively impact our human bodies. I’m not vegan but I am a nurse as well and I know this. We need complete protein and meat is a simple source but not the best all-around. Again, I will not get lengthy into that as you can research that as well.
      *This is not only for you but for others who are condemning Ralph:
      Do you not realize the negative energy that you are cycling? Ralph says nothing negative in his videos and only offers insight from his point of view. It is up to your interpretation from there. He has channeled a frequency of the universe and is simply sharing that. What is wrong with making money from it? If you were dedicated to something & thought, “How could I do this ALL the time? How would I survive/make a living?” You would HAVE to charge for your services.
      My intention is not to defend Ralph (I just clicked here to find out why he does the weird slow motion thing, ha ha) but to enlighten you that negativity is exactly why he is teaching his experience. Imagine if you didn’t loathe him enough to make an article about him. (Just take a few seconds now to do that, please). Why? To what end? A LOT of negative energy went into that. I’m not bashing you; I’m just pointing it out. Imagine if you went on a spiritual journey with your husband instead of being, even subconsciously, controlling about how he seeks awareness. That will ruin your marriage; not Ralph. Again, not being mean just suggesting an alternative point free from any self-serving motivations.
      It’s hard to believe that so many people are still hitting the snooze button on being awake in our lives. Have you tried to open your mind to universal energy? If you would/could and experience it yourself, I think you would be inspired to find that we are but vessels to a great purpose that serve us all. I wish you happiness. True happiness. Remember learning about autonomy? That’s not just part of your job, love. Extend that to everyone. It IS hard to watch someone make a choice that doesn’t feel right to you but be courageous and try to let go of that. Holding onto a false sense of control is damaging you (and your marriage, it sounds).
      Again, happiness to you both! 🙂 ❤ To all reading this.

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      1. Jen, I wish to thank you ever so much for your well thought out comment, in spite of you having responded to Health Nut first and foremost.

        If I may say one thing, I think you have mis-read what has been said about Ralph Smart in the comment section regarding this topic.

        Firstly, you are correct that there are ways to remain healthy while being Vegan. The issue discussed was the fact that Smart advocates being Vegan WITHOUT telling people how to do it properly. Since you also say that you are a nurse, you know as well as anyone who is not a dietician or doctor that there are ways to be Vegan healthfully, essential acids and amino acids, vitamins etc., that the body does not manufacture on its own. It must be gotten from food sources or from supplementation. The proteins involved in Veganism require some sort of supplementation in order to be properly and healthfully done. I”m sure you know that as a nurse, right? In this case, Health Nut was commenting that HER husband was following Ralph Smart and went “Vegan” by just eating vegetables etc. (did you read her full comments, not just the one?) and his health is suffering greatly.

        In short, there are Vegans who know how to do this properly and healthfully and there are those who don’t. Smart does NOT promote the way to go Vegan healthfully. That is one issue. Couple that with the fact that Smart is not a registered dietician nor anyone who promotes healthy methods of going Vegan and a bunch of troubled, vulnerable young people who think that eating strawberries, spirulina and acai makes them healthy and there’s a problem.

        Secondly, Smart (despite his claims) is NOT a psychologist (from all of my research as well as other’s research). If you have documented proper citations, proving him to be a real psychologist, I would most welcome that documentation. To date, NO ONE has come forward or been able to ascertain that he is one. Yet, he claims to be one and there are suicidal people in there, desperate for help and relying upon Smart as a “psychologist” to help them out.

        It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to read this response or even return as most people who comment with the type of “spirituality” comment such as the one that you’ve made, don’t. However, for what it is worth, are you aware of the fact that Smart has said NOTHING NEW in anything he’s said? Are you also aware that others before him, (he’s 31 years of age) have said it all and he’s parroting what they’ve said or paraphrasing as though it’s his own thoughts? He’s read some books, listened to some interviews, likely watched YouTube and is simply spewing off what others have long since studied and said. But, I”m sure that you’re not interested in that because it’s what you are obviously following.

        When you come out with comments such as this, in spite of all of your educational background, in spite of all that Smart says, you are demonstrating just what Smart is about as well as the fact that Smart has a “cult-like following” of people who have swallowed his marketing tactics, hook, line and sinker.

        One last thing. You say that you’re not saying that Smart is The Messiah and yet, every word that you’ve said in your comment is in defence of this young con-artist’s YouTube venture and words as though he IS your Messiah. I find that extremely sad but, more importantly troublesome as that is what Health Nut’s husband has been tooting and the reason why he’s in such trouble. He will NOT seek properly qualified people to help him. Instead, he does what you’re doing. You’ve become a Smart Disciple. That’s speaking volumes to me about you as well as Smart.

        Thank you so much for commenting and taking the time. I am learning more about how people get hooked in by Smart’s marketing schemes with each comment like yours. Much appreciated.

        Be well, Love and Light.


      2. Hi Jen, I apologize, I’m in a bit of a hurry now and didn’t read much of your post. I got as far as “As a nurse”. Let me just say that, as a nurse, you’re not a nutritionist, so anything you had to add to that was probably pointless when it comes to nutritional advice.

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  16. Hello~
    I appreciate you sharing your perspectives. I am not a “Ralph Smart follower” but I think he has some beautiful things to say. I see him as a light being the same as yourself, myself, and everyone else who has posted comments on this page. I am a bit confused about your blog, though. What exactly is wrong with what he says and does? I read your article twice and I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to say. You say that you got pulled in and watched many of his videos when you were going through a challenging time, which I think a lot of people do. Did it help you at the time? Did it hurt you in some way? Are you saying he’s a “fraud?”

    He’s following a path that believes to be the right one for him, as you are probably doing the same. For example, not working a 9-5 is part of his path, but he is not encouraging everyone to follow the same one. I think he is just trying to say that people have a choice. His videos are all free (I know he get paid via advertisements but what is really wrong with that) for anyone to watch and take or leave whatever they want from it. Whether on not people pay for books/sessions is complete choice and he is offering a service. What is wrong with that?

    As for his content, he is evolving just as everyone else is. Like bands, the tone changes as the musician changes and has different life experiences. But you can’t fault them for having different content than their original pieces. Maybe he got more into ‘new-agey’ content, maybe he is just trying to give his followers what they want. Does it really matter?

    Again, I am not trying to defend him because I think he’s an all-knowing master and I believe everything he says. I was just hoping for some clarity on what you really dislike about him so I can better understand your perspective. Please do not say that I am “proof” that he’s done his job because he is not someone I idolize and he has not taught me anything I didn’t already know. Thanks for taking the time

    Love and Light

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    1. Thank you, Melissa for a well thought out and well written comment. I truly appreciate that and can respond to a comment such as this one. Thank you.

      Anyone can be whomever they want to be while on YouTube or any other form of social media and only know what they want others to know about themselves. This is where I have a problem with Mr. Smart.

      Mr. Smart has (unfortunately) rather vulnerable viewers and claims to be a “psychologist”. People are listening to him faithfully and a lot are following his every word. He charges (in case you haven’t been able to see it yet) an extortion fee for a 1 on 1 session with him via Skype for a nondescript 1 Hour session but, vulnerable people believe that he is a psychologist because he claims that he is. Nowhere, have I and others in his area whom I cannot name for legal reasons, has been able to find a source that says that he truly is one.

      Why does this bother me, you’ve asked.

      It bothers me because I have heard a lot of YouTube makers say that they are “tired of being phoney for the camera” and “can’t stand themselves”. In other words, they have honestly admitted that they are not who they portray themselves to be during filming and aren’t like that in real life.

      Given the above, I take issue with someone who is claiming to be someone that they likely are not (from all of my research but, have always said that I am open to proper and dependable citations, proving him to be who he claims to be).

      Why do I care what anyone else does?

      Because this involves people who have openly admitted that they are suicidal and Smart is playing on and pretending to be a psychologist when he’s most likely not. This leaves vulnerable and possibly suicidal people, leaping to eat vegan, follow him and not get proper professional help that they so badly need. It’s easier to watch “free” YouTube videos than to seek out proper care and help. A few people have written (comments on his videos) that they were suicidal and had had a session with him, paying out that money. That had me tremendously worried because Mr. Smart is NOT out simply to help others, he’s out to pay his bills.

      What’s wrong with paying his bills?

      There’s nothing wrong with working to pay one’s bills and getting paid. Lots of YouTubers do it. The thing is, most of them are doing so by teaching beauty tips, how to make a necklace, paint, joking around, parodies and fix your toilet or sink. They are not out to make a living on the vulnerable who should be getting proper psychological help from a thoroughly accredited mental health provider. Smart is simply out to make enough money so that he doesn’t have to work.

      Yes, Smart has some cute and even somewhat helpful things to say, which is how I got involved in binge watching him, believing he was a psychologist. At the time, I was going through my own personal struggles with others, taking all that I could give and recognizing that they weren’t giving back in return. Several of his videos caught my attention and I began to watch them like everyone else. One day, I recognized that there were a lot of repetitions and it was all getting too “New Age”. That’s when I began to search and do research on him. What I found out was astonishing to say the least but for legal reasons, I cannot divulge what I know…sadly.

      Let me simply say that Smart is a likeable guy on camera. He comes across as calming, charming and as though he has answers to most things that most people go through in Life. What I found out was that Smart was not who he portrays himself to be on camera and his life is not as he claims it is for the 20 or so minutes he films his videos.

      Like you’ve so wisely said, he doesn’t know everything and he’s simply repeating things that others have said at some point or another in one way or another. He is well-read. That is about the extent of his knowledge. I’m so happy to hear from someone who has their own mind to think this through versus even death threats that I’ve had and not published but, have saved. Others, I have had to trash as they are unpublishable due to the content. Sadly, none of them have ever read another entry that I’ve written on any topic that I’ve been writing yet, will go on to psychoanalyze me in an armchair critic’s way and without knowing me at all.

      In short, perhaps I need to write another piece that explains more fully what I have against someone claiming to be one thing but, is not and people following their every word as though it’s gospel truth. I DO wish he’d cease to claim to be something that he’s not and remove the idea that he’s a psychologist because to the best of my research, he’s not.

      By the way, as a last point, did you know that Smart spent time in a psychiatric unit as a patient? He talks of that and not taking the meds given to him etc.. To the best of my knowledge to date, Smart has a combined B.A. in psychology and criminology. End of story. To the best of my knowledge, he is not a psychologist (again, open to proper citation in which I would change some of my opinion of his work). I wish that he’d stop claiming to be one as he has vulnerable people, suicidal people, hanging on his every word.

      That’s the gist of what I’m saying.

      Thank you, Melissa for taking such great extents to write a well thought out comment in a respectful manner. It’s much appreciated and one of the few that I’ve received that hasn’t been simply a fly-by commenter, spewing out hatred for anyone else who doesn’t think Ralph Smart is a genius.

      Be well, Blessings, Love and Light.


      1. Dear Ponderinglifetoo, did you receive my message? I’m waiting your private reply with my honest heart. It is important to me. Sincerely JF

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      2. Wow ponderinglifetoo, You mentioned that from your research that he has a BA in psychology and crimonology but is not a psychologist. Do you mean that he has no actual experience in the field? In numerous videos, he claims to have worked with autistic children. Is this a blatant lie? Is he putting autistic children at risk by brainwashing their parents who are taking advice from him, as if he is an expert on the topic? If so, how scary that is.

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        1. HealthNut, every piece of research I’ve done or had done on Smart, has yet to show that he finished the qualifications to become a licensed psychologist. As far as my sources are telling me, Smart has not proven to have gone though the full supervised clinical work required nor, the board exam to be a qualified psychologist. To the best of my ability to dig into this (I’m still open to receiving reliable information that proves his claims though but, no one has yet to come through with it), he is not anything more than a psychology B.A. student who graduated with a combined degree.
          His work with autistic children, along with whatever other types of work he claims to have done, seems to most likely have been done during his schooling for his B.A. half of psychology.
          I have also worked with autistic children and have studied psychology but, I would not ever call myself a psychologist because I’m not qualified by any means of the word.
          It is quite frightening and the reason why I have written about him. When a “psychologist” tells people that Depression is simply the body’s way of “needing deep rest” and to go to a spa…it frightened me to no end to hear that advice. Far too many young and desperate people are willing to lay in bed and watch YouTube videos than go for professional help. Sadly, very few can afford the fee he charges for a nondescript 1 hour Skype session with him and will go along, watching his “free videos”, thinking he has all of the answers. He doesn’t. Far from it. He is paying his bills and not working a 9 to 5 job with the monies he makes from his daily videos. What people don’t seem to realize when they are desperate, needy, in trouble etc., is that his videos are free for them to watch but, his advice is both dangerous and puts money into his pockets with each click he gets on one of them. In effect, their issues are paying for him not to have to work.
          And, by the way, at last check, he was living with his mother still.


          1. Thanks for the response, ponderinglife. I was scrolling down the comments on one of his latest videos and there was a suicidal poster, crying out for his help. There was no reply to him and I felt sick thinking what may have happened to this poor guy. I was both concerned that he didn’t receive any help from Smart but then even more concerned if he did. Ralph Smart needs to be investigated by the authorities. I used to work with some of the top psychologists in my state. I’m sure they would be mortified to see what he is doing.

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            1. Health Nut…I have seen that time and time again on his videos and NO reply. I’ve also seen it on his website where he’s simply replied, “book a session with me yet?” Uhhh…who can afford it and for what? No one knows. It IS frightening to say the least.


