Is Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) The Youtube Sensation Really What He Portrays On His Videos


As a blog writer, it’s quite fascinating to watch your stats every day.  There’s an entire wealth of information that comes from those figures.  They tell you not only how many people read your blog daily but, also what they read, what they search for on search engines and how much they read of your blog.  Did you know that information is readily available to those who both blog or write articles for newspapers and other sites as well as YouTube video makers and even Facebook pages?  There’s little that one can do on the net that isn’t being tracked by someone, somehow, somewhere.  Even your IP address is being recorded everywhere you go on the net.

Frankly, my concern as a writer is what people are interested in and want to know more about.  Search terms, searches, search engines, countries’ views etc., all play an important part in what I write and why I write what I do.  I want to give people what they are wanting versus telling readers what I had for breakfast or what I did in a day.  Facebook personal walls suffice for that purpose.

More recently, I began to write about a certain YouTube sensation, Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep).  At first, I was hooked in like the many subscribers that Smart has amassed over the 4 or 5 years that he’s been making videos on his channel.  It was only after a while of binge watching his videos that I began to see something in him and his videos that set off alarm bells within me and I stopped watching him, unsubscribing from his channel.  That’s when, out of curiosity, I began doing research into Smart and what I found gave me a larger picture of who this person was and what his true motives likely are versus what comes out of his mouth in his videos.

I began writing what I had found on Smart, my own opinions on it all as well as giving soft warnings to those who are most vulnerable.  Much to my surprise, hundreds of people per day were pouring in to read what I had written about him, having done their own searches on him.  It proved to me that people wanted to know more about Smart than what he was giving them.  Some of the terms that people were using in their quest for more information were also showing me that there are many people out there who are questioning Smart’s veracity as a psychologist and whether or not he’s a fraud.  I obviously wasn’t the only one who heard those alarm bells.  More thinking people had opened up their minds to other possibilities than what they were seeing and hearing from him on his daily videos on YouTube.

Of course, Smart has carefully chosen to hide his net tracks.  There’s not a lot one can find on Smart without having your own sources and digging deeply enough while thinking outside of his box or the one he wants to have you in with him.  Information can be found on him but, it takes dedication and endurance to find it.  It’s akin to putting together a puzzle with pieces being hidden on the floor beneath the table and not knowing where to look.  Sources I followed through with, helped my research to find them sooner than others would have found them, thankfully.

During that time frame, I had written several pieces on Smart as people kept coming in by the hundreds daily, seeking out information on him.  However, his devout fans were less than happy that someone would not like Infinite Waters and his spiels, wasting no time in letting me know that much.  They also felt the need to do an armchair version of psychoanalysis on me as a person having read only one or so pieces I’d written and only on the topic of Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) on which to form what they believed was the truth about me and put together a crude, rude and lewd personality profile of me.  Sadly, they were so far off the mark that it was pathetic but, laughable for the most part.  A lot of comments were un-publishable, let alone un-answerable because they were simply cursing and swearing or so crudely formatted that no other human eyes would want to read them lest my pieces be considered X-Rated.  I’d simply trash them and go on with my day.

As time went by, more and more of these obviously distressed, delusional and immature individuals filled my in-box with their pitiful attempts to psychoanalyze me but more to the point, express their trepidations that someone was writing something unfavourable about Mr. Smart.  What they didn’t know was the fact that the more they commented in such a distasteful manner, the more that they were proving my points about how much good Smart and his daily videos were doing for people.  It was apparent that though these people were defending what they considered was Smart’s ingenious, enlightening and brilliant pieces, they weren’t exactly soaking it in or, what Smart was spewing out daily, made no difference or even sense to them.  In other words, Smart wasn’t working the magic that they proclaimed he was working for them.

Near the end of January of this year, I tired of hearing the same old and worn out comments from Smart Defenders as they made no sense and were simply foul-mouthed or anger riddled, derogatory remarks that I’d simply have to move to the trash bucket on the server.  I put up a note on each of my entries that I was no longer approving, reading nor, responding to any comments on those pieces.  However, that didn’t sit well with me in that approach either.  It was only after what one can consider the last straw on the camel’s back that I decided I’d had enough of these types of comments and the foul-mouthed commenters and I deleted all except 2 of my pieces that I wrote about Smart.  I’d simply had enough of the negativity pouring out of these less than intelligent people on a daily basis and tired of deleting the comments that were too disgraceful to publish and later, all comments.

