Why Do Vegans Proselytize


I’ve had it up past my ear lobes with Vegans lately, trying to turn Society into Apostles of Veganism.  Do they not realize that it’s akin to having a religious cult coming to us and trying to get us to convert to their religion?  It’s annoying to say the least. To say it as it is, I’m ready to strangle the next Vegan who tries to spout off how superior they are for their menu choices.

By all means, if strawberries, almond milk and quinoa are your thing, eat it until you look like one or many of them.  I won’t stop you.  I honestly don’t care what you eat or don’t eat.  That’s your choice.  Remember that point.  It’s not mine.  Get it….it’s not my eating choices.  It’s yours.

Yes, I know you’re going to spout off in great detail as to how inhumanely animals are raised and slaughtered.  Don’t bother bringing out the Power Point presentation as I’ve heard it all before.  Really…I have.

Hormones and chemicals secreted in meats and dairy products especially, just before slaughter?  Oh, snap…no!  I’ve never heard that before.  I don’t have Google and don’t know how to look things up.  Gosh, I must learn how to do that.  Maybe, I haven’t eaten enough Acai?

I’m not about to get into the entire debate about eating whatever and the arguments one can bring out on both sides of the coin. However, I do know a few people who have put their cats on a Vegan/Vegetarian diet (obligate carnivores for their systems) and the cats died.  Wonder why?  I also know people who have put their small children, babies and toddlers onto Vegan/Vegetarian eating patterns and not supplied the necessary supplements as they grew so, the children have health issues now.  Again…wonder why?  To add one further point, I know Vegans/Vegetarians who will go to great lengths to spew out how we are saving animals, they love animals etc. but, will not have a cat, dog, fish, bird or any other form of animal nor, take them into their care because “they make messes in their homes”.  Just “WOW” is all that I can say when they get to that point.

Let me say this as simply as I can.


There, I’ve said it.  I’m sure that I’m not alone in saying what millions of meat eaters want to say but, fear getting into a debate over.

Whether you’ve chosen to be a Vegan, Vegetarian or you’re an Omnivore, you have the right to do what you wish.  It’s your choice but, respect the fact that I have mine and I really and truly do not want you in my face about your eating patterns.  If I want to know about your eating patterns, I will ask you.  You don’t need to ram it down my throat, ok?

Ok.  Enough said.  Point across.

Blessings, Love and Light from my little corner of life.

(Addition Jan. 25, 2017:  Dear Readers, I will no longer be reading, approving or responding to comments on this blog post.  Thank you.)  






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8 thoughts on “Why Do Vegans Proselytize

  1. Do you know what is really anoying? seeing animais being programed as products and having a life similar as torture. Could you imagine when you were born you were programed to live in a cage and even your death was choosed, after this, you would become a meal that prople don’t even need? And also have you ever heard that deforestation is a huge issue, water consumption and also health issues since the meat acidifies the body and make it more easy to brings disease?

    But i agree with you that there are some vegans that are more boring than jehovan wittness, and also are many who really think they are “superior” or “more spiritual” than others, that’s not good at all. But informative veganism is really important, without arrogance, many people started becoming a vegetarian/vegan by others who are spreading out the info’s. But everyone do whatever feels right.

    Just because YOU don’t care what other people think doesn’t mean they shouldn’t speak, with respect of course. If you don’t really get the point what veganism its about, thinking its just a lobe you are misunderstanding this aspect.

    Anyway, i agree with some things that you said… but if people caring about others target you so much you should ask yourself why and consider that your habits have impact in many things, we can’t be stuck in confort zones.

    And your argument “By the way, if animals are doing this much damage to our planet, shall we rid the planet of human beings as well? Humans consume water, pollute, poop and do far worse to the planet” its beyond childish and immature. seems like those children who thosen’t get what they want and scream to their parents hahahahaha.

    By the way… keep doing what you think it’s right for you. But if you keep eating dead animais make sure to remember yourself you kill a lot of innocent beings and also contributes to many aspects of enviment degradation.