          2. I don’t have sources to go to but a quick search online also brings me doubt that Ralph Smart is a qualified psychologist. He was born 3/3/86 which makes him only 31. I thought he was way older lol. A video he posted a year ago states that he was in a psychiatric facility a decade before that. From his initial video posts, it looks like he went to Brazil after he completed his undergraduate degree. Which would make him about 21. I’ve seen him often talking of Brazil in several videos where he found himself there lol. He then mentions in an article in 2010 that he created a series of freeline skating films and has posted YouTube videos after that. So when could he possibly have found the time to complete a post graduate degree which would qualify him as a psychologist? He would also need to be credited to receive indemnity insurance so if his bad advice hurts someone, he could possibly end up sued, jailed, or back in the mental institution even. He may very well end up being the first criminally insane ‘psychologist/criminologist’ Lol That’s really funny actually.

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            1. That was my first tip-off, Health Nut. My research first led me to all that you’re speaking of and caused alarm bells to go off within me so, I delved deeper and got sources to help me who knew people who knew people type thing. One thing led to another and I’m good and worried about others and what he’s done to their minds, lives or worse.
              He is NOT a psychologist as far as I can find. There’s no records available that he ever registered or did the post grad work he’d have needed. He travelled as you found out and he wrote books, composed music, fantasized about being a cinematographer by doing short videos, he did blog talk radio and a few other things, in-line skating etc until he found this niche. He calls himself a cinematographer and one source found him say that he was a “graphic artist”. I nearly choked on that one. At 31…apparently, he’s done more than most people have done in a lifetime and wears more hats than an 80 year old over a lifetime. There is NO way. Yet, other pieces I have written about him and what I’ve found out have netted me death threats that I’ve saved. He has some hard core fans who are so desperate that they’ll cling to a nothing kid who is simply great at social media marketing of himself.
              It’s sad. And, YES, you are right about him having been in a psychiatric facility. Have you ever noticed that a lot of his videos are about “toxic people” and how to set yourself free from them? I think that’s tell tale about his own state of mind. And, whether it’s still true or not, I’m uncertain but, at last look when I wrote that piece, he was still living with his mother and I believe, sister, perhaps aunt as well. LOL…the insanity continues and I wouldn’t be surprised to find him the first “insane psychologist/criminologist”.
              By the way, doesn’t one sort of need to have a job in the field first to be able to call themselves a “Criminologist”? Might be a bit helpful. LOL (Ok, death threats and all, I’m laughing right now. Thanks for that laugh!)


              1. Lol it is kind of funny and there definitely is something off about him. His fans are a little out there as well and will defend him to the death. If anyone writes a comment disagreeing with him, it becomes a witch hunt against them. I’m guessing these blog posts about him was likely a result of that? He seems to target the very young or very vulnerable. It’s sad how they just take everything he says as truth. I believe he’s just putting on a show for profit. I have visions of him wearing a disguise and secretly driving down to KFC where he stuffs his face with a bucket of greasy fried chicken lol. The topics he talks of are interesting and I’m very familiar with them but it seems he gets his info from the first entry of a Google search. He regularly quotes other people’s work without referencing them and his audience are like, “Wow you’re so amazing”. He just seems so fake to me. And those constant annoying catch phrases that he uses to stretch out the video for as long as possible, to fit in more ads I’m guessing. I see him as just a gimmick. I can’t see anything authentic about him at all. If I had to guess, according to how poor his grammar is, judging by his book reviews, I would bet he just scraped through a degree, was knocked back when applying for his masters and then became so desperate for money, talking shit on YouTube was his only chance to make it outside the safety of his mother’s womb. If he is a fraud though, he’ll end up getting caught. They always get caught. I just hope he does before he ruins someone’s life.

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                1. Health Nut…I think just about fell off my chair laughing (with delight) when you gave me the vision of him disguising himself and heading off to KFC. Can I thank you for that laugh? Thank you!

                  You are right on the money…or….Ralph’s income when you said that you’re guessing that I was attacked when I went against what he had to say. I tried commenting on one video and had to deal with an onslaught of negative comments. That’s when I started to really look carefully at who and what and how he was doing things then, wrote my blog piece.

                  You’re also right on with your assessment of him having grabbed quotes from others, not citing them and everyone applauding him as though he was the one who came up with it all.

                  There is nothing authentic about this man. It’s akin to a mental health patient spending time in a psychiatric facility and calling themselves psychiatrists. While I was able to find his accredited B.A. in psychology-criminology, there is NO records of him having gone further that I can find. I believe as you do, he couldn’t hack the real world so, went to YouTube to make money. Honestly, I don’t think he’s qualified for much of anything even with that degree. It seems he’s quite sheltered by his ego and likely, some form of mental health disorder that still plagues him.

                  I, too, hope he gets caught before he ruins someone’s life. What we don’t know is how many he already has ruined or nearly ruined. I would love to see him slapped with a law suit but, his followers are quite adamant that he’s God so…????


  17. As much as I’d prefer to leave a long, well thought out comment I feel it will likely fall on deaf ears, and my time is precious(as everyone’s should be). With that being stated IN MY OPINION if you’re truly listening Mr. Smart’s message(and I believe firmly that subjectivity and discomfort are 2 of the biggest keys to progress) you’ll come to understand that he is mostly, yet not wholly, full of shit. Again this is just my opinion and I’m entitled that, and quite honestly not a whole lot else. Stay frosty folks.

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    1. Well said…”Mr. Smart’s message….is mostly, yet not wholly, full of shit.”

      I wish others would read your comment. Thank you for making it, Breathe and Think. Much appreciated.


    1. Thank you for commenting Ironbrigadiers. Your comment is simply another example of how great a job Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) has done and is doing with his work of “helping others”.
      I don’t need to say anything further here. You’ve said it all right there about Smart. And, of course, you haven’t read another word of anything else that I’ve written to know anything else about me nor, will you ever return to do so. Hasty judgement placed upon me as a person by reading one piece on an “idol” of yours. But, I thank you for taking the time to comment and prove my point for me about Ralph and his “work”. You’ve done a great job with that proof.
      Best wishes.


    2. ironbrigadiers, now YOU are pointing your finger with obvious anger and disappointment to one who only has a reasonable topic concerning mr Smarts business model with rational sense. Think a bit about why you react that way. Leave motions and let the common sense step in, please.

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  18. It seems like you have a block. Your feelings about Ralph are direct feelings you have for yourself. Your choosing to stay asleep. If you “dive deeper” you would find out that no one needs to credit you for what you already know. We define ourselves. You’ve come to another part of your ego that is fearful in some way. All situations are neutral. There is LOVE and FEAR..that is all. So, which are you coming fro

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    1. Thank you Katrese for your comment.

      I see your comment as a clone of others and simply another one who considers themselves one of Smart’s “Deep Divers” but, has no tolerance for anyone who has a difference of opinion concerning Mr. Ralph Smart from them.

      You’re all doing me HUGE a favour with your comments as they prove what a great job Smart is doing on everyone who follows him.

      Sweetheart, you haven’t defined “yourself”. When someone defines oneself, they accept that others don’t and won’t necessarily feel the same way about everything. You’re about as far from “enlightened” as they come, dear and have just proven it to other readers. While you’re a “Write and Run” commenter and won’t be back, it’s too bad that you haven’t read a few other of the several hundred pieces I’ve written NOT on Smart…some of which might have meaning to you.

      Thank you for your comment as it proves why I wrote what I have written about him.

      Blessings, Love and Light to you.


      1. Ponderinglifetoo, these mr Smarts followers seem to be just like people who are madly religious. So deeply manipulated into some ideas that they don’t know any more they have a gift. The gift is common sense. I’m sorry for them but it is quite funny too. When I say funny I don’t mean to be arrogant or sarcastic in any way but like somehow when a mother takes a candy away from a kid, the result is kicking and crying like the whole world just collapsed. Mommy took my candy! Mommy is bad! I hate mommy!..

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        1. Oh my goodness, Juha. You have made me laugh so hard that I can barely sit up right now. I LOVE your words and analogy! Perfectly said and if I could give you a hug right now in person, I would. 🙂

          To me, this is classic “cult-like” following that these younger people are showing me. It’s also showing me that their tolerance for anyone who has a differing view of their “leader” is somehow…as you’ve so wisely said…like a mother, taking candy away from a child. Not only is it unbelievable, but frightening and is showing the rest of the readers just what someone like Ralph Smart can do to them, their minds and how deeply they’ve become robots. They’re not individuals with their own minds. They’re using Smart’s mind, instead and sadly, they are like cult members.

          Thank you Juha. I needed that laugh today. You are SO correct in what you’ve said.

          HUGS, Blessings, Love and Light!


          1. Ponderinglifetoo, and if the candy was given back, the universe would be full of that “mmmmm” sound with peeeeace! (Not arrogant but funny) By the way, I read again earlier today your main artickle on the top of this topic and let me add something now:
            ALL READERS: This is only my view but please, read Ponderinglifes article with CONSENTRATION. Mr Smart is well respected over there though he has not confirmed who he tells he are. A psychologist? In the kitchen, yes. In real life, as well as I know, no. He is not.

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            1. I am laughing hard again, Juha. You are correct in all that you have said yet again. Thank you. Mr. Smart is only popular because he’s handing his followers what they believe is candy. Sadly, he is handing them what he wants them to believe is candy but isn’t real. Some of them will figure it out but the rest will keep swallowing it without question because they see him as a god of sorts. I have a strong sense that Mr. Smart will eventually be either sued or leave these viewers for greener pastures where it suits him better. Again though, if anyone wants to send me credible sources or citations, proving his psychologists claims, I’d be willing to rethink this. No one has come forward, including Smart, himself when I have asked them pressed him. That is saying it all.

              I am challenging all Smart supporters to send me proper citations and further information on Smart’s psychologist claims otherwise, you are more of a psychologist than he is Juha!

              Xo xox


  19. Hello comment readers,

    If you have a blog and just targeting “Spiritual” or “New Age” related visitors,
    This is “street smart” way to get traffic to your blog.

    Because this long article is just contains full of criticism about a person who have almost 1 million followers on Youtube – nothing more. But wait a minute.. This article comes up on the first page of Google with “Ralph Smart” keyword. Why?? Because this single article provoked his followers to leave lot of comments to defend what they like – which also converts to a lot of traffic at the end (due to SEO).

    But let’s talk about the “value” of this article. In my view, if someone is criticizing something and not giving a better solution about what is pointed out, it is not a valuable opinion. It is simply nothing more than spreading nonsense negativity – end of the story.

    As author ends the last chapter with slogan of the blog:
    — At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from “my little corner of life”

    But i am not going to end my opinion with just pointing out. If you are a spiritual person and looking for more information – i don’t think here is a good place to be in or taking advice. Just find websites or blogs focused on “Spirituality” concept and try to listen people have some authority or solution on the subject. Because this blog is not focused on spirituality and have no authority on the subject.

    Let’s look at some of the categories of this blog : “Jennifer Lopez”, “American Idol Season 13”, “Consumer Reports”, “Gilmore Girls”, “television shows going downhill in ratings”

    Those have nothing to do with spirituality. This is just a blog of a person who shares her opinions about random stuff from her little corner of life – nothing more. And which is okay! So, don’t waste your time by getting offended here people. Opinions are opinions and most of them are cheap.


    *Cat down the road

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    1. Thank you for your thought filled comment *Cat down the road* and taking the time to do it.

      Hmmmm…now where have I heard that term before? Why not pick your own identity instead of something that someone else has used as a catch-phrase? Interesting to say the least. And, let me ask you and others who have sent me some pretty lame and raunchy bits that I couldn’t even publish, why does it bother you so much that I’m not writing a glowing review on Smart? If he’s as wonderful as you all portray him to be in your lives, does it matter what I think? Why?

      May I suggest that you read some of the several hundred pieces that I’ve written versus simply the ones on Ralph Smart or running down the sidebar lists without reading any other pieces at all? I would suggest that you have not gotten the idea behind my blog at all or that I write what I want or feel passionate about at that moment rather than on any one topic or genre. Have you gotten that concept? It doesn’t appear so because you would have found other pieces that DO give “solutions”…not just celeb pieces.

      However, I will say that what you’ve written truly proves my points about Smart and what he’s doing to young people’s minds.

      What you do not see is that I wrote this piece because that’s how I saw things from “my little corner of life” after doing a lot of research on the man who wants little known about him. Ask yourself “WHY” you and others are doing searches on him. You haven’t answered that one. Did you know that your search terms come up AFTER I have posted a blog entry? That means that I can see what people want to know about and are seeking information on AFTER I have posted a piece. The majority of terms people are using are “is Ralph Smart a fake”, “fraud”, “how much does Smart make” and so many others that I needn’t write it all out. However let me assure you that I could any number of key words such as “trump” the man or the card term and I’d get a bit more traffic. However, since I don’t get paid for writing this blog, don’t wish to and am not doing it for that reason, what difference does it make to me whether 100 or 100 million people read my blog? Have you asked yourself that question too?

      As to why you have chosen to deem this as a wannabe spiritual blog, I really don’t know because it’s not my intention to do so. That’s made clear on the “About Me” and “Just My Thoughts” section. Did you bother to read those?

      And, by the way, ask yourself why my blog piece has come up faster and higher than Ralph Smart’s pieces. Could it possibly be that a LOT more people are beginning to become suspicious of his motives or wanting to know more because something isn’t sitting right with them about him? The search terms used by viewers and the fact that YOU are searching for more info about him, is telling me that there’s more to it than you or other Smart Defenders know.

      Sigh…ok, ending here because your comments have simply gone towards the others that prove just how well Smart is doing with his subscribers. But, may I say that through my own psychology education and further studies, idolizing anyone enough to make your nick name something that your idol would say, is a bit more than tell-tale that you have a LONG way to go in both emotional and spiritual growth and that you’ve more than proven that Smart’s following is a cult-like following than anything else. Thank you for proving that much to everyone. Of course, you’re a “comment and fly” commenter so, you’ll likely never read this response.