Thankfully, I didn’t take anything that they said, personally in spite of the fact that they were oftentimes, degrading me as a person, not even knowing me.  Actually, I was quite amused and had a few good laughs at what they had built into their own bitter delusions.  However, it dawned on me a couple of days ago that what these commenters were truly proving was that I was right about Smart all along.  These very commenters had done the work for me.  They had literally and unwittingly, proven my points for me about Smart’s work and how it affects people, right there in their annoyed, bitter, enraged and deranged comments or diatribes.  Though I still couldn’t publish most of them due to their bawdy and smuttily worded nature, I recognized that Smart supporters were doing a wonderful job of promoting what not to watch or who not to follow in this case.  They were in effect, telling others, what one becomes from watching Smart and what little good Smart’s plethora of videos and advice truly has on people and their minds.  I didn’t have to do anything.  I only have to publish these comments to prove my points.  At least, those that were fit for the human eye, anyway.

It has also occurred to me through watching the trend in search terms that more and more people are now questioning Smart and whether or not he’s legit or a fraud to some extent or another.  At the least, they are in search of more information on him than what Smart has given them or is giving to them.  There’s reason why people like Smart are extremely careful to cover their tracks and only give out what information that they want you to know but, nothing else.  Think about that for a second.  Has it processed through your mind and thinking that anyone who has nothing to hide, will offer up more about themselves than what they will keep hidden?  While some of you might be saying, “but he’s a private person” (perhaps, with explicatives added to that statement), you might want to question that a bit further and more deeply.  For those who are saying, “we know all we need to know about him and it’s all for free”, ask yourself one question, “really?”  Do you really know Ralph Smart based upon his videos and is it really free or is he making money off of your free viewing?  You might be surprised at the answers if you’re being truly honest with yourself.

Yes, Smart has a calming, charming presence on camera in those videos.  What he says during them is also what people want to hear but, he knows that much.  He’s learned it and he’s “acting” for the camera and for you.  He’s saying what you want to hear to keep you hooked on watching. There’s also reason why he’s careful to only let you know what he wants you to know.  You’re not going to find much about him on the net other than what he wants out there.  While some of you are likely saying, “that’s wise to not let out anything personal about yourself on the net”, ask yourself if you can be assured that he’s not created pseudo-names or other nicks or aliases that you’d never know were him.  After all, isn’t that possible?  If you’re still saying “no…there’s no way…Smart is too busy (as he’d say), ‘helping others’ to have the time to do that,” ask yourself if you can prove that to yourself or not.  You don’t need to prove it to me but, you do need to do some real questioning if you’re not questioning him at all. Can any human being always be happy, smiling, calm, not upset?  No.  There’s your answer right there.  Smart isn’t either but, you’re not going to see that in him because he doesn’t want you to see it.  He wants you to believe that he’s found the fountain of eternal happiness.  He hasn’t found it.  He simply portrays that he has for the 20 or so minutes you’ll see him in one of video-a-day videos that he creates.  I can stay smiling and positive for that long.  Everyone can do it.  Smart hasn’t found the answers to Life or the meaning to it anymore than you have.  Trust in that and stop believing that if you watch enough of his videos and follow everything he says, you will.  You won’t.

From my little corner of life, there’s more to a person than appearances will give on the net.  You cannot form a conclusion (either good or bad) based upon what they are saying out here in cyber space.  That goes for me as well.  You don’t know me.  You couldn’t possibly know me and frankly, you don’t know Ralph Smart either no matter how calm he makes you feel.  He’s not who he portrays himself to be in those videos to the world.  He’s a marketer who is out to make money and perhaps, has convinced himself that he’s “helping millions” by doing so.

Have a great day or evening.  Blessings, stay well, Love and Light.

(Please note:  I haven’t been reading, publishing or responding to any form of comments on Ralph Smart for awhile now and for good reason.  There is NO need to send me any further communication regarding Mr. Smart as I have written many more pieces on other topics since.  Please go and read those too.  Don’t waste your time on a comment to defend Mr. Smart.  I won’t read them and they go to trash.  Thank you for your understanding.)