    Love and light =)

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    1. Pedro, I thank you for your comment. You argued against yourself in it though. Do you realize that? As politely as you tried to word this comment, you evaded one very important point. HUMANS are destroying more of the earth than animals and yet, you have labelled that comment of mine as “childish and immature, seems like those children who don’t get what they want and scream to their parents…”
      By saying that, you have effectively evaded the entire repercussions of what humans are doing to the earth (without animals or eating animals being involved) and are labelling it as “childish and immature” while ranting on about Vegan Eating like a child who doesn’t get their own way.
      Let me ask you one thing. You state that if I knew how animals were being treated to be eaten as meat, I’d have a different slant (paraphrasing). What makes you think that I don’t know and…did you know that Mankind has been hunting and eating a meat diet since the dawning of man’s time on the planet? Is that different because they were considered “free range” or, because every portion of the animal was used? Are you aware of the fact that a lot of parts of animals are being used in one way or another now still? We’re just not walking around in loin cloths. Whatever parts aren’t being used for meats are being used for other purposes. I’m sure you’ve looked that up though, right?
      If you’d like to re-read what I’ve written, I said that I don’t CARE what YOU eat or don’t eat. Honestly. I don’t need anyone’s eating habits rammed down my throat. Unfortunately, that is what Vegans/Vegetarians do. It’s a CULT-LIKE fad that people are going through (mostly younger people teens, 20’s, 30 somethings with there being some older exceptions). When you can stop ISIS and other radicals from killing other people, THEN, we have something to talk about. Otherwise, your diatribe here is sounding like a (to use your words) “boring Jehovah’s Witness” speech.
      Thanks again for your comment. Eat how you wish, be well and stop preaching your doctrine to others who don’t want to hear it. I’ve heard it all as most of us can say now.
      Best of wishes and thanks again for taking the time to comment.


      1. So your argument about getting rid of humans are mature? do you seriously believe that? how old are you? by the way i didn’t said you must become a vegan/vegetarian.. do whatever you want i said.

        Yes.. mankind used to hunt animais in their natural environment, now they keep’em in cages their whole life to be eated by people who don’t even need their resources. Mankind used to slave people too,mankind used to kill those who think differently, used to kill homosexuals for their being that way, used to kill deficient people who were born “useless”. That mean “change” its a bad thing? Shouldn’t we keep doing all these arcaic things?

        Again,, just because YOU don’t care doesn’t mean there aren’t other people who also don’t care.

        So just matter to you subjects like ISIS? When its about another kind of innocent beings being tortured doesn’t matter and its just a cult-like fashion ? You have a very closed mind and a very cold heart.

        I am not preaching nothing.. .as i said keep doing what you think it’s right for you. But if you keep eating dead animais make sure to remember yourself you contributes to kill a lot of innocent beings and also contributes to many aspects of environment degradation, aceppting or not , FACTS ARE NOT OPINIONS.

        Have a nice day, i am gonna eat a blood-fear-suffering/free food. Good dead meal to you =)

        Love and light =)


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  2. I’m sorry you feel this way, I personally try not to make people feel annoyed, but sadly, the animal farming industry is destroying the Earth, it’s causing deforestation, desserts, water pollution, water shortages, it’s the number one cause of global warming, it’s the reason people are starving in Africa, and it’s just destroying the whole world. Not to mention all of the personal diseases it will cause to your body. We just think you might like to know that you could all easily save the world. Because we think you might like to.

    And if we’re a little bit pushy, we’re sorry, but it’s not just your body your destroying, it’s the whole world. Which doesn’t belong to anyone, we’re supposed to share it, and keep it nice. And meat eaters are wrecking it, and spoiling it for the rest of us.

    So we are really annoyed with meat eaters. Sorry.

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    1. Another one who just can’t resist. My point was proven in your comment. Thank you birdielewis.

      (By the way, if animals are doing this much damage to our planet, shall we rid the planet of human beings as well? Humans consume water, pollute, poop and do far worse to the planet. But, let me guess…you’re in your teens, 20’s or early 30’s and full of ideology, gobbling up rhetoric spewed out by underground media circles.)


        1. I do believe that you are fairly young but will eventually have enough life experience to be able to discern for yourself what is right for you and that others will not agree with your thoughts/thinking/patterns. Life experience will teach you that you have a right to your point of view but, you cannot ram that down other people’s throats then wonder why they are upset towards you. This is not anger as much as it is frustration with having the type of stance that you’ve taken in spite of me having tried to tell you that I don’t want to hear it. There’s a difference. You’ll come to figure that out sooner or later. Best of wishes to you as well, dear.


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