      Blessings, Love and Light though.


  20. Your write up on Ralph Smart comes across as completely jealous. I wish you the best and hope you can raise yourself from this lower vibration so you can live your passion in peace and joy.
    With respect, Alejandro

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Alejandro. It’s appreciated since you’ve simply shown how well Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is doing with all of his viewers.
      He’s taught you all to read someone else’s points of view that don’t match yours with a slant of disdain or something that wasn’t there in the first place. I have NO jealousy towards Mr. Smart. I wrote what I felt about him and know from my research into him and yet, you only saw it negatively. He’s doing wonders for all of his viewers and as I suspected, harming those who follow him with this type of thinking pattern.

      Blessings and respect back to you as well, Alejandro and thank you for your comment as it demonstrates what I am speaking of within my piece very well.
      Blessings, Love and Light


    2. Alejandro Luna, your frequencies are based in black and white inner world. You need a rockstar to follow. Don’t speak spirituality because you don’t even know the basics of it. Learn to know yourself first.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Edmond. Your sentiments are being sent right back to you in your own “Thissh*ttylittlecorner” of your life as well. You’ve done Smart proud in proving how well he’s doing and has done thus far.

      Best of wishes!

      Blessings, Love and Light


    2. Edmond Dantes, the nice thing is when you grow up a little, you will be less vulnerable of manipulations. When you’re a youngster it belongs to the age. Still though, you can use your common sense at the moment and learn from inside you, not from outside. Forget spirituality because you’re not ready for it yet. Work your emotions. That’s the way for you right now.

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      1. Thank you, Juha. Unfortunately, Edmond is a “write and run” commenter. He strikes with venom then, slithers off, feeling smug.
        You are correct…very correct. He’s not remotely close to spirituality yet. He has some growing to do yet.

        HUGS and thank you ever so much Juha. XO XO XO

        Blessings, Love and Light…Always!


        1. Ponderinglifetoo, no need to thank me, my friend, thank yourself! Your well shaped responses may get some of those who are reading this thread with their own brains and hearts. Cowards run away anyway but there will come new haters and they at least read something because their childish reactions. Stay calm. Juha (I will stay background and write my responses “to the future haters” with using only few words, if you will)

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  21. Blessings, I got through the first few paragraphs of reading & wondered why you spent so much time bagging out a man you do not know personally? He is a ‘divine masculine’ embodiment of his self-mastery, I to understand as an energy worker that sometimes in the depths of our work, working from spirit, guides or soul centered healing work, whom we let into our inner circle because we feel so much of others energy, what we do & our private lives has nothing to prove, no piece of ‘human’ paper will ever define what your looking for in wisdom, nor will spending a significant amount of timelessness negative spaced energy help you find your inner peace.
    And often putting any part private or public within the spiritual realms into the public fodder of trolls whom swarm like flies & cockroaches amongst the wolves and pull good spiritual light-BEings apart just because yours or another’s conscious awareness isn’t of the higher realms, thing is if you’ve not awakened in 5D your as blind as a bat & can’t see where God’ your soul is, cause you need to be heart centered for starters to even know what he’s talking about, doesn’t come from a book, computer, scientific research or some other physical form, that knowledge is from #ONENESS and the deemed ‘human’ term Holy Spirit’, so if you decided to be your own Dorothy and take your own spiritual walk up the golden staircase (golden spiral) of ascension and soul evolution, you’d fully understand, have conscious awareness instead of taking a beautiful soul like his and using his name as toilet paper, I do not mind teaching you or others about spiritual awakening to through light work or shadow work like Teal Swan does.
    Ralph Smart whether he waves a psychology degree in your face as proof of his existence, and the fact he gets to your heart so readily points out in his ‘energy vampire’ videos you attempt to gain an emotional reaction out of people to feed your insecurities rather than heal them as your soul is attempting to do by bringing you to Smart’. The amount of negative energy spent you bringing him down could be transformed into billions of stars and thats why we, alchemist love negative Nancys’ cause they provide so much energy to create beauty. So my point in writing a response to you, as you sit here reading my comments, I already encoded this message to awaken you spiritually so you can take your head out from your behind which is where it ends up in 2D/3D hell while you karmic loop and I can get a hello, and breakfast while transforming your demons back into unconditional self-love, and we get bagged out cause your ego/false selves reacts to love with verbal diarrhea, (cause they do not like & fear love) cause you spewing out what you need healing within your blog is why Ralph & others like him, passionately love helping ‘humans’ heal their condition of humaness….
    love & light xo namaste
    Universal Ambassador
    Amare Starlight
    for High Council for ‘New Earth’

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    1. And, there we have it readers. The products of Ralph Smart’s teachings. Examples of people who really should be seeking out proper mental health care versus watching Youtubers like Smart, claiming to be a “psychologist” but, isn’t.
      This is what I’m talking about.
      Thank you for proving my points gaia….whatever.


    2. gaiaheartbeatconnections, you are scared because your weak spiritual base is shaking this easy. That’s why you attack with anger. Work your hatred first.
      Ponderinglifetoo, I’m back here everytime a hater attacks you.

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  22. Hello
    I don´t understand the problem here. Your article is just some thoughts, doesn´t sound too negative and the comments are also some thoughts which do not sound too negative.
    Some people like Ralph Smart because he is a positive figure and kind of different to the rest. Some people might have the money or like to spend the money they have for a session with him. Lots of New Agers have exorbitant prices.
    If he is a psychologist or not is not so important. It is just the message he gets across and the results in his followers. In your thoughts I hear some tones of envy, – which is understandable.
    Greetings from downunder

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    1. Thank you for commenting Lissy. I truly appreciate your time and thoughts to comment on my piece as well as having read it.

      I have many pieces that deal with being happy, serenity, Life and other aspects as well. Unfortunately, pretty much all commenters are not reading anything other than the pieces that I’ve written with my own research and resulting opinions on Ralph Smart.

      Yes, as I’ve also said, I used to binge watch Infinite Waters Diving Deep’s videos too. I realized a number of things and went in search of information about him. That’s when I started to recognize what I have written.

      I would like to say that I have read many, many comments on Smart’s Youtube videos and other social media spots. Sadly, a lot of young people (I have a daughter their ages) are looking for help in many ways and Smart is presenting himself as a “psychologist” which raises alarm bells, particularly since his advice is not in line with what a professional psychologist would give. “Lay down and sleep” when one is depressed or going to a spa for a massage (as he says) is not going to help those who truly need professional help and perhaps, medications. Of course, they want to hear this type of advice because it’s denial that there may be a problem that can’t be solved watching a Youtube video. That’s where I begin to worry about Smart and his motives. He shouldn’t be advertising himself as a psychologist if he’s not. Let him be a “New Age Coach” or something that’s not licensed. That’s ok. If someone has that kind of money and wants to pay him for an undefined 1 hr session, I have NO problem with that. I have the problem with him presenting himself as a professional that he likely is NOT. (I hope someone will come forward and prove me wrong with proper citations of his credentials, in which case I will gladly and happily change some of my opinions on him 🙂 )

      May I say that while I may come across to those who feel that I am “jealous” or as you’ve said, “envious”…I can assure you that I am not. Not at all. Had I wanted to do what he’s doing, I could have been doing it. The fact is, I don’t want to do it. I write as a hobby only. I have a job that I dearly love and am happy in it. I don’t wish to do what he’s doing in any way or, I’d be doing it. I do have the same type of education that Smart has but, I wouldn’t dare to call myself a “psychologist” without proper credentials, which I don’t have and I don’t believe he has either…and won’t answer to when I’ve questioned him on it. I never did want to carry on further with that line of work so, I never went beyond my initial education and I don’t believe he did either….which makes him dangerous to those who need professional help.

      Cheers from up over LOL

      Thank you ever so much again for commenting Lissy.

      Blessings, Love and Light to you.


    2. Lissy, when you say it isn’t important if Ralph Smart is a psychologist or not, is it okay to you someone acts like a teacher and is stating a possible lie? A honest person doesn’t lie. It seems to be quite clear why mr Smart keeps quiet. It isn’t rocket science. I personally never would try to be any kind of teacher in public and say things I couldn’t confirm afterwards. It would be overlooking my students and wrong in any way if I was a teacher. Many new agers call themselves a spiritual teacher. It is business for them. When ever you already are a millionaire and dear to continue charging hundreds of pounds for just a kitchen psychology thoughts, it reveals you are greedy in big G. This isn’t a rocket science. When you are greedy as hell and everybody can see it clearly it doesn’t bother you because your basic need, the greed will be satisfied. According most of near death experiences nobody needs an interstellar bank account. Nobody. All we need is a shelter, food and just enough money to survive. When the world is full of business baced spiritualists the world is full of fakes. Old school spiritualists very well are aware of this. The best way to separate fakes from pure ones is their charging prices. You need some excitement in your life, good, go to Hollywood mediums, the fake ones. Pay and be happy. If you REALLY are in serious trouble in life, never go to one who charges anything. If you can find a pure spiritualist why an earth you would go for a fake and pay for a greedy minded child? Because he or she makes you feel good. He say to you just the words you are expecting. In real life the truth hurts, seldom it makes you feel good like after playing playstation games. Life is not a playstation game. It is the real thing. Now I can see you saying I am jealous like you “see” envy in Ponderinglifetoo. Well, read this part very carefully. I was born in rich family. I had all the cards in my hand to became a wealthy rich man. No. At younger age I decided I want no big money. I wanted to know what is this all about. I have chosen to be poor man. It is the best I have ever done for myself. Money can’t do its magic for me. I know many who has done same with same results. Because my own willed choice I have grown spiritually in this life huge steps. Would I change my destiny to be a rich again? No. Never. I will die with empty hands. If someone thinks he or she can take a fortune within to the real spiritual world, fine, one second changes everything when heart stops pumping. It is a tough moment in life review to realize what was learned in earthly life or what wasn’t. My very good friend died a couple days before now. I know my time is limited too. So are yours who are reading this right now. If you are focused to be a rich person in life, it is your choice and it is ok for you. Remember though, when you focus to be rich it always lack your real spiritual development and pure growth. There is no combination to be greedy, a liar and pureness of spirituality. Taking from others eventually takes away your gift if you ever had one. It is ABC of spiritual basics. Giving and honesty are the way to go. It really is that simple.

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      1. Juha, I wish I could hug you right now. Please feel an energy hug from me for what you’ve said and of course, in the loss of your friend so recently. I am so very sorry for your loss. That is extremely hard to have to endure. I have also lost many who are closest to me, including friends. My heart goes out to you in so many ways.

        I hope that you know that you’re not only teaching me but, those who read your words of experience and wisdom. Through your comments, you are teaching so many a lot. I only hope that these younger people will hear your voice as I hear it…full of wisdom. 🙂

        You are very right in saying “it isn’t rocket science” as to why Mr. Smart has kept silent on the important things. It’s also why he won’t answer you or I and others who have written to him and the reason why not one person can come forward with proper sources of him being a psychologist. Unfortunately, it’s hard to put older heads on younger people’s shoulders and the reason why I concern myself with those younger people who follow him as though he is a god or something higher than a human being, out to make a living (a good living) off of those most vulnerable. These followers cannot “see” through his smile and charm. They only see what they want to see in him. He is quite charming, no doubt but, as you’ve so very wisely pointed out, he’s not real and Life isn’t a game.

        I too, am not rich by any stretch of the imagination nor, do I want to be. Like you, I wish only enough to have a warm place to live, clothes on my back, food to eat and enough money to be able to give to help others when they are in need and I can afford to do it. I don’t care to be rich. I also don’t mind working a full day, in a regular job. I meet so many wonderful people that way. It enlightens me to have the pleasure of their lives and lessons. We learn from some of the hardest times and experiences in our lives, I find. It takes going through the mud and rain to find the beauty in the sunshine and rainbows, doesn’t it?

        I simply wish to thank you ever so much for all that you are teaching me through your comments. I wish that I could repay you for these lessons as well as the kindnesses that you are showing to not just me but, these younger commenters who would learn more from you than from Mr. Smart.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        Blessings, Love and Light…as always, Juha! XO


  23. Ponderinglifetoo, in my opinion you’re just doing so well. These haters don’t know themselves. They are struggling with their own pain as you very well know. When ever they target the frustration against you it is because they don’t know how to mirror their minds movements. When someone throws “you’re jealous” and so on, it is a reaction from a child. From a child who needs no anger but love. You have kept your polite style what I find very important. So keep going strong and always remember if you have opened a tiny bit of someones narrow minded thinking, you have changed the world. Juha

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      1. Ponderinglifetoo, I admire how you keep your cool. Not all can do it with style you have. As I’ve said before you’re an opener. I see you. Nobody survives without criticsism. When I get new message into my email from this topic, have time into it and when it sounds a “clear case” I answer to the hater my way to bring him or her what I have found in my deep divings to help and defend not anybody but the honesty and truth as you do. I certainly understand this is your territory and the captain over here is only you, I’m nobody. If you feel uncomfortable in any way about me being around or you find me writing too much, please just say and I’ll leave with respect. If you accept me to hang around for a while, I will do my best to support your honest view of wider understanding what concerns mr Smart. It is sad so many new agers ruins the concept of pure spirituality what is giving, not taking and so on spread quite a bit a wrong illusion of themselves. When a hater doesn’t separate crystal clear greed from a horse, what can one so on tell about envy? Blaming you jealous is the easiest way to avoid your point over here. I’m glad you have this topic. Sincerely Juha

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        1. Juha, I LOVE you being around and entering into discussions. Never doubt that for one moment, please! I learn from you every time you comment. Please, continue. I am enjoying everything you are teaching not only me but, those who take the time to read what you have so wisely and kindly offered to share of your wisdom with me and everyone who reads your words.