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  1. I can at least say one thing about Ralph Smart with certainty. He is not living on a vegan meal once a day. He is too fat for that. He tries to get around this by making sure his whole body is not visible in his videos. And he uses special lenses and editing to smooth out his face and make it look more vibrant. I have seen two videos recorded by others showing him. In one video which shows his whole body he clearly looks a little overweight. In another his face is close to the camera and i could see all the blemishes on his face which clearly indicate he eats alot of junk food.

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  2. Thanks for posting this, he had recently become angry in one of his YouTube uploads after being exposed by a Netflix documentary, how he presents in that clip is very thought provoking, mainly because straight away he, discredits anyone who watches Netflix by him saying ‘i don’t watch that stuff’ so basically you are looked down upon by Ralph if you don’t follow his way of thinking and actions. In this case, if you watch Netflix at all. It is manipulative of his audience, to which he has a social responsibility. Ralph is someone who has openly learned a bit about psychology and human nature and seems to have misused that knowledge in order to run a business to make money. I hope he has to be accountable for his actions when people do wake up as he says, waking up to the fact that he doesn’t help anyone only himself.

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  3. Thanks for the eye opening. Since I started watching I couldn’t stop anc was planning to do vegan challenge. I did was wondering jow come he wasn’t skinny if he eats only once a day.

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    1. No Lee, it isn’t. What we see on camera or hear coming out of a lot of people’s mouths that we can come to trust, isn’t necessarily what they do in their own lives and they aren’t exactly who they portray themselves to be.


      1. Yes. You are right, especially when they charge big money for counselling, a genuine spiritual carer would not do that, shame, until I read you I was liking his persona


        1. Lee, I was liking him too while “binge watching” him and his videos. It was during one of those binges that I saw and recognized that something was amiss in him and his words. I was also watching a few others as well who admitted that they didn’t follow their own advice and were one way on camera and another in real life. Sadly, out of curiosity, I did some digging on Mr. Smart as I wasn’t convinced totally enough in order to drop watching him. It was at that point where I realized how gullible I had been. I had un-earthed a cavalcade of information that led me to see why others were doing searches on him as well and questioning him and what he was saying. Most of the searches they were doing and search terms that they were using to find more involved the word “fraud”. I will leave it there for now as I don’t wish to get back into Mr. Smart and the anger I felt at his words/speeches that were essentially, pulling the wool over young, impressionable and vulnerable eyes with what I’d found while researching him further. He’s not for me. However, that said, if anyone still likes him and wants to watch him, I have no power over anyone nor a gun pointed to their heads to stop. LOL. It’s all individually driven, isn’t it?


          1. Seems like you know your stuff sir, and I too was hooked, If some get solace and comfort without it costing them emotionally or financially I suppose that is good Karma

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            1. Yes, Lee…that is why I have stopped commenting on these pieces. Those who WANT to be with Mr. Smart (I have parents who beg me to help them because their kids are hooked on him and it’s hurting, not helping them) can be with him and watch him all that they want. 🙂


  4. His eyes are what get me. His eyes are red in most of the videos. I realized that after watching a few back-to-back. That set off alarm bells. The tone in his voice when he talks about why he isn’t in a relationship has also stuck in my mind. I hear something there that isn’t right. His hair is another thing. I noticed how unkept it looks a good chunk of the time. Someone who talks about self-care all the time, that did not seem right either. Maybe he was not able to manage it, but it just feels unsettling when you start to put all of this together. And the repetition of his diet and the same 4-5 item checklist he uses to heal your life….something is off. And though I don’t watch him anymore, my mind can’t leave his reds eyes alone. That. Isn’t. Right.

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    1. Thank you, Corinne247 for taking the time to comment. It’s very much appreciated.

      One thing that I know about Smart is that he uses “filters” or “colorizes” his videos. I noticed the red in his eyes as well but…I think that when he looks PURPLE as he often tints the video, it may look more red than they are. Sometimes, he’s YELLOW and looks Jaundiced. LOL 😉

      I agree with everything else that you’ve had to say. Strawberries, grapes and Acai. If that’s all Ralph eats, he should be 90 lbs dripping wet. But, he’s putting on weight I’ve been told…a LOT apparently. That’s not those 3 things only! LOL

      It’s sad and it isn’t right that he’s doing what he’s doing to vulnerable people who are grasping for anything to help them. I agree that it isn’t right that he pretend to be something he’s not. He’s hurting some people more than anything else.

