Is Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) The Youtube Sensation Really What He Portrays On His Videos

As a blog writer, it's quite fascinating to watch your stats every day.  There's an entire wealth of information that comes from those figures.  They tell you not only how many people read your blog daily but, also what they read, what they search for on search engines and how much they read of your... Continue Reading →

Keyboard Cowards?

The Alternative viewpoint

Keyboard Cowards

So, what exactly is a “Keyboard Coward” you may be asking yourself right now.

Keyboard Cowards as they’ve been termed by many now are the people who sit behind their computer, tablet or phone screens and type nasty comments to others on the net because they feel anonymous.  There’s safety in their minds when they’re sitting behind a computer screen in their own surroundings, typing away ill-thought comments, swearing or taking aim at someone and yes, even cyber bullying.  These are the “little” people who have no real brains, no real lives and no backbones of their own so, they use the anonymity of the net to fight battles that they normally couldn’t or wouldn’t dare attempt in real life with real people in front of them.  They can also be the ones who are stoned or high or drunk or whatever and seemingly love to troll the net, finding…

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Can We Be Too Empathetic

I empathize.  Actually, I am an empathy-aholic.  There I've said it.  It's not that I do it on a conscious level.  It comes automatically from somewhere deep inside my brain, I suppose.  I think I have some idea of where it comes from and how I got trained into being this way but, it hasn't... Continue Reading →

Possibility of MORE Gilmore Girls To Come On Netflix

Please say it will happen.  Pretty please with sugar on top or perhaps, 4 teaspoons of sugar in an extra strong coffee so that I can type faster. No, this isn't an old story.  This is new in March 2017. Word has it that Netflix's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos has had a preliminary talk about... Continue Reading →

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Isn’t Saying Anything Helpful As A Psychologist Or Otherwise!

The Alternative viewpoint


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) The Youtube God

The more I keep hearing about Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) the more I wonder whether this guy has all of his brain cells, let alone be a real Psychologist.

Take for instance, THIS video on Depression.  Really listen to what he’s saying.

Did you listen?  Still think he’s a “Guru” or “Genius” or “Spiritual Leader” or worse yet, a “Psychologist”?

Take a look at the title of this video.  “A Message To The Depressed People” then, listen to what he’s not saying and what he is saying.

“Depress is really ‘Deep Rest'” he states and goes on to tell his own story about he was over-worked and relationship problems etc..  He talks about his depression being a call for him to “lay down, Ralph”.  Well, he did lay down.  As a matter of fact, he laid down in a…

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New Piece Up Today On My Newest Blog

If you haven't yet visited my latest new blog, please go take a look.  It's usually humorous, filled with a lot of satire and funny sarcasm with a dry, witty sense of humour. Some of the entries will be more serious in tone but, always just an opinion. Enjoy my latest piece/pieces HERE. Be Well,... Continue Reading →

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