          HUGS and many, many thank you’s.

          Blessings, Love and Light…as always! XO


          1. Ponderinglifetoo, thank you for your kind words. They warm my heart and made my day. Yesterday I read your an other topics and found deep wisdoms over there. What comes into my “teachings”, I never have put me on the place to be any kind of a teacher. I know inside me that in my development level it would be wrong and I would be doing against of my higher self. I would do against The Light. Instead I would imagine my sort of mission to share and help if I can. I have come a long worldwide and many times a rough road to this point in life to be a helping hand for those who I at least think I could kick forward a bit. When I see abusing any kind it is hard to me stay aside doing nothing. Yes, mr Smart is a charming personality and have a nice gentle smile. I see him a good human being. When a greed steps in in this force, I still love him but I can’t help it he is doing wrong while he sells spirituality. If he was a pure businessman doing basic business it would be ok. When he try to be a spiritual teacher with obvious greed and a possible lie I just can’t trust him any more. Spirituality is not a thing you can buy. If he thinks he can sell spirituality it is same he was selling love. Who can sell love? Can you buy love from a mall? Can you buy love from ebay? The whole concept is so stupid that it should have the Nobel’s price for stupidity. Now for all readers this later part is targeted for you who are searching deeper truth. This topic is a good one and we should remind that mr Smart isn’t the only one dealing with business. There are world full of so called new agers, mediums and teachers. It is easy find a medium in one minute. It’s damn easy find hundreds of mediums out there. They ALL charge! For those who in reality are awakened avoid them like a mouse avoids a cat. If you have serious problems in life NEVER pay to the businessman because he/she is 100 percent fake. I personally have been visiting quite a few of mediums. With my experience according so many, they who charge are smart enough to tell you what you wish. They who’s mentality is that paying is voluntary and not actually so expected tell you things that hurt but in the growing manner. Truth is what you need, not some Hollywood mediums mambo jambo. In younger age I read tons of parapsychology books, Theosophy, Spiritualism, Krishna, Buddism and started to study what happens when a human dies. I experienced clear paranormal activities many times. In some 70-80’s I found Elisabeth Kybler Ross who told NDE’s = Near Death Experiences. I was stoned how similar those NDE’s was what was teached in Spirituality. After since I have studied hundreds and hundreds of them up to date. My first meditation happened in age 18 in the middle of Atlantic Ocean in the cargo ship I was working. Later on I have reached twice the oneness when a body isn’t there any more. I sincerely believe that all you can do to find a real truth, it is in you. You can read Bible or Veda books but you never reach more than is achievable in the bubble of human mind. You don’t need spiritual teachers. Forget that “how to became enlightenment”, “how to know your higher self”, “am I awakened” stuff. Just learn to meditate the way you get your mind silent without a single thought and all the rest happens when you are ready enough for that. It never happens in a minute or as soon as possible. You must be patient. I takes years after years. Those who promise rapid results are liars. You can teach yourself. It’s free! And what’s the best, you will be free!

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              1. Ponderinglifetoo, according the all changing messages from thousands of ordinary human beings who was clinically dead by an accidient or heart attack and was revived back by professionals, there is something beyond oneness or the dimension of the world of light. A Shining Light that is brighter than millions of suns. The Sacred Light is Pure Love. The Light doesn’t judge anything. The Light only Loves. Its High Voltage Love Loves you into pieces. Nevermind if you was an atheist or what ever, It’s Divine Love is beyond words, beyond religions, beyond spirituality, beyond everything. The Light have always Loved you and always will. You are Unconditionally Loved. For ever. Juha

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                1. I truly believe this, Juha. I’ve been studying NDE’s for many years now and know several people who have experienced it. They have described exactly what you have said about Light and Love. After my Father-In-Law passed away, he allowed me to feel what it was like for a brief second (sounds crazy, I know). I cried, it was so beautiful! I would never wish him back to this plane. You are loved too.


                  1. Ponderinlifetoo, you made me very happy! I’m almost jumping in joy! I never knew you have been studying NDE’s! I also know experiencers and know what you mean with that brief second. It is too beautiful to say in words. It makes a big strong man on his knees with tears running free. We all are loved, have been loved and will be loved. Ponderinglifetoo, I send my loving hugs to you, to your husband and your family. For all readers, believe or not, you are loved, have always been and will always be. Juha

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                    1. Yes, Juha…I have been studying NDE’s for many years now. I believe them to be the closest to knowing that life and consciousness live on past our physical bodily death that we can know at this point in time. To see doctors and nurses now coming out with their stories and beliefs in it, lends credibility to every account that people are coming back to give. Once in a scientific world, it seems to shut the door on the ability to see a different way of thinking or another sense that cannot be proven by scientific data yet (it will eventually be proven, I’m sure), is music to my ears and heart.

                      When my father was passing away many years ago, I saw the “veil” thinning for him between this realm and the next. A woman of “Light” as he’d describe her would come to visit him. He was purely lucid and carrying on full conversations with us so, I knew it wasn’t dementia (he was 64 years of age at the time of his passing) or drugs etc. as some people would try to explain it away. He “foresaw” things that would happen almost immediately after he’d said them (things within the hospital that he couldn’t have known were going on but, would be announced). After his physical body passed away, I woke up and started researching NDEs and end of life stage experiences. Much to my delight and shock, they matched what I had experienced with my father. It was then that I received many more encounters with people who would open up with their own experiences, having died and being brought back to physical being again.

                      I think the most profound experience (besides my Father-In-Law’s visit with me) was my brother’s death nearly 6 years go. It was sudden head trauma from a fall at work. The brain injuries were far too massive for anyone to be able to save him. He lingered on Life Support for 2 days afterwards as he was to be an organ donor (he saved 5 people’s lives with his gift). I was standing by his bedside, talking to him (though his brain was almost brain dead and only Life Support kept any blood and oxygen, circulating to it). The medical staff had earlier deemed him “deeply comatose”.

                      My brother and I were extremely close our entire lives (he was 53 years of age when he passed). I felt as though I wanted to go with him. It was as though my “twin” was dying though we weren’t twins and I didn’t want him to leave without me but, I also recognized that it wasn’t my time to leave and I had others that I had to be here for still.

                      As I stood by his bedside with his body, almost lifeless except for the machine breathing for him, I recognized two things. He wasn’t IN his body anymore and secondly, he couldn’t GET back in/stay in because of the damage. The cord had been severed between him and his body.

                      I knew I was right a few minutes later.

                      I felt him standing beside me, looking at his own body. He said (yes, I heard it in my mind’s eye so to speak, not out loud as we would hear one another speaking) “I really screwed up this time, didn’t I?” I turned to my left, knowing I wouldn’t actually physically see him and said (out loud and not knowing a nurse was in the room behind me…thinking myself all alone with my brother), “yes, you did.”

                      At that point, I was asked to leave the room for the staff to check his vitals etc., do a few more things that they couldn’t do with me in the room. I left and went down to get a tea with my other brother.

                      It was a beautiful day so, we took our tea and coffees to a garden area and sat on benches. My youngest brother, his wife, my husband and 2 good friends of my dying brothers were all facing the garden area. For some unknown reason, I had the urge to face the other way so that I was facing a path, leading to the garden area of the hospital. I was the only one facing that direction. Coming down the path, was my dying brother in transparent form. It was only a second or two’s worth of vision but, it seemed like much longer. He smiled, “saluted” to me (sorry, I’m crying as I type this) and I felt an overwhelming sense of love and joy from him. Then, he disappeared.

                      I began to cry and my youngest brother leaned backwards, asking me if I was ok. I simply said, “he’s gone”.

                      My youngest brother didn’t believe in this type of thing but, he dropped his coffee and we ran back upstairs where doctors and nurses were disposing of their masks and gloves.

                      “He’s gone,” the doctor told us. “His brain waves are now flat.”

                      Of course, my youngest brother fell apart at those words but, I knew that our brother had been out of his body for quite awhile. The final cord had been cut and he could finally leave to be on what I call “The Other Side”. His physical body was no longer holding him to the grounds as he was physically dead now. That’s why I had seen him coming down that path only moments earlier. My studies of NDEs had served me well and the love and closeness my brother and I shared all of our lives, kept us close enough for him to be able to get through to me.

                      There have been many more encounters that I’ve had with my brother since his passing. Perhaps, I have allowed that “veil” to thin because of my receptiveness to life not ending when our physical bodies die???? Whatever it is, I have been able to pass messages to our youngest brother that I couldn’t possibly have known but, our brother who has crossed over knew. I have been able to save my Sister-In-Law’s life on 2 occasions because of messages I’ve been passed by my brother on The Other Side a long time before they happened. He has helped us at every turn that he could. LOVE is the bond. LOVE never dies. It simply intensifies once we leave these earthly bodies. But, I’m sure you know this much. I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know. 🙂

                      I don’t hear my brother as much as I did within the first year or so after his passing. That’s not because he’s not there. It’s because he’s raised in his vibrational levels to one that I cannot detect as easily anymore BUT…I know that HE, hears me and I talk to him…not in words but, with thoughts. While I don’t always “hear” his answers, I know that he hears me because there will be signs from him.

                      Suffice it to say that after all of this now, not only does our youngest brother believe but, my husband believes me now as well. He’s experienced this through me and I’ve proven it over and over again. I’ve given messages from my brother on The Other Side and shortly afterwards, it’s become a reality. My husband and youngest brother no longer doubt it now.

                      But, you know what I mean. 🙂

                      This is only just the tip of the iceberg with my brother’s story. I have friends who have passed since and they have also given me signs. Or, they’ve explained their NDEs to me in such detail, knowing I have been studying everything I can about them.

                      I have a lot more to say but, I shall leave it here for now as this is long.

                      Juha, you are loved too. Very much! You always will be too. Trust in that and know that in spite of our human emotions which are part of our physical being in our physical bodies, with limited minds and senses, you are LOVE and you are LOVED!

                      HUGS, blessings, Love and Light…as always. XO


                    2. Ponderinlifetoo, Thank you for your touching life experiences. How ever a human being was so called awakened or else the death of a close darling ones is a stopping point. It’s a relief for them who pass this dimension and it’s an other story for us who must stay on the planet earth. I can see your beautiful longing for your loved ones and your inner knowing this all is temporary. When it’s time the reunion will happen. When I worked in cargo ships what didn’t visit my country at all but sailed worldwide seas there was a rule you had to work six months before the company paid free flights to home from other side of earth. The most hardest thing in that profession was to leave my loved woman for half of year knowing it’s a long time we don’t see each other. It’s same in life and afterlife. We all are passengers in Creation. I also have lost so many friends including my relatives. I see your sensitivity not as a gift but a result of your long experience of reincarnated lifes. Many new agers expect to get the results right now. No! Who ever try to teach that it doesn’t go that way. We are not here to learn how to get out of your body. We are not here to learn how to open your third eye. We are here to learn living on earth in earthly conditions and to learn how to love our fellow ones. Learning doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time. It takes life after life. Even this what I’m writing isn’t important. It isn’t important if readers believe this all or not. The important thing is only living itself. In earth as it is. To learn. Ponderinglifetoo, talking NDE’s, my good friend called me yesterday. Many years ago he was the most positive and gentle man. Always happy and full of life. He told he have had his third six hours lasting back operation because his spinal stenosis. I already knew his last five years have been living in hell. In these years the horrible pain has continued 24/7 and nothing have helped. He is in position he can’t take it any more. His surgeon told him he probably is in wheelchair after few years. He told he is going to shoot himself when the time comes. The call lasted two hours. I did my best to be a helping hand. I mostly listened him. We agreed he can call me at night if he needs me. I can’t do miracles but what I can do is listening in this hopeless situation. I told him about NDE’s and how they are coming in public by even doctors nowadays as you said and anyone can confirm. I don’t want he shoots himself neither I don’t want to scare him any kind. As you must know about NDE’s commiting suicide leads in some of cases into not so nice realms because the limitless amount of negativity you’re carrying with. Fortunately it is temporary and how ever experiencers tell it is eternal it is not. Eventually everybody will find The Light. Also because he didn’t believe a word of NDE’s I will keep my mouth closed. If he asks then I tell a bit. How ever his situation goes I will stand by him and give him my shoulder. Ponderinglifetoo, I wrote this becauce younger new agers may read this thread. When I earlier said that life is a real thing, my pal’s destiny hopefully touches even a one. There are little problems out there and there are big ones in life to be true when reality shows its potential powers. Fortunately it also works the other way around. There is always hope.
                      To end this let me add for readers to whom NDE’s are not so familiar that if you are intrested in NDE phenomenon, IANDS is a reliable source. So is NDERF, Dr. Michael Sabom’s Near-Death Experience Research and Raymond Moody. If you start your own research these are the starting point you will go in right direction. Beyond them you will find tons of maniac religion based NDE’s too. Be aware of that. Best way to study NDE’s is simple. Listen your heart. Real NDE’s are based on LOVE.

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                    3. Juha, your response was filled with wisdom. I, too, hope that younger people will read your words. Unfortunately, a lot of younger people are what I will call “fly-by commenters”. They read about the one topic they are interested in reading, get angry at my perspective, write negative comments and run back to their YouTube videos to watch their “idol”. It’s very sad because were they to read what you have written in comments, they would learn far more than what they are getting from those videos.