      I no longer watch him either by the way. I stopped over a year ago now.

      Best wishes!


  5. Actually his real name is James Aubee. Take that to the bank. Unless a person was home schooled in the middle of nowhere it’s extremely silly to assume you can become a scammer and no one from your past or school will remember you. Not very bright. A lot of our classmates have seen him on youtube, circulated his videos among our reunion thread and are embarrassed that people actually listen to him we have a thread on the telegram app about his scam. We have old school pictures and everything, wee know James. In real life he walks around in tattered clothes, he can’t drive, his hair is tangled and teeth are off colour and he has no friends.The last time I saw him was 2015, people who have seen him more recently say he has gone further downhill and is completely delusional. He gives advice about things and a life that isn’t his reality. He is a very nervous, regressed loner in real life. He is an extremely paranoid person and from what he used to say to all of us he is well into the conspiracy theory and fear-based mind control paradigm. Someone he used to share a desk with in our class heard he attends those conspiracy meetings all over the place. It scrambled his mind along with ayahuasca and the other cocktail of drugs and meds he’s been on for years. James is mid 30s and has never held down a job beyond a few months and neither has he had a relationship. Men have used him if that counts. For as long as we’ve known him which is well over twenty years the dude is a rolling stone drifter full of zany far-out paranoia. He is not into women. He has constant mood swings, his grin and laughter are fake possibly due to the strong meds he has been for for twenty years and is always looking to make fast easy money from how we all remember him. He was never very bright and used to say his family treated him badly and viewed him as a complete failure. His real name is definitely James Aubee he is a loner, a drifter, mentally unstable, in and out of psych hospitals, on gov handouts. He has had many therapists try and treat him (unsuccessfully as he’s now a scammer), but is certainly not one by any stretch. When this hits the media a lot of us old classmates and teachers will come forward and prove he has always been unhinged. Vulnerable people and those who don’t want to put the effort in are so susceptible to these type of charlatans.


    1. Actually his real name is James Aubee. Unless a person was home schooled in the middle of nowhere it’s silly to assume you can become a scammer and no one from your past or school will remember you. Not very bright. A lot of our classmates have seen him on youtube and are embarrassed that people actually listen to him we have a thread on the telegram app about his scam. In real life he walks around in tattered clothes, his hair is tangled and teeth are off colour. He is an extremely paranoid person and from what he used to say to all of us he is well into the conspiracy theory and fear-based mind control paradigm. He is not into women. He has constant mood swings, his grin and laughter a fake possibly due to the strong meds he has been for for twenty years and is always looking to make fast easy money from how we all remember him. He was never very bright. His real name is definitely James Aubee he is a loner, a drifter, mentally unstable, in and out of psych hospitals, on gov handouts. He has had many therapists try and treat him (unsuccessfully as he’s now a scammer), but is certainly not one by any stretch. When this hits the media a lot of us old classmates and teachers will prove he has always been unhinged. Vulnerable people and those who don’t want to put the effort in are so susceptible to these type of charlatans.


      1. Thank you, Dave. I truly appreciate your time in commenting and helping out.

        I have been trying hard to find anything on this James Aubee but, have yet to be successful, except of course, for a musician who is not Ralph Smart.

        I’m wondering if you have anything that may prove to readers that we are indeed, speaking about the same person? Not that I am doubting what you are saying, just that I have to be careful as I do not want lawsuits for slander or defamation of character coming or this blog shut down.

        Thanks again Dave for any information that you may be able to help with as “proof” of this.


        1. Put it to him on any of his youtube videos that his name is James Aubee and that his old classmates have a thread about him on Telegram. The reason he won’t mention the governing body for his credentials is because they don’t exist and he probably doesn’t want to get sued which is why his consultations are wide and non-specific. He has been careful not to have an online presence but the authorities will have all his information. Because he’s been a drifter there isn’t much info online about him using his real credentials because he’s tride to hide his tracks, but we have 9 secondary school pictures with him in them on our Telegram thread.


