Will Donald Trump Ruin America And Ties With The World As President?


I am Canadian and even I can agree that there was no real great choice between Clinton and Trump for Americans in this election which also caused unprecedented numbers of independent votes.  Neither were ideal candidates by any means of the word.  Unfortunately, Americans seemed so disenchanted with Obama’s 8 year reign in power that they decided to duck Clinton and go against the Democrats.  It was hard to watch and even harder to swallow the outcome.

As a Canadian, we do have a stake in whomever gets in as president of the U.S.A.. Trump is easily coming across as huge Trouble for not only Canadians and Mexicans but, for the world.  Trouble should be spelled with a capital “T” because this man knows no boundaries.  His acceptance speech wreaked of insincerity and an “I’ll do what I want anyway” air even though the words spoken were sounding conciliatory.

Other countries around the globe are concerned as well. Even France’s president spoke of fear and that he and his country are hoping for the best but, fearing the worst.  They all smell danger in this man but, hope that they are wrong and can work with him…a potentially hard feat for such a hard-headed man who made his way to the top of the political ladder by sheer brute force and unabashed ignorant promises and policies.

There’s a lot to potentially be lost by the U.S. in having Trump as their president.  He will represent America to the rest of the world in all conceivable ways.  The most frightening could be in military terms.  We all know that he’s a “hot head” who says and does whatever his brain comes up with at that moment.  That’s not a comforting thought for the entire globe, let alone the country, itself.

Of course, there are his staunchest supporters who didn’t simply cast a rebel vote against the Obama Administration or the Democrats but, those who truly love and want Trump’s type of thinking and are willing to overlook his many ill-conceived ideals and ideas.  They are the ones who will pump their fists in the air to defend this multi-billionaire’s stances on just about everything, including women, Latinos, Blacks and having Mexico pay to build a wall across the border of the two countries.  They are the ones who will be raring to slam what I’m writing here.  That is understood and expected from such thinking styles.

There’s only 2 hopes now for The U.S. and the world.  Either Trump learns that being president of such a powerful country doesn’t give him carte blanche to do what he wants, whenever he wants, saying whatever he wants to say it and to whom or, he’s impeached.  There is a high bet that there could potentially end up being assassination attempts on Trump.  Let’s hope not because no one deserves that and no one would want to have another Kennedy situation on their hands however, he’s made and will continue to make enemies so, it’s a conceivable possibility.  He could be his own worst enemy in that arena, backed by his staunchest supporters.

Last night, Canada’s Immigration Site crashed as likely thousands of Americans started seeing the unbelievable reality that Trump was going to win this election and wanting out of the U.S..  It’s likely that cooler heads will prevail shortly and, it was simply a knee-jerk reaction to the unexpected news that Trump truly was in the lead and would likely win.  In coming days, people will go back to their lives…at least until the exchange of power has been handed over in January 2017 from Obama to Trump.  By then, most will have accepted the reality that Trump is their president and they will have to wait and see what he does first, next and thereafter in that role.  Bets are pouring in though that there will be major goof-ups that will affect not only the U.S. but, also the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Russian President, Vladimir Putin and caucus, popped the cork on a bottle of champagne yesterday to toast Trump’s win.  Is that saying something?

A lot of people around the globe couldn’t believe that Trump had made it as far as he did let alone that he would go on to become president.  Yet, he did.  It’s frightening and it’s sad that the world has to bite their fingernails and try to get a meeting with him before he does much damage.  At the least, they hope to garner an understanding with Trump as to where each country stands, what will be tolerated and what won’t.  It will likely be polite meetings right now but, as time goes on, lines and boundaries will be set by each country.  Trump is sure to make some enemies for both himself and America within a short period of time.

One thing is for certain.  As powerful a nation as the U.S. is, it is not an island.  It needs the rest of the world for its survival as a whole.  If Trump ticks off enough of the world, America won’t be “great” by any means.  It will be a living hell for not only Americans but, for the world as a whole.  Trump had better step into office on the right foot and continue to tow the line or he could put America in line for a lot of  heartache and trouble.  There won’t be an “I told you so” strong enough to back that train up once it starts.

Hillary made mention of “the ceiling” in her concession speech that could have one wondering if she has knowledge that she’s keeping close to her chest for the moment?

“Now I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling,” Clinton said with determination in her eyes. “but someday someone will, and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.”

As people took to the streets of several major American cities in protest over Trump’s win for differing reasons with more protests planned, one can only hope that there’s light that will be shed on that possibly, mysterious message that Clinton gave out. One can put 2 and 2 together to come up with 5 or, one can assume that there’s something there that’s being held for now.  I’m not sure which way it was meant but, time will tell.

From my little corner of life, we have a long road of wait and see ahead with Trump at the helm and my bet is that there’s Trouble brewing and will show up within weeks of him getting into the Whitehouse.  It’s sad and wishing all of my American friends well…along with the rest of the globe.  This is going to be one bumpy ride so, hang onto your hats.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

7 thoughts on “Will Donald Trump Ruin America And Ties With The World As President?