                      I am so sorry to hear about your friend, his pain and his back. Pain speaks loudly and people just want out of it no matter how they have to do it. Hopefully, this was your friend’s desperation and exhaustion talking versus a real situation. I hope that you do get the chance to speak to him and help him with your words of wisdom. I equally, hope that he listens to you. Perhaps, this is just pain and sorrow talking that in all of his efforts (surgeries), nothing has taken him out of his pain? I can only offer up the idea that advancements are being made every day in medical sciences and perhaps, if he hangs on long enough, he will be able to receive help and be pain free? That’s what I keep telling another friend of mine as well who was in a similar boat with other forms of constant pain. She has hung on and is getting some help now….though not completely out of pain. She hangs onto hope. We all need hope.

                      Blessings, Love and Light, Juha. Thank you. XO


                    4. Ponderinglifetoo,
                      A soul is eternal because it is a part of God. Some new agers know they are God because they have experienced oneness. I have been the oneness twice. It is beyond words. Words are awkward tools. So is human mind. How ever, If a man was a drop of water, oneness was experiencing eternity of an ocean. It is divine dimension. It is not being God. It is experiencing one dimension of God. If God was a horse, oneness was a tail. A horse is a horse and a tail is a tail. A tail is a part of a horse and a tail can never be a horse. A tail can’t wave a horse but a horse can wave a tail.
                      God has many childs we call souls. We do a mistake between young and old souls. There are no young and old souls. All souls are eternal. Earth is an atom. In a bigger picture only few of souls ever can have life experiences on this little dust in the wind. Those who have lived on earth more lifes are wrongly called old souls. Those who have just started visiting here we call young souls. Keeping this in mind,
                      there are younger souls in elder peoples bodies and there are elder souls in younger peoples bodies.
                      In this dimension, after big bang, little earth has become an unique planet to learn how to survive in all kind of circumstances. From deepest pain to highest joy. From darkest forces to brightest forms. Evolution is a part of the plan of the Creator. Those who have died and was revived back tell it all. The plan was to create Heaven on earth. Not a Heaven that has churches or religions but the world that have no wars and people come together with themselves, others, animals and nature with loving hearts.

                      I could create my own spiritual channel in YouTube. No. I am not intrested in to become famous. I am not intrested in to become rich. If someone needs me my mentality has been and will be free of charging. In this specific case of charging from others I have one master above the rest I try to follow. The master didn’t require anything to himself in return when someone was in trouble. I’m not a religious person in any sense. Still my purest teacher who ever have walked on planet earth is a man who didn’t build churches. A man who didn’t write the bible. His name is Jesus.
                      The reason I came into this thread was I found its message important and honestly well justified. My little role over here have been supporting honesty and pure heart. My inner guidance tells it’s time to step aside for a while. Ponderinglifetoo, if someone adult wants to contact me for real reasons to get any help I give you the right to deside if you want to give him/her my email. As said before I charge zero money. Ponderinglifetoo, thank you so much for your loving answers and if you need me I’m here for you. Let the Sun Shine in you and your family! Let the sun shine in all your readers!
                      Sincerely, ordinary human being called Juha
                      PS Ponderinglifetoo, a good point. I will tell my friend your words medicine evolves daily. At least it may create a tiny little bit of hope in his real serious situation when doctors can’t do anything any more. I will support him as well I can. Again, I’m here if you need me. I will always be. You have became a darling friend to me.

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  24. Wow. That’s my reaction to some of the hate comments you received. Hi Ponderinglifetoo I’ve read through your blog post, thank you for sharing your views. I used to watch Ralph in the earlier days and then I stopped for some time. And it was just watching other videos that YouTube recommended some of his new videos that I started watching again. I saw a huge difference in how he presents his videos. And fair enough I feel people change it’s a normal process of life. But it such a huge difference from the earlier videos. I just started wondering more about who Ralph really is so I googled him and found your blog. It’s kind of nice to read about a different perspective.

    Some of the things he has said make sense and sometimes I don’t really understand some of the new techniques of the way he says things, I didn’t know what he meant by cat down the road or the slowmo thing, but then I just overlooked those things and tried to get out the positive from what he says. And that’s something my aunty taught me, she said if someone says things you don’t like or don’t agree with try to take something positive out of it to learn from.

    I think everyone has magic, like you said everyone is an alchemist and infinite being, is not a special few. I think everyone has a gift whether they know it or not. And there is a higher being whom I call God who loves everyone.

    I think it’s pretty unfortunate that people have come on here and left hate messages because they don’t agree with you. Some things I agree with you and other things I’m like hmm I need to research more and really find out facts before I can make my mind up.

    From the feeling I get about your blog, it’s about discussing and sharing your thoughts, not bashing people for thinking differently from you. I don’t like that internet has this sort of behavior. I’m tired of people bashing bullying and judging others on the internet. It’s all over youtube, people vlog their personal lives and are brave enough to share it and they get judged all the time. How they parent, what they buy, how much money they make, what they eat, who they date, how they act, are they real or fake? I’m going off point but I’m really fed up with insensitive comments. How are we meant to leave this world enlightened for the next part of our journey if we can’t accept people as they are, and live in harmony with each other even if we think differently. I don’t think you are jealous, or judging I feel you’re simply sharing how you feel. And maybe you might want to warn others?

    I think it’s brave of you to put your personal thoughts out there. Knowing that not everyone will see things from your point of view and you’ll get some people hating on you and sharing your thoughts any way. I wish I could do that.

    Sending you light, love and peace.

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    1. Niki, thank you very much for your well thought out comment and seeing all sides of things. It’s comments like yours that make me keep on writing. 🙂

      Even if we agree that we disagree (meaning everyone, not just you), I’m good with that perspective. I don’t expect that everyone will agree with what I feel, think or say about everything. Nor, do I agree with other people’s thinking all of the time either. However, I try to remain at least respectful of their right to have their feelings, thoughts and be able to speak it, without resorting to calling them “sick” or the myriad of other things I’ve been called.

      Very sadly, most of the “Hate Filled Commenters” are commenting on one topic. They never read the rest of my blog pieces that contain helpful opinion (all of my pieces are OPINION pieces and tagged as such and that’s why I end with….”from my little corner of life…” as that’s the way I see things). A lot of people will only look through to see the celeb pieces or tv shows (which are all part of what readers search for I’ve found). They will not look at my pieces on Happiness or Serenity or the pieces where I talk about everyone being the same as everyone else and no one is worthless in this world no matter what they’ve done. No one reads those pieces. The Haters come in to read about Ralph Smart, comment with hatred and move on. I’ve written hundreds of pieces over the years I’ve been writing this blog. None of these people look at another thing I’ve written other than going down the titles and telling me that my blog is worthless because I’ve written pieces on celebs. Yes, I have written about celebs but, I’ve written about so much more as well that they will never look at.

      As I’ve said in my pieces, I too, used to watch Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) faithfully too. I used to binge watch his videos. Like you’ve said, he changed…which is perfectly his right to do but, along with that, came his “New Age” stuff that rang alarm bells and made me research him. It was after the research that I changed my mind about him, his videos and unsubscribed from his Youtube channel.

      What people don’t understand is that the moment they leave a hate filled comment that defends Smart and downgrades my point of view on him, they are showing me and others just how much Smart’s videos have done for them. They are poor advertising for Smart if that’s what they think they are doing by defending him in that manner. If Smart is as genuine as they and he proclaim he is, they would pass on by. I have no gun to anyone’s head to read anything I’ve written nor, keep them here. They needn’t respond at all if they feel otherwise but, to respond in the fashion that they respond, it speaks volumes for Smart and how well his spiels on video are doing for these types of people.

      I thank you for your comment as it was kind and heartfelt and I can easily agree to disagree on points or even in entirety if you feel that way when I receive comments like yours.
      Thank you.

      Blessings, Love and Light! 🙂

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  25. Ponderinglifetoo, please gracefully accept my honest opinion of you – I think you are a sick , twisted person, you will get what you deserve……….. hopefully – as we all do eventually. Please feel free to freely express your’e opinion of me.

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    1. Thank you Imogen for the lovely compliment. I am certain that you’ve read NOTHING else that I’ve written, right…well, EXCEPT for my pieces on Ralph Smart yet, you feel qualified to make a judgement upon me like this and make negative wishes upon me? That’s ok Imogen because YOU have simply proven what a GREAT job Ralph Smart has done to, on and for people like you who comment in this manner, with derogatory remarks and even threatening tones. It’s simply showing me and others that Mr. Smart obviously isn’t as “calming” as he portrays nor, is he doing very well at “helping others” and you have just proven that much…

      I need write nothing further because you are proving my points for me extremely well. So, I gracefully accept your comment in that case. 🙂

      Best wishes, Love and Light.


    2. Imogen Herbert, sorry if I come over here to say to you a few words. So you hope Ponderinglifetoo gets a punishment. It is easy to read that you hope her punishment will be severe. When you die you yourself will have a life review under the loving Light. Before that in this dimension it is possible that your hope will happen. The way it may happen is kind of what you hope for an other human being it counters against yourself, in good and bad. When you have that amount of anger for her, be aware of this. To be angry is human kind nature in situations when you feel unsafe. You are scared. It is the start point to accept your inner reality as it is. After you have looked to the mirror on your own and seen why you are that angry you are going to the right direction. I have personally worked out my own anger issues my whole life so trust me, I know exactly what I’m trying to say to you. It is a painful road to carry anger within. It ruins your life. It ruins others life. It ruins your this reincarnation. It ruins your next life. The best you can do is work out your anger. Forget everything else. Forget spiritual teachers. Be brave and search all situations in life that gets you angry. You will find out there’s specific events or happenings that fires you up time after time. It will continue for ever in patterns and you’re in ever lasting trap. You have all needed in you to start to be your own healer. Negative thinking is not your friend. Your negativity in you is your minds habit you have learned. If you have learned that, you surely can learn positive thinking as well. First find your broken heart. Find the reasons why you’ll get upset. Forget others. It is happening inside you how ever you feel it is the fault of others. Second be honest what you see inside you. Accept yourself as you are. Don’t judge yourself. Third start to think positive thoughts of yourself. Love yourself. The more you sincerely love yourself you begin to shine your natural light. Inside and outside you. You are a precious soul and you will be happy. You will make others happy. You will make angels happy. You will make our Source happy.

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      1. Wonderfully said, Juha. Thank you for your deep insight that can teach all of us. 🙂

        You raised a very good point when you spoke of being “scared”. I do believe that a lot of those who attack anyone, are frightened in some way. Perhaps, I have threatened a safety line that people wish to hold onto? I didn’t look at it quite that way before. I just hope that others will grab onto solid ropes for hope and strength and perhaps, seek out proper, professional help???

        But, you are correct that all of us hold the power to and all that we need to make ourselves happy.

        Thank you, Juha. I needed your message as much as others.

        Blessings, Love and Light…as always!


    1. Thank you for the lovely compliments. You are proving THE BENEFITS THAT RALPH SMART PROVIDES HIS VIEWERS with your comment. The mere fact that you use one of Smart’s NLP catch phrases as your pseudo name also proved the point that you belong to a cult like following that Smart had set up to hook in followers.
      Thank you again. You have proved my research and piece on him right there.
      Peace, Love, Light, Blessings and may you find your way through on your own, without needing Smart to tell you how to find spirituality since you’ve just proven that HE doesn’t work for you. 😊


    2. Good Ass Prana, you haven’t read the whole topic. You haven’t courage enough to give one thought of what is Ponderinglife’s main point. She have shaken your black and white world the way it is too easy to notice how angry you are because your mind is a bit too weak to see the full picture.

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  26. 350 pounds could even be too little a price. Now am not here to defend him but rather educate you that everyone’s ultimate goal in life is to find purpose (including yourself). So for all those who seek happiness through their highs and lows in their journey understand how low of value money is. Ralph emphasizes on finding inner peace and so many other topics which are not taught in school but yet far too important. Sending you love and healing from your negative mind.


    1. Thank you for your comment Arlen. It’s appreciated as it’s well written even if we don’t agree or, shall we say, agree to disagree.

      Let me pose something here.

      You say that 350 British Pounds may even be too little a price and that (perhaps) he’s only trying to find “purpose”.

      That said, let’s suppose that Ralph Smart has found what he considers his “purpose” in creating these videos (whatever effect they have or don’t have on people)? What if he’s making money, hand over fist on these videos? Ok, so that’s what you’re saying he has a right to do, correct?

      Now, let’s take his statement that he’s a “psychologist” and the bulk of his viewers are made up of young people, clinging onto his words of “inner peace”. Now, let’s suppose that several thousand of them (it’s quite conceivable to be thousands given that he says that he’s “helping millions of people every day”) are clinically depressed or bi-polar or some such mental disorder that *could* potentially have them on the verge of ending their lives.

      Now, let’s look at his claim (there’s been no substantiated or documented proof that he is a full fledged psychologist except through his own mouth. If you can find that, please, by all means, send it to me. I’m waiting for it but, even writing to Smart hasn’t produced that proof), that he’s a “psychologist”.

      These young people who need professional help, are figuring that they are listening to a “professional” because he’s made that claim without substantiated proof but, they are listening.

      Now, let’s suppose that a couple of hundred of them (I’m being generous here) decide that the love the tone of his voice, his pleasant smile and how “calming” he seems to be and they scrape together the funds to pay him that 350 British Pounds for a Skype session (nice and easy to do…sitting in your own home, on your computer, nowhere to have to go, getting help).

      What happens Arlen? What kind of a session do these people get? Is it from an authentic “psychologist” who knows how to get that person to proper help? Is it from someone who has read a lot of books and taken courses in psychology? Is it from a “Life Coach, Infinite Being (we all are) or Alchemist (again, we all are)? Where does that advice come from? Worse than that, what does their sessions consist of because there’s NO description of what a session is about or for. Does he tell them how to open their pineal gland? Does he tell them how to operate the Laws of Attraction? How does that help people who may be desperate? Shouldn’t he have a disclaimer somewhere because he’s not acting in replacement of proper and legal psychological help? (I couldn’t find one…have you?)

