I Know Who My REAL Friends Are


I know who my real friends are because…they are there for me when I’m down, not just when THEY are down. They are there when I need an ear, shoulder/help, not just when THEY need them. They are the first to say, “yes” when I need help, even if I don’t ask because they know that I do it for them. They are there to share the good things that happen too, not just call me or come to my door when something is going wrong and they need something. They fill me in on what they’ve told me and have been worried about, no matter how it goes because they KNOW that I am concerned for them and, they don’t forget about filling me in or letting me know what happened along the way or, when the storm has passed and they’ve moved on because they know that I will let them know the outcome of my situations too. They call me just to see how I’m doing, not because they have a problem or expect me to do something because it’s “expected” from me. They are as concerned about me as I am about them. They aren’t playing a game, texting someone else or cut me off to take a better phone call or do something else they want to do while I’m pouring out my heart to them because they know that I’m all ears when THEY are pouring out theirs. Most of all, they WANT to be around me and make the effort to do so as I do with them. I know who my true friends are. They do too.

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  1. Dear ponderinglifetoo,
    What could I add? You may already know me..I’m blown out the way you’re on the spot. I’ve done my voluntary work without expectations as I could. But, come on, when we live on earth we should have even a slice of little of respect for us. It belongs our basic needs to be treated somehow. I’m a human being. You are. As long as we live here we are just that and nothing more. It’s life as they say. It depends where and how we see the facts. If it could clear something shortly up where I come from I was badly bullied in school, for years after years. Through army. Through my whole being. Bullied the way it became my own essence. I was a piece of shit and I knew it with my every level of cells. So came time I found myself to be trained street fighter who knocked people easily out. Once in Poland I almost killed a man. My past have ugly situations no one wanted to know the details. For you who maybe now are keen on starting a fight me, relax, I’m blind old man and if it feels you better I also know how it feels to land on the streets with fractured bones painted blood like a crushed cockroach. I come from a wealthy family and I lost it all. While sailing overseas I thought I had again. I eventually lost it all again. There’s times I’ve been a beggar but never a liar. What can I say about friends? After all let me put it shortly like this. I mean overseas and worldwide. The more one have money, the less you can trust of him/her. The more one gives his/her fortune away the more he/she is a guy you really can trust. If you don’t believe me it’s okay.

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      1. Oh, thanks but I must add for your readers Believe Yourself! You’re a professional writer, aren’t you? The amount you have shared and all the ideas are coming from your existing life? How do you get it in short, if you will?

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        1. Thank you for the compliment, Juha and the words of wisdom for both myself and my readers. We ALL need to believe in ourselves, don’t we? If we don’t believe in ourselves, who else can or will?

          As for being a professional writer…well, not exactly a full time writer. I have sold articles, written children’s books and had a newspaper column for a short time but, I am not living off of my writing and getting nothing monetary from writing this blog. It’s purely for my own enjoyment or a hobby.

          As for the pieces coming from my existing life, yes…some of my pieces are from experience or those who are part of my life and have gone into great detail with their stories. Other pieces are researched pieces where I’ve spent a great deal of time researching certain topics then, adding my own opinions to make them “Opinion” pieces. I don’t wish to be a newspaper or news source so, they are purely my own research and opinions. 🙂 There are a lot of differing sources that I get both inspiration as well as facts or the basis for pieces from and they will vary, according to my interests or topics that have evoked a great deal of interest or emotion in me as well as my education from university and further learning on my own, not the least of which, includes reading and watching documentaries etc.. I try to be as balanced as I can in whatever I write or, better said, as “fair” as I can be.

          I hope that answers your questions. If this answer hasn’t answered your questions, write again. I’m here.

          Blessing Juha. Love and Light


    1. I feel the same way as you, Cathy. Of course you are a true friend. Even though we are thousands of miles away, you still care, show it and would help in the blink of an eye. The same holds true on this end. 😘


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