          1. Thank you Dave. I truly appreciate your time and energy in helping us out.

            I have visited these sites already. I found them with your first comment. Unfortunately, they are for a gentleman whose name is “James Aubee” but, they are all for this gentleman…. who is or proclaims to be a film producer.

            If you have the link to your Telegram thread, I would LOVE to see those photos for certain!


      1. Thank you, Dave for your help and comments. Truly appreciated!

        I’m a bit confused though about all of this.

        Ralph Okrafo-Smart has been on BlogTalk radio and sounds like the person we are seeing in those videos. Not that I’m saying that your information is wrong but, it certainly seems as though he’s one in the same.

        James Aubee may not have anything on the net…at least, not the one that we know as “Infinite Waters Diving Deep” aka “Ralph Smart”.

        I’m wondering if you have any information that may prove that Ralph Smart is James Aubee? If you have a yearbook from university or any old alumni mags that might be around?

        As far as Ralph Smart being James Aubee…how is it that Ralph Smart can be 4 years younger than Aubee? I apologize for being a bit lost but, I am feeling quite confused about this at the moment. Not doubting your words, just confused.

        Please help if you can to clear this up for us all. I’d rather not be sued for defamation of character or slander so, if you have anything or even another classmate who can help us out, I’d love to see/hear about it.

        Thank you so much, Dave.


  6. Honestly speaking why do you even care? Ralph Smart truly wants to help people that’s why he created this channel in the first place. Just because he charged £350 for a counselling session and hasn’t shown proof that his a psychologist doesn’t mean he is Come evil money hungry person that brainwashed you. Do you realise how ridiculous, jealous and honestly dumb you sound. He can charge £1000 for his sessions it’s his choice, his channel, his website. I know private psychologists that charge £10k a session. He’s putting value in his work, he has a large audience and social media following he has every right to charge what he sees fit.

    I just think it’s sad to put down someone that is trying to help others everyday with new videos, answering people’s questions for free, inspiring people to eat healthy and exercise, yoga and all that. It’s either you are jealous and wish you had what Ralph has or you turned into a plain hater.


    1. Thank you for your comment Masih.
      You do realize don’t you, that you are doing the very same thing with your comment to me regarding this as you are accusing me of doing to Mr. Smart, right? You must be jealous of me! How flattering.

      Ok, best of wishes.


  7. You have all been conned. Ralph Smart is a fake name. His real name is James Aubee, he is not a qualified psychologist by any stretch and he eats meat and junk food so forget the vegan or raw foodie con game. He has been in and out of psych wards for years. People are bound to get conned when they turn to strangers on the internet for guidance. If he was a Psychologist either current or previous the information would be easy to obtain via the regulating professional body. All the people who attended university with James Aubee know how much he struggled and his online persona is most likely a manifestation of his frequent crises. The majority of his family live in Nigeria where he spent a considerable amount of time hence his accent and ability to hoodwink people so easily. Buyer beware rings true


    1. Andy, I thank you ever so much for taking the time to comment as you have.

      I was willing to bet that Smart’s real name wasn’t “Ralph Smart”. I’ve yet to be able to find his real name though. Many readers have written to me (with request) to not be published in comment, essentially saying that they also didn’t believe his real name was Ralph Smart. However, no one has yet to come forward with his real name. You have given me one to research.

      I know for certain that he is NOT a registered psychologist as it stands (unless someone can send me proper and verifiable proof in which case, I would reconsider my thoughts as it is only my personal opinion, based upon research and yes, I actually have people living in England who have done some form of research for me as well.)

      Would you be so kind as to say if you also went to university with him and knew him?

      I do need to verify this though through further research on what you have given me here. I hope you understand. I can’t write blindly or without some form of research into the matter.

      Thank you!


  8. Hi there,

    I discovered Smart’s channel about a week ago and, although I get the impression he’s drank too much of the new-age Kool-aid, have enjoyed some of his videos. If nothing else, he’s very calming to listen to, which gives me good ASMR vibes. Anyway, I’ve read a couple of your posts on him, and it seems you are accusing him of being a fraud, but do you have any direct evidence of this, other than he charges a lot for his services and doesn’t post his credentials? You say here that you’ve done some research on him, and since you bothered to point that out, I assume you have some real dirt, no?