      Now, let’s suppose that these people can’t find that “inner peace” that you’re talking about Smart emphasizing because they have a true disorder. What then? No disclaimer to seek out proper professional help but, Smart is making his money and paying his bills and he’s pretty happy. That smile on his face tells everyone that he’s found the Holy Grail and he’s going to teach everyone else how to do it too because as you’ve said, it’s NOT taught in regular schools. What then, Arlen? What happens to those people? Is Smart really helping them? Can he really help them? Is he accredited to help them or…is he simply a pretty smile and calming voice who comes out of your computer or phone or tablet via Youtube videos that he produces in bulk?

      I thank you ever so much for your time in writing and commenting with a more or less civil tone versus the rather shoddy commenters I have been getting (another blog entry). However, I don’t need help for my “negativity” but, thank you for offering. I’m certain that you haven’t read another topic I’ve written about in the hundreds of them that I’ve written over the past many years so, I will leave it here. Your judgement of me is incorrect. Read other pieces (NOT on Smart) that I’ve written as well and you’ll get a much better view on the whole of who I am or may be. The same as you’re judging Smart to be a fine chap because you’ve watched his videos. And, by the way, feel good because your comment is the first I’ve read, posted and responded to in months regarding Smart.

      Blessings, Love and Light


      1. Ponderinglifetoo, It’s a long time gone now when I politely wrote to Ralph Smart without offering any money for him. I think it’s time to update the news. And here we go. Ralph Smart never answered to me. Not a single word.

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    2. Arlen, happy to hear that you have rich parents. 350 pounds is a big money for us who have to struggle and pay our own bills. 350 pounds for a basic psychology everybody already knows is probably ok for rich and young truth seekers but fortunately I’m not a one of them. If you find Ralphs teachings interesting and are just a beginner in a spiritual path, then please pay him more. He will be glad for that. Now listen very carefully. There are no real spiritual teachers on earth who charges a penny. It is that simple. Spiritual helping happens outside of money. Outside of anything to get back for yourself. Spiritual helping is not taking. It is giving. Where’s the money there’s the business. Where’s the business there’s the taking. Where’s the taking there’s no real waking.

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  27. ‘Prophets’ come in different forms. did Jesus feel anger? I see so much negativity in a site that promotes spirituality. if Ralph helps 1 person achieve peace, higher conciousness etc is he not helping all of us? if it is worth it to someone to give him any amount of paper, aka money, that makes them feel at peace, closer to god, themselves, others etc, what is wrong with that? who are we to judge?
    we need to love each other and embrace the differences that make us whole. accepting flaws and good attributes go hand in hand, none us us is perfect.
    any person that is truly trying to help people better themselves in any way gets my support and love
    there is going to be doubters and negative people, i pray they find their way. they need our prayers and love
    my love goes out to all of you, peace


    1. And, does he turn water into wine, walk on water? Are you comparing Smart to Jesus? It’s your choice to worship him. I’m not stopping you, am I? You don’t have to convince me of anything or even read my pieces as I don’t have a gun to your head. Go worship.
      Have a good day.


    1. I’m only publishing such trash because it shows who you truly are and your mental capabilities. You gave NO attempt at an explanation or anything of substance. Simply insults. Did you read any of my other hundreds of blog posts that I’ve written over nearly 5 years or only the piece on Smart. Don’t look now but, I can see how well Smart has done for and with you, your spiritual and intelligence levels. That speaks volumes for my piece and why I have the opinion that I do of these types of comments, Smart and people like you. Now, who is the “fool”? Best of wishes with that attitude of yours.


  28. First of all i appreciate your point of few but…

    So degree is the thing that bothers you most right? Where he got his degree? And because of that you express distrust, i get it.

    Ralph Smart is deep diver, not just positive thinker or calm Psychologist and i truly believe that he actually don´t care if he earns millions of dollars or just thousands(enough to live without anxiety). And i personally don´t feel that Ralph is greedy for monay. He just learned to get known himself first and now respects his own abilities. Just before going on, i don´t follow anyone. I only follow my heart and brain. I just defend Ralph Smart because i had the same points before i even took a look for some of his videos.

    I probably first would ask 3 pretty hard questions from yourself: 1) What is life? – is it really the system we live in with all that negativity. Living the life regular way like most of the people in our planet( system makes us human doings but not human beings)? 2) What is the meaning of life? 3) What is the life purpose? – After you have diving deep to these questions then you maybe get new vision of life, maybe not.

    So you complitly trust system? Whit that i mean, you rather believe the person who has got for example Harvard degree than the person who is suceeded in life(maybe Ralph has Harvard degree though, im not sure :D) but as long as he saying all that actually makes sense i have no complait, all you need is just strong mind and ability to analyse thoughts. Clearly he has read tons of books even if he don´t have an actual degree.

    Very many have got some notable degrees but still not very succesfull in life. There are millionaires out here who haven´t finished school. It really dosen´t matter which way anyone earns as long as they are happy to do what they are doing.

    So saying these thoughts right now, i´m not gonna go more deeper just for now because i don´t know you and you don´t know me. Also hope you understand all my sentences clearly because English is my second language. There might be some grammar mistakes too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon about the opinion you got from me 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment Joosep. You’ve pretty much asked me to answer “The Meaning of Life”! Has Smart given an answer to that yet?
      I’m glad to hear that you’re getting so much out of his videos. Please, by all means, it’s fine with me. Watch them and keep on watching them.
      Blessings, Love and Light. Have a wonderful day.


      1. Because this conversation over here I did one move forward for cleaning up the atmosphere. I wish all forget who I am because I’m not so important. Instead I hope all you will focus the good things in life. However I writed straight to Ralph Smart and asked him to answer these simple questions rather me saying what he is or not. I just love his outcome and in the process I sort of understand all the question marks around him. Let’s hope he answers. Please also remember he probably has a mountain of emails per a day for ever so we have to wait maybe for year or two. Maybe he never answers. It will be okay. Who knows. Here is what I writed anyway:
        Dear Ralph Smart,
        I write this while respecting your work for raising the consciousness of human kind. With no any religious or new age beliefs. To be humble, you can reach an ego death in deep meditation as well as using those an other methods you know too that will be kept in secret over here now for a reason. When you reach oneness and unity of consciousness and have been melted into ocean of all what exist and reached an enlightenment as a final destination, in that state you have been an eternity. The infinity while your heart was still beating, your lungs breathing and your brains still running strong. Even in deepest breakthrough the connection with a living body prevents going beyond oneness or infinity like in case of Buddha. There is and will be only one way to dive deeper than Nirvana. You have to get a code blue. A flat line. A clinical death. Without any brain activity contaminating the experience. The one and only. The thing beyond any religious or new age enlightenment. The real deal. Still even in NDE you can’t be assured to go further than break through..
        Yes, I am alive and okay with you but some are not. There’s quite amount of confusion about two questions concerning your amazing work. I’m trying my best to be as correct and polite as I can to form these questions gently for cleaning some waters up a bit. So, keep calm. Anyhow when you’re a famous public person and you state in public you are psychologist, could you please confirm it in public because all of that uncertainty. It would help people to go on if they could trust what you are saying. For example if I went public and was stating I am an ex professional world wide seaman and someone wanted a proof about it I couldn’t find any reason to make it unclear because I am. I’m not a famous public person but as long as I know, you are. So, please, Ralph, go for it. Clean the water.
        An other thing what baffles people out there is your personal pricing while you already have money enough for travelling to the moon and back. People don’t get it. Can’t you work out your 1:1 sessions with some more loving pricing while you already have all the wealth only some will ever reach on planet earth? Dear Ralph, could you open a bit the reasons for the people who loves you?
        I would direct your honest answer straight to the conversation with respect. It would be shown as pure as you answered. In the end let me add something from humble, sincere heart to you dear Ralph and all living beings on earth, under Living Light,
        In the other side, far beyond a dimensions of eternity, far beyond being one in oneness, far beyond the creation itself, far beyond infinite consciousness and waters, far beyond the highest nirvana, far beyond I AM.. THERE IS..
        Thank you very much reading this, Ralph. Sincerely, a humble poor man from this and an other side

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        1. Thank you Juha. I sincerely hope that he writes back to you. It came to him from your heart and wisdom. I would more than happily change my opinion and write about it were he to answer your questions in a response. Blessings 💗


          1. Ponderinglifetoo, this is for all readers of your corner.
            If he’ll get back to me I will let you know. If he don’t, then everyone have a choice to decide whether it’s evidence of something or not. However in every earthly situation or in whatever case, we should remember that when we focus on one thing, we usually can’t see the larger picture around it. It is only human. Please let me add a funny example from my life. Well, this is embarrassing.. When ever I see a beautiful, attractive woman smiling to me from her heart, I hear a click in my head. Yes, I really hear it. In a second. While I’m a strong man my knees will deceive and I become vulnerable like a baby. I can’t speak or think. I’m just helpless. I’m blown away somewhere in Heaven. I’m gone. I’m dead. After coming back alive the woman stares at me with an odd expression in her face. She gets scared and runs away. Now when it’s obvious that I’m born in yesterday, lunatic and what is one of my weaknesses, let’s ask what really happened in the example? What did I see when she smiled to me? Her birth, childhood, upbringing? Her youth, growing up and becoming an adult? Her dreams or her ethical views? All what I saw was her smile. I didn’t see where she lives and what she do. I didn’t see how she’s doing with her husband or with her close circle. I didn’t see her state of health or diseases, her highs and lows. I didn’t see her work and her goals in life? I didn’t even see her butt ( sorry ladies, I love women and that was a compliment, if you will ). This is the way we are built in physical embodiment. We all are living on planet earth with limited abilities. When we focus on something it becomes our reality. A reality without access to see the whole picture. It happens on purpose. I’m not anything more than you are. I struggle with my own perspectives time after time. I sometimes hate the way how I react to things. It is normal. A part of growing. A part of learning. The world is such a playground it is not expected we should master all. To end my words let me say to all you who are confused for what ever reason, where ever you are: We all have to behave somehow with others but when you are alone with yourself while any sort of frustration overtakes your inner state please try this.. Don’t force your emotions down, let them come and go. Stop fighting against them. The more you continue fighting the more deeper you’ll find yourself in the mud. How ever bad or evil thought fills your mind, just lay down and surrender. When you surrender you don’t become weak. Instead you will open a door of genuine limitless power. While you’re going through the pain it doesn’t hurt anybody. It doesn’t hurt you because you are not the emotion you’re feeling. You don’t become mentally ill. Accepting the experience you will be safe. Believe me. It will clean your mind up. Be free and happy!

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            1. Thank you so very much Juha for not only your comment but, sharing your personal experiences and insights as well as advice. It is appreciated more than you can know or that I can put into words.

              One of the reasons that I started this blog was as a way to express some of my personal opinions (that is all that these are), some of them based upon research, some of them experience, some of them being a mixture of experience and research too.

              You are extremely correct in giving your analogy of seeing a “beautiful woman” but, not seeing what else is part of her. Both myself as well as those who comment horribly (cruelly) on my blog pieces about Ralph Smart have seen neither side of either myself nor Ralph Smart. Readers read what I have written in my personal opinion but, nothing else that I’ve written (much like the smile that you see before you have a reaction towards a woman) and pass judgement. Yet, they also only see the smile that Smart puts out, his calming voice and the words that he has said, without knowing him as well. Unfortunately, they pass judgement on both of us. He is kind, well-meaning and I am simply a nasty person. They feel that they know both Smart and myself, personally. They don’t know either of us. You’ve said it beautifully and I thank you for that.

              Best of wishes, Love and Light, Blessings, Juha. May your day be filled with sunshine, love and laughter.


              1. For ponderinglifetoo
                No. You’re not a nasty one. I am. The whole concept of being a human being within a limited access to the core of the truth has made me sometimes laughing to myself how stupid I am. You know, I’ve been the most strict preacher of how it goes and how my views are the ultimate truth. When I was a child I found myself teaching my dad’s colleagues how the medicine really works. Well, my dad was a surgeon.. I used to teach him also about the science..uh.. That’s something, isn’t it? Only one example and the endless list goes on. What I’ve learned if any is I know nothing. Still I find myself uncomfortable when somebody disagrees with my own perspectives. I hate it! I’m just a human within others and that’s it. I can only be inside my own skin and experience all that opens up to me. Ten years ago I was that worn out I tried to commit suicide twice. Even after those horrible (and something else too..) situations I sometimes find me still going strong believing I’m the one who knows everything. Everybody in religious or new age communities know the mighty dictum “I Am”. According my near death studies since 1980s there is widely known that we shouldn’t take our life that serious. Yes, it is stated in so many NDEs. What I have found by myself to be releasing I sometimes visualize all the humorless and stiffness in me. I ask myself am I all that? Am I the all knowing bastard in the universe? I so on tell me those miracle words “I Am”. I. AM. Period. I honestly hope your readers try this. The only rule of the game is you must stay serious. The rule is unforgivable strict. You can’t smile. D.O.N.T.S.M.I.L.E. What comes to you ponderinglifetoo, I think you’re doing well. You’re honest for yourself and you have many questions that open your readers to find up things in their own minds. You are the bottle opener, if you will. Always remember the more angry feedback you get the more you have opened. Not from you but the minds of others. They need your compassion. It sometimes can be overwhelming and so impossible to stay calm. Maybe there is moments you get that angry too you get insane but remember, as long you stay in the path of honesty and love you will be safe. Always try to remember the most hateful feeds come because of the pain from the them so they need no more suffering. They already suffer. They need your understanding and love. To end this you will be protected. And so will all of us.

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                1. Thank you so very much yet again, Juha. Words of Wisdom come from you and I am learning from you.