  1. It’s all perspective. To save the United States we need true love like in really loving this nation. Everyone needs to re-read the constitution and get an understanding of what is truly happening. The truth does matter! Maybe thats why people are afraid of the truth, we need to guard against falsehoods replacing the truth and love will return. Again the truth does matter. I believe Trump will shed the light that will shine and show all the rats exsisting in Washington D.C. that are lying, stealing and enslaving the citizenry. Give him a chance. We as Americans have to love our country to save it. Remember these words, John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” and these, “There is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.” ― Thomas Jefferson

    Love and Peace to all,



    1. I can’t disagree with you at all that love tends to close gaps and heal. It heals not only countries but, people. Great point there that you’ve made Johnny. Thank you for the very respectful and insightful comment.

      I’m not sure whether you’ve been keeping up with the latest news regarding President Elect Trump or not but, it seems that he’s “back-tracking” already on what he promised his voters/followers already like any other politician has done prior to him. His words during campaigning were not those of “love” exactly. His want to build a “wall” (now said to not be a physical wall, unlike what he was saying during campaigning) was that of intolerance to an entire nation of peoples in Mexico. His remarks about Muslims and not allowing them into the country. His women bashing with vulgar language and judgements, were not that of “love” in my mind anyway. And, the list is nearly endless as to what he’s said that has demonstrated intolerance towards almost everything and anything that he deemed as unfitting for America. Even his womanizing and disrespect for women was abhorrent, not just un-loving. Trump seems to encompass everything that isn’t “loving” so, how he’s going to “save the country” with that type of thinking…well…it’s beyond my imagination to comprehend in any logical fashion at this point.

      In my watching of this entire campaign, Trump espoused everything that only the crudest of Americans would espouse. I would hope that most Americans are further advanced in acceptance and tolerance than what Trump portrayed both himself and the country to be. I have many American friends who are loving, thoughtful and distanced themselves greatly from the horrific stances that Trump has taken throughout his campaign.

      Is there dirt under politician’s fingernails? Are they self-serving and dishonest? Of course they are. However, having said that, Trump is no different in that aspect. There’s a field of dirt under his fingernails even as a business man that will only translate into the political arena as well. If he runs his political office in the same way that he runs his business and personal life, he will not only be no different than any other politician in office, in Washington but, perhaps, worse. I think I will write another piece about his business dealings and lawsuits against it and him to demonstrate this point. Thank you for giving me the next topic to research and write about.

      As for the constitution. I will not knock the American Constitution because it is the foundation for America but, let me just make mention that it was written and signed , almost 300 years ago, during a differing set of circumstances, time, need and may not be able to be translated fully towards today’s America. No one will touch that with a 10′ pole of course but, is it really as valuable today as it was in the 1700’s when it was written? Has America not evolved since then in any way? Those are questions that make one think and ponder or, at least, one would hope.

      Thank you for your comment. It is greatly appreciated for your time and energy and thought. I, like everyone else, now have no choice but to wait and see what Trump will and won’t do as well as to give him a chance. I think we will come to some conclusion as to the job he will do and what he does to America within a rather short period of time. Let’s hope for the best now.


      1. Remember truth is the key and the MSM has not been truthful. When the freedom of the press is compromised the citizenry is denied that truth. If you study our history well, you can see why we our on a collision course with reality. Americans wake up from slumber and fight for liberty. Please listen again to President Kennedy and what he said shortly before he was assassinated. Clinton was status quo, same course backed by special interests which hate liberty. Trump for true change and a chance to give liberty a chance. We our not in this mess because of Trump. This is because of all the lies leading up to this. Give Trump a chance this might be the last chance. He will need all our prayers. Love will conquer hate, so please truly love America and give liberty a chance.
        Please listen yourself to President Kennedy’s words 53 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp4oMaqaY0hIoT9jafj1g8g

        Love and Peace to all,



        1. Hi Again Johnny:

          Unfortunately, even President Kennedy, as wise as he was, was not without “political sin” or personal “sin”. The Kennedy family also held a great deal of power in the U.S. not only at that time but well beyond that as well. Money speaks volumes.

          As for Clinton, I wish to ask you why you feel that she was “status quo” above and beyond any other politician within the government?

          Equally, I wish to know why you feel that Trump is there for “true change” when he’s already backing down on a few of his key promises to voters and going the way that most politicians go. He got himself into office and during a very recent interview, set to air early next week, when asked if he felt that his rhetoric might have stirred up division within the country, fear, etc., his answer was “no! I won!” To me, his answer is one of “I got what I wanted,” versus a real and genuine interest in changing America. It also spoke of self-serving motives.

          You speak of the trouble not being there because of Trump but because of previous “lies”. That is likely true and more to the point, it is likely true that it wasn’t Trump, himself that voters voted for nor, his policies but, rather that he came around at a time when people wanted change and he played on that fact. However, let me ask you. Do you not think that Trump has effectively added fuel to that already brewing fire to propel him into a position he wanted to get to as badly as Clinton and every other candidate wanted to get to as well?

          Love truly does have healing qualities and properties but, Trump did the opposite by using hatred, fear, racism, sexism and so much more. He did indeed, do the opposite to get where he wanted to be. He did not use love and still isn’t so, I would have to question how he will be able to conquer hate when he’s spreading it with racism, walls, fear and threats of abolishing trade with other countries?

          Love and Light, Blessings Johnny and thank you again for commenting. Very much appreciated and heard.


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