New Piece Up Today On My Newest Blog

If you haven’t yet visited my latest new blog, please go take a look.  It’s usually humorous, filled with a lot of satire and funny sarcasm with a dry, witty sense of humour.

Some of the entries will be more serious in tone but, always just an opinion.

Enjoy my latest piece/pieces HERE.

Be Well,

Pondering Life Too

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

One thought on “New Piece Up Today On My Newest Blog

  1. Greetings,

    As a writer myself it pains me to hear that not mant individuals will give your other work the opportunity and attention that any such writings of Infitite Waters does. Also I am sorry for the amount of hate you receive regarding your opinions of another. Indeed if these commenters had acknowledged and enacted even a shred of this mans teachings (regargless of his status or accreditation, because teachings they still are nevertheless) then these comments would assuredly never exist. However, on a personal note I rather enjoy Smart’s videos and will continue to watch them. They have helped me through some rough patches and kept me in the proper mindset. In tge interim though, I am not clinical or anywhere near suicidal so a charming smile and peaceful persona may be enough for me, it should in fact not be enough to warrant a halt on professional care where warranted. Albeit, perhaps Smart has not thought of this and merely, in his own mind, truly does think he is helping others and the money he earns is a plus, perhaps it is as you said, the other way around. In essence this man has amassed such an exorbitant cult following because human beings typically are impressionable and need to be told what to think or do, now understand if you encroach upon their BS ( belief system’s lol) undoubtedly you will make them very angry because you threaten the very thing they live by. Indeed that is why so many have died in the name of religion, isnt it? With that being said the percentage of free thinkers and creative minds (like you and I) in this world are staggeringly low, but that should not stop you from voicing your opinion lest you drop to the same ‘frequency’ as the zombies of today’s society. With all that being said, I bid you continued success in your writings and growth as a person, keep doing what it is you’re doing you are free after all.



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