    Also, have you checked out the channel from That dude is kind of like Ralph, but less ‘new-agey’.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and the time it took you to write it. Much appreciated.

      I want you to know that I used to watch Ralph Smart too. I watched him as though he was a god. I too, loved his friendly demeanour and yes, charming (as I say in one piece) ways. It was calming. Eventually though, through binge watching his videos, I recognized a few things that set off alarm bells. Besides the fact that he was getting far too “New-Age-Y” for a “psychologist” (which a lot of them eventually may do), there was something more to him than I could put my finger on. I felt “taken” for lack of a better word. That’s when I did a lot of research on him, with the help of some sources whom I cannot name for legal reasons.

      What I found was rather disturbing to say the least. While I can’t reveal everything in pieces, again for legal reasons, let me just say that I am still waiting for him or someone else to provide proper documentation for him being a psychologist and the ridiculous pricing he’s charging for his undefined sessions which younger people who are “lost” right now in their lives, are wanting with him. That concerns me when as an alleged psychologist, he’s giving out advice to possibly, truly depressed young people that they simply need to “lay down” or “for for a massage”. What “psychologist” in his/her right mind would take depression that lightly or give that type of advice and tell them it’s “ok to be depressed”? That’s one of his videos. You may get to that one if you keep watching him or even go back a bit.

      Furthermore, I can legally say this much because he’s said it himself. He spent a stent in a psychiatric ward himself. Not that it makes him less than as a person but, it certainly made me question things further.

      What I did find that he has indeed acquired a B.A. in psychology in combination with criminology but, to the best of my sources’ information as well as searching on my own before this and, writing to him as well as several other people, there is no proof anywhere of him being a legal, certified psychologist (I am still very fully open to that proper documentation if anyone has it though!)

      Suffice it to say that there’s a lot that I have learned about Smart that for legal reasons I cannot list here or in my pieces as I’ve said before. Let’s just say that what I have found is that Smart was out to make money doing anything but, working a normal job (as he’s fully admitted in several of his videos, if not many). He’s a marketer and making a living off of selling himself (from what I’ve learned) illegally as a “psychologist” and if you notice, his sessions are undefined. They are simply left for people to put 2 and 2 together to come up with “help” and “psychologist”. Getting a B.A. (combined) in psychology doesn’t make one a psychologist. If it did…I am one too then. So, are thousands of others in this world.

      As for his metaphysics…I’ve recognized a lot of authors in his video messages. His concepts are all “stolen” in one way or another. They are not original. Not even his videos are originals as he recycles and reformulates them. His wording may be his own but, that’s about it. Nothing else he’s saying or has said, hasn’t come from simply reading books and articles. He presents them with a cheery smile and attitude, making people feel that he’s their friend.

      If you don’t believe me, try writing to him. Try to see if you can get him to write back. There’s only one person he’s written back to and that person, requested a discount on a “session” with him. They got a “book one and we’ll see.” Of course, the person couldn’t afford it nor to take the chance of booking and paying him much at all so, didn’t.

      There’s a lot more that I found out about Smart that I cannot list publicly for several reasons but, suffice it to say that it’s “buyer beware” and do NOT follow this guy as though he’s a god or even knows what he’s talking about as a psychologist or anything with accreditation. He has NONE as far as I can tell and he will NOT answer me or anyone else. What’s that saying? That’s all that I can say.

      Thank you for the link to the other site. I will have a look at that. For now, I am not following anyone who tells you that you can “manifest” anything. LOL They “manifest” money into their pockets doing so. And, NO…this is a hobby for me. I don’t wish to be like him. I am NOT at all “jealous” as many have accused me of being nor, do I “love” the guy. LOL But, I do know a couple of younger people who listened to him and thought he had all of the answers. Sadly, they both needed professional help and are now getting it. 🙂

      Anyway, this is as long as a blog entry!

      Wishing you well. Blessings, Love and Light.


      1. Hi, Information he says is regurgitated, as is all language we share. Ralph is here to share what he wants to with others, just as you are. The nasty comments are from people who obviously are in The