                  You are right that people are already suffering in this world. I guess we all need something to grab onto as a “Life Line” so to speak. For some, Ralph Smart has been that for them and, they cling onto his words as though he’s all-knowing and all-seeing. When I write pieces like I have about him, where I am questioning his true intentions, I agree that I am likely pulling at their strings where they are holding onto a person that they’ve deemed as a “guru”. It makes them angry. I can see that point very well now. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

                  The sad thing is that I’ve written many up-lifting pieces on other topics, including spirituality and even psychological issues (I have had a psychology education as well as metaphysical). They don’t read those pieces. The readers have only read what I’ve written about Ralph Smart. Most of that is because they’ve found it on a search with a search engine on the topic of Ralph Smart and never go beyond reading those pieces in my blog and passing judgement on who I am as a person.

                  Interesting…very interesting that you were dispensing medical/scientific advice to older people at a younger age. 🙂 I don’t get upset if people differ in viewpoint to mine much at all. Part of that is because I know that everyone is coming from a different perspective and there is no “truth” that is truth because it will depend upon vantage points as well as personal positions in Life and experience.

                  I’m smiling at “you’re the bottle opener…” comment. Yes, in this case, I am, I suppose. I dared to question what others are taking blindly at faith. It’s not that I’m right and they are “wrong” as much as it is that it’s my opinion, based upon my research as well as my own experiences in Life as well as within this man’s possible motives. I did open a bottle and for some, they cannot handle that someone else may be questioning someone they have adored. Sadly, rather than simply agreeing that we disagree, they resort to name calling and horrific comments that I couldn’t even publish. As you’ve said, they resort to angry feedback which sadly, was so roughly worded that I wouldn’t allow other readers to read the “raunch” especially, younger readers.

                  I do hope though that people will read other entries of mine which are not related to Ralph Smart. I have opened a bottle on him but, I’ve also got some wonderful content as well. All, of course, my own opinion only.

                  Thank you, Juha. I never cease to learn from your comments. 🙂 Blessings!


                  1. Ponderinglifetoo, I see you.
                    There is common sense in the world. It is our nature to question things. We have the legality to express how we feel. We have our rights to think. So have you, I and the one who disagrees. I don’t favor you or anybody else. It just seem to be so easy to get hooked up while there is all that enormous amount of demands for spirituality like the whole thing “spirituality” was kind of new fashion, like sort of cool thing among Playstation games. When I listen carefully what those spiritual teachers say, according all my knowing about life and near death experiences, I have to agree they are and are not on the spot. Their messages for us is positive. Yes that’s the way. When ever charging people with their abilities they eat their own heart and it is the very best way to loose those precious gifts what was given them as a blessing from loving God. It is sad direction. Like a slap into face who loves you more you will ever understand. A long long time before YouTube was even born this was the crucial basics point within spirituality among awakened ones. To end now I wish you readers listen a song once more. With your heart. Let it be.


  29. As a spiritual path walker who is reaching the end of this life time probably quite soon as I’m not very young any more, please let me add my view of some things around. My first an other dimension experiences started over 50 years ago. I’m not going into details cause it would need writing a book. For short I’ve been meditating decades, read relegious and spiritual stuff available since childhood and have had through these years a very painful but also beautiful journey travelling the planet earth quite a bit. From what I have learned there is one thing that is sacred to me based the in the state of spiritual awakening I’m at. It is very simple. If there is someone who ever needs my help in any form I will do my best. I will give myself for it. Asking nothing back. Zero. Nothing. Even though when I’m nowadays very poor man and I have to struggle to pay my bills. Why? Just because it comes from heart, not from my ego. The feeling is pure and light and I know deep inside that is my way to do it. Not expecting a penny back. I’m not relegious, not new age type of person. I’m an ordinary human being. Jesus did not charge anything. I’m not him and I don’t need to be but when I see this and that new age youngster charging for their help I feel sad. The reason is because the greed doesn’t fit into heart of love. It really is that simple. I’ve been told that I should start my own business with healing. No doubt I could rise my bank account. No, I can’t do it that way. My heart would cry. Instead choosing a poor mans way to help when asked or needed with no charging at all gives how ever something back though there wasn’t expected anything. It is love in his/her eyes, love in my heart and love spreading outwards like ripples on the surface of the pond. A miracle happens. In that miracle there is no space such of things like paper called money. I’m not saying it is wrong if somebody charges. I’m saying how I feel to do and what is my own experience of doing so, nothing more. What comes Mr Smart, I can understand he needs living as we all do. Does he need millions? He knows weather yes or not. What comes about his YouTube channel, it is free for everyone. There have been huge amount of his own time and work to produce all those videos. My way suits for me. Someone other choose the way that suits for he or she. As told in hundreds of NDEs all what only counts is love your neighbor. All the very best for everyone and love yourself!
    PS your little corner seems to be rather an deep ocean from we all can learn


  30. Just to say, I think Ralph Smart is one of the best spiritualists on the Internet. His work and words are a simplified, easy to understand breakdown of historic geniuses like Helena Blavatsky. If you listen to other modern geniuses like Michael Tsarion you will see that he makes very complicated concepts nice and simple to listen to and he has the same high understanding opinions as people such as this.

    This blog, quite simply, it’s an attack. Was it a justified attack? No. If you’re familiar with Blavatsky, Tsarion, Freud, Nietzsche etc you’ll have no doubt Infinite Waters is definitely a place to come and get wise.

    Keep up the incredible work Ralph …

    My only complaint is some of the later videos can come across a little pretentious, sorry. I don’t think Ralph is pretentious but I can understand how some people might think that .

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    1. Thank you for your response, Lee. Much appreciated. You do realize thatBlavatsky, Tsarion, Freud, Nietzsche etc. were not trying to sell you something, right? Though Smart is coming across as though he’s doing this all out of the goodness of his heart in “wanting to help people”, please take a look at his website where people are saying that they cannot afford one of his sessions but, need his help and he says, “let me know when you want to book an appointment”…copied and pasted style. If you think that is code for his wanting to waive his fees, think again. I tried it once. There was NO fee waiving no matter how much I pleaded (simply out of curiosity and to prove a point to myself BEFORE I wrote this piece). And, you were right on target in finding Ralph “pretentious” in his later videos. The reason being is that he has been trying to find a formula whereby he can keep viewers, watching, interested but, not have anything to back up his claims (i.e.: opening up your pineal gland…who can prove that?) Have you watched Teal Swan? Ralph has had her on his videos a few times. I’ve watched her as well. It was great at first but, she went off track with me by contradicting herself in many ways in both the same and different videos.
      By all means, Lee…keep on watching Ralph if that’s what gets you through a day. You have a right to your opinion but, you must also accept the fact that I have a right to mine as well. After all, isn’t that what Smart would want you to do? Peace, Love, Light and Blessings.


  31. HI, I’ve watched about a week on and off of his videos and agree. I liked him much better in the Beginning! In one he says look at my hair…but I liked it. He just seemed so much more in tune and sincere. Once I saw the slow motion thing, my mind went alert, alert this is some type of cognitive trigger and I do not like it.

    That’s how I saw this link, trying to figure out what he’s doing. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. I very much appreciate your commenting. Yes, there is something up with this man and it’s not in our best interests that he’s doing this. He’s got a great marketing ploy going on and knows how to use it. Blessings, Love and Light and many thanks for your comment.


  32. I much appreciate many of his free videos. Regardless of any diplomas or not, he’s the model “positive neighbour” I never had, always with a simple comforting thought that stops me from focusing on the meaningless ego-driven conflicts in daily life. Whether he’s made millions on this or not, doesn’t bother me. A private face-to-face therapy with a licenced psychologist hasn’t done that much for me, unfortunately. Honestly, some of your phrases seem (at least to me) quite harsh and judgy, but I understand you’re concerned about his viewers. I understand you may have a different view and it’s ok.

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  33. What Ralph has done with his life, and the success he’s had makes you envious and bitter. That’s pretty clear by what you wrote, and the tone of your prose. I suggest you spend your energy fighting REAL charlatans rather than good people who instill hope and positivity.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Shawn. What I have written has expressed my point of view (not hatred..as I’ve said, I was a fan of his for a long time as well). I need not explain it any further. You, of course, are free to continue following him. You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine.
      Many blessings to you and yours.


    1. Hi David:

      I am not at all “jealous” as you question. Ralph Smart is a topic that I chose to write about for several reasons.

      Why does my piece bother YOU so much, David?

      Thank you for commenting though. Much appreciated.

      Love and Light, Blessings to you.


  34. I`m not a subscriber of his channel but began to watch him 2 months ago.
    I`ve been suffering from depression since I`m 16 (now 29).
    I must say a lot of his speech makes sense and you don`t want to hear this but he helped me out of deep shit.
    I would pay this man 100bucks if he asks me…

    The most important advices were:
    1. breath the prana(go into the forest and breath deep) —> it made click in my head
    2. eat veggies/fruit. don`t eat shit. —>succeed after 3 weeks to feel better

    A lot of it just repeats….like how to avoid other peoples energies and so on. All in whole I`m glad I found him. I go on watching him if I feel bad again….don`t put the blame on me.
    Hope you don`t grief too much on that answer. 🙂

    All good to you guys.


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    1. I am so happy that he has resonated with you so well and helped you through a really rough time. We all need a boost out of our troubles and if he did that for you…I am so very, very happy to hear that. 🙂

      Like I said, he made sense to me as well at first. I am just happy to hear that you found someone who was able to help you see some light in a dark tunnel. Kudos and all of my very best wishes.

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  35. Unfortunately another one who preys on the weak and mentally ill for cash, he does have a charming personality and schtik no doubt, but 350 pounds and hour…even a consultation with a private neurologist for example is cheaper. Also if no credentials found as a psychologist, what responsibility he can take for his “consultations”? it is needed to be checked if he makes people sign for a confidential agreement or something like this for his private sessions, if so- you can be sure that he is a scammer 100%. i saw his website- all new age recycled material.
    Also he did several videos with Teal Swan, another narcissistic scammer that tells people in her videos that suicide is like pressing a RESET button (no! it is not!), so i do not know…
    I see that most comments are so “positive” even if not agreeing and mine seems…not so, it is because i am so sick of people like this taking advantage of mentally ill people. lonely and desperate that seek for some comfort and people like that just reinforce their illusions and by that- are preventing people of getting real help, help that can really make them better and deal with the real world.

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    1. I can agree with you on what you’ve said here.

      I cannot find anything to substantiate his claims of being a psychologist anywhere. He very well might be and I am not discounting that. I just can’t find anything that substantiates his claim of being one.

      I also cannot figure out just want it is that he does during one of his Skype sessions that requires such a high fee. Even regular psychologists don’t charge that much.

      If he’s going to charge that type of money, he’d better be giving people The Meaning of Life.

      This man has found a niche and he does it very well. He’s also gotten extremely wealthy from it and admits that he’s a millionaire now because of it.

      That said, a previous commenter, has said that Smart helped him through a rough time in his life via his free videos. I’m sure that we can all get something out of Smart’s free videos but, as you’ve said…eventually, they became extremely repetitive and are remaining so to this day. There’s only so much New Age Recycling that one can do in such frequent videos. He’s going to run out of them sooner or later. It will be interesting to see what he turns to then.

      Thank you for your comment.


  36. I completely agree with you, you should really spread this (it’ll be useful to the 750.000 subscribers and all the viewers)

    I’ve been watching his videos until I noticed that it was the same speech no matter the topic… I feel like he’s repeating the same thing over and over again…anyway, I stopped watching..don’t need it anymore

    thanks for your article

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  37. I respect your article. Your opinion is very important.
    So in my opinion (but I think you’ll agree) our society is very negative based. “IF you DON’T do this, IF you DON’T buy that, IF your opinion isn’t uniform to the majority” etc.
    Even the vegan movement on youtube, which essentially should be about not harming anybody (I’m a vegan myself) has turned grim & rude. Full of gossip & veganism has become a hateful-trend.
    So to me, people like Smart here, are giving/reminding me of just HOW to even THINK happy thoughts. Because he doesn’t participate in the rudeness. Retells me how it was I used to think. How I used to be positive.

    & even the best of scientists have come out & admitted, that nothing is final. Because we are humans, & our nature is to move forward, & always learn. & for me, just realizing that there is no Truth, to just relax & acknowledge others opinions, oh it’s gold. It helps me destress.


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    1. I am glad that you get something out of Smart’s videos. I did too. It’s all as you say, positive stuff and I lapped it up even in binge watching his videos. No doubt whatsoever.

      I have no issues with his videos or him making money. Everyone is entitled to make money from something or other that they do and do well.

      What I do have issues with is that I’ve yet to find a source that tells me where he did his training as a psychologist or whether his claims are unsubstantiated or falsely stated/self-proclaimed only.

      Secondly, I have an issue with the price that he charges for one of his “sessions” that are sketchy as to their nature at best. The pricing is double and even triple what a regular psychologist would charge for a session so, it’s making me dubious as to what he really is selling the public.

      No doubt, his videos are calming. I cannot deny that as I swallowed them. Where I do take issue now is (as you’ve so rightfully said, in his pushing for Veganism…which I believe should be done not because someone tells you it’s the way to live but, because it’s what you believe should be right for you and your life or for all sorts of other personal reasons….not because someone tells you to do it as a New Age type of lifestyle/belief. There’s nothing wrong with being Vegan and I take no stance on Vegan eating as long as it’s not pushed upon me when I’m not ready or haven’t gotten my own reasons for doing it. Smart seems to push it.

      As for “truth”…I agree. There is none except what one believes is their “truth” and that will vary as we grow and learn as humans and souls. At least, that’s what I’ve been learning as I go along Life’s Path as well.

      Thank you very much for your comment. It’s very much appreciated that you’ve taken the time to not only read my blog entry but, also cared enough to comment.

      Blessings 🙂 XO


      1. So surprised of your annoyance of Mr. Smart? In watching his videos don’t think it necessary for him to elevate his degree in psychology given that he’s speak on life lessons that are widely available in print and social media, to name two. Secondly, as for the cost to render his service, Mr. Smart has the right to charge what he’d like and his audience has the right to reject or accept his terms. Third, why judge that anyone using his service is pathetically helpless? Last, but definitely not least, Mr. Smart frequent mention that he is a vegan, does not move me to start or stop eating meat or diary, but gives me an insight on how he lives his life. I enjoy Mr. Smart because of his calm nature…much of his information is old hat for me, but listening reminds me there is a healthier path and it’s up to me to seek and reap the benefits…or not.

        Why do you find it necessary to cast negativity and doubt? Perplexing.

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        1. Hi John. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It means that you took the time to read and think about what I’ve written…even if we might not agree on points. It’s much appreciated.

          First of all, let me ask you something. If you go to a dentist, doctor, mechanic or any other profession that requires a license or degree of some sort, would you simply take their word for it or, would you not wish to see that diploma, degree, license etc., posted somewhere?

          Smart is claiming to be a psychologist. His “sessions” are based upon the idea that he is, as he claims, a psychologist. I feel that warrants some sort of reasonable indication of his claim. That might simply be my need to know but, in light of the fact that he’s not claiming to be an author or speaker and coming from that vantage point but, rather a psychologist then, it only seems appropriate that his viewers, clients (for his session especially) have the right to feel that he is what he’s claiming that he is. Please, by all means, if you know of his degree and where he got that PhD, share it with me and I will edit my piece to suit that knowledge.

          Secondly, the cost that Smart charges for his sessions are above and beyond what any normal working Jane/Joe can afford. Even a regular psychologist’s session doesn’t cost that much so, what is it that he’s giving people during those sessions should they pay him that astronomical fee? For that kind of money, it should be something more than a 7 Day Vegan Challenge push and some New Age advice in my mind.

          You mention that you don’t see why I would assume “that anyone using his service is pathetically helpless”. Pathetically helpless are your terms and not mine but, let me put it this way. No one goes for “help” to someone if they are totally or even reasonably happy in their lives, do they? For someone who is having issues in their lives (no matter what they may be) and to pay that kind of money for a session with him, they’d have to be fairly desperate in my mind…or, at the least, extremely wealthy and out for a hoot to fill in time. I cannot see people going for one of Ralph’s sessions to say, “I’m doing well in my life, have a lot of money and am just coming to you because I’m filling in time,” can you? What else can be concluded? Please share if you have other ideas. I’m more than willing to listen and discuss your thoughts on this further.

          As for him not turning you Vegan, good for you. I’m happy to hear that you’re not that swayed by his constant referral/advertising towards the Vegan lifestyle. Kudos to you for that. Unfortunately, many are not quite as strong minded about things as you are. A lot of people are looking for ways out of their pain and can be swayed by Smart’s “commercials” for the Vegan Diet and Lifestyle. They will do everything that they can to feel better. Smart promotes that type of thinking in everything that he says, does and sells it seems. Again though, where are his qualifications? I’ve yet to see proof of them. He’s not even a registered dietician/nutritionist who can lead people into eating the Vegan diet in a healthy way with proper supplementation of essential nutrients that cannot be gotten from plant sources. (Another blog entry were I to want to do one on it…which I don’t at this moment.)

          I’m happy to hear that you find him calming. As I’ve said many times in responses to other commenters and in this piece, I also found him calming…at first and binge watched his videos until it became abundantly clear that not only were they pretty repetitive in nature, frequently done but, also New Age-y. When he left the psychology realm to get into manifesting, that’s when I clued into the idea that Smart had found a recipe that sold his wares and was really not much more. That’s as far as I’m concerned, not that I’m trying to force anyone else to feel as I do about him, his sales or anything else I’m saying in my piece about him.

          All of that said now in response to your points and in explanation, is there any question as to why I find Mr. Smart rather less than on the up and up and not just a fantastic sales person? In my estimation, he’s preying upon people who are in some form of disarray within themselves or their lives or they wouldn’t be following him. That’s even more true for those who pay what I consider as his extortion fees for his sessions. That has me feeling unsettled because not all will be as strong as you appear to be in deciding what you can follow or what not to follow. As you’ve said, this is all “old hat” for you. For others, it’s not. It’s all new and a potential life-line. Take a look at a previous commenter who said he was suicidal. That’s not something that an online, un-substantiated, self-proclaiming “psychologist” should be there for in my world and mind. And, if he is going to keep claiming he is what he says that he is, he needs to provide proof of that in one way or another, not just make a verbal and written claim with nothing to substantiate it. Or, perhaps it’s all coming from simply the “Infinite Being”.

          Just as much as you claim that Smart has his right to do and say what he wants to do and say and you not question his motives or reasons, why would you feel the need to question mine and my ability to say what I think and feel? That is perplexing to me.

          Thank you for your comment. Again, much appreciated and *IF* you are able to find his credentials as being a real psychologist, please share them with me and I will edit my piece.

          Sincerely and with best wishes.
          Love and Light


    1. Tami thank you for your comment.

      In every one of Ralph Smart’s videos, he does a facial motion where he moves his face to one side, eyes closed and says “mmmmm”. Then, he takes it to the other side and says, “slow motion” and mimics a slow motion version of his “mmmmm” motion on the other side. That is what is meant by that. If you haven’t seen it, perhaps watching one of his videos will show you what I am talking about, especially his earlier versions.

      Thanks again for commenting. Truly appreciated.


    2. In order to get sponsorship money you have to be giving somebody something that they want, which you don’t. Perhaps if you tried spreading some positivity instead of being the world’s critic you might get more people to subscribe to what you say

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      1. Shawn, once again, thank you for your comment on my piece. However, I am not interested in making money off of people nor, how much readership I get or don’t get. I give my opinion, write my piece from research and it’s purely up to the reader to read or not read.
        Given your apparent dislike for my pieces on Ralph Smart, I have to wonder if you’ve read any of my other pieces or whether your fascination with anything written about Mr. Smart has trapped you into following only those pieces? I’ve written far more than about Mr. Smart. If you find me a “critic” and you’re wanting more of Mr. Smart…please, by all means, go back and watch more of him. If your only aim is to lurk around my blog to criticize me, please realize that you are doing far more critiquing of someone than I have done with Mr. Smart.
        Be well. Love and Light to you and yours.


  38. Spiritual teachers that are on youtube including many others, Are and only one thing…. They are nothing more than positive thinking coaches, and this serves no purpose to already positve thinking peoples.. i m a spiritualist and a reiki master/teacher. i also practice meditation and i have my belifes, However over the years seeking further knowledge ive come to understand that all theses teachers on youtube as well as teachers of the so called new age religtion, including yoga masters, spiritual teachers ect have nothing to offer in terms of spirituality and spiritual knowledge? When we listen to people like Ralph smart, Teal swan and others’ and peel back the positive coaching or thinking side of it’ we are left with nothing more than speculation of previous old ideas of spirituality that have been known since ancient times? I agree with this article completely about such Teachers, Guru’s, Advisers ect who are simply waiting for vulnerable people who are either uneducated, misinformed, weak minded or simply wanting help as they feel theres no other option left for them? is truly shocking…. so back to the begining again to the topic…
    If people feel they need a thinking coach? then many people will watch Ralph’s videos and get much teachings, but how many people actually click on his website after watching 5-8 videos? simply because theres no need when everything you need to know on positive thinking is in the vidoes themselves… But as a spiritualist, reiki practitioner and master, his information on Enlightenment, Spirituality, Ascension, Aura reading, Chaka opening, 3rd eye activation, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect and other claims… is’ shall i say’….school boy stuff.. as far as spiritual knowledge is concerned.. One would think i was dealing with a spiritual master?. i agree charging £350 for say a hour of spiritual knowledge and teaching is crazy concidering that he is nothing more than a counselling psychologist??
    and if we say’ rather than an hour of spiritual teaching? and instead we want an hour of a positive thinking coaching lesson? i would still say £350 is still to much…
    Futher more i like to point out by charging to much and picking on the weak goes completely against all spiritual teachings…. what i mean to say is.. taking from the weak is an act of negativity. praying on vulnerable people is also a negitive act, pretending to be someone else for self gains and lieing to ones self and others is a negitive act.. thus is only fueling the Ego’ thus these people can not be truly Enlightened or Spiritual or have others interests at heart???

    I would say Ralph is a trained psychologist and is using his knowlage and a technique called… Positive Relation Understanding… In other words’ he uses common words, wording and phrases of today in the situations in a positive way you can relate too, rather than how it is writen in the psychologist text book thats in a manner of boring or confusing to the normal people. and thats why from a positive thinking stand point? makes sense… but from a spiritual stand point, and putting positivity aside? wheres the knowledge???

    We must all remember that true enlightenment, inner healing and inner power does not need to promote or gloat.. and becareful when seeking advise? on all matters?

    Peace, love and light

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    1. Nicely said Ian. I totally agree with the message that you have given in your comment.

      Unfortunately, as you have also said, there are many out in this world who have not done the research, courses etc. and are truly lost and vulnerable. They will seek out a smooth talker such as Smart and may even pay the funds Smart asks for out of desperation. It’s all very sad.

      I have noted the progression Smart has made from his early videos to his later, “new age-y” style where he has learned the catch-phrases that society wants to hear and will sell his sessions.

      From his beginnings, Smart tried numerous other avenues to make money but, didn’t succeed. I’ve yet to find anywhere that shows Smart’s degree as a psychologist. That’s not to say that he isn’t one but, it’s questionable when someone proclaiming to be a psychologist does not reveal where he did his degree and training.

      Thank you for taking the time to point out what you have pointed out so nicely. Points well received. I hope others read your comment.


    2. Really don’t understand how you’ve made the fantastic leap that Mr. Smart…repeating your words is, “taking from the weak. praying on vulnerable people and pretending to be someone else for self gains and lieing to himself.” Do you believe in the free market enterprise? Do you always buy the cheapest or do you indulge in personal preference? With your philosophy do you think Starbucks is taking advantage of its customers considering their venti (large) latte cost as much as a pound of beans? Or why buy a Mercedes Benz, when you can purchase at least 4 cheaper cars that are new in its place. The Dollar store sells ceramic plates for a dollar are other highend stores taking advantage of its customers? Do you feel bad for them as well? Lastly, spiritually thinking…it’s so refreshing to hear positive notes…and for free.


      1. Dear John…I’ve already responded to another of your comments on this piece. It’s very obvious that for whatever the reason, you have made quite the emotional investment in not only my piece but, more so in Ralph Smart and his videos and enterprises.

        It’s quite obvious to me and likely others, reading these comments that you’re quite keen to defend Mr. Smart for what might seem like a bit of an obsessive tendency towards him.

        Again, just as you are arguing that he has the right to make money off of people, I am making NOTHING off of my pieces, not even sponsorship monies. Yet, you appear to be taking offence to my words, thoughts and piece about Ralph Smart. My question to you would have to be why my pieces would bother you so greatly but, Smart’s “right” to do what he does and get rich off of doing so, including preying on people who are perhaps, lost in their lives or within themselves is not offensive to you?

        Why? Perhaps, asking yourself that question and giving an answer to me with that, might help me to understand or comprehend your reasoning. Until then, I will withhold giving you a debate on the issues that you’ve raised here. That was not part of my piece and I have already answered your other questions in another response.

        Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.

        Again…Love and Light, Blessings and Well Wishes.


  39. Haven’t you noticed that his youtube videos are completely free? He has TONS of helpful great videos. He’s doing what he loves and there is nothing wrong with making a living. If he is charging a price for sessions, he has every right to earn a living. He’s not forcing anyone to pay what he is asking. You know, he might even be flexible on pricing if you asked. But, if you haven’t asked, then don’t accuse. I’m thankful for his insightful videos. I like him, but I don’t pay him for anything.

    Just appreciate what he does give for free. ❤

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    1. Yes, Positive, I have noticed that his Youtube videos are free. Every video on Youtube is free. I’m sure that you’re not alone in loving his channel and what he has to say. There was a time when I was also very interested in all that he had to say. However, you do realize that he does get money for sponsorship of his videos as well as the promotion of his “sessions”.

      The real issue that I have is that there is NO documentation of him being a psychologist or any credentials that I can find to justify these very, very costly sessions that he promotes with him. A regular psychologist cannot and does not charge this fee. His videos and self-promotion are the only reason that he can even attempt to get that kind of money.

      That said, I will say that yes, of course, everyone who is certified for a profession is open to making money. The amount of money that he charges for these sessions is ludicrous in my mind…even for a professional…which has been unsubstantiated.

      If you are aware of anywhere (other than his own words) as to his PhD as a psychologist please comment again with a link to it. I’d be more than pleased to see it. I’ve looked and been yet to find any.

      With sincerest best wishes.


      1. Does a shaman have a nice shiny diploma hanging on his wall? Nope. I don’t wait for government approval to learn from those who are wise. You seem to like to keep saying that you were once a follower of his videos and now that you no longer follow is videos you’ve somehow wizened up to his scam and therefore are smarter all of his viewers. The only person you’re insulting is yourself. Spiritual? No, you’re not. You’re a critic.

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        1. Shawn, you do realize that you are spewing out dislike towards my point of view in my pieces, you are also spewing out “hatred” and therefore, displaying a great lack of spirituality, yourself? Perhaps, Mr. Smart hasn’t done his job properly then?
          Best of wishes, love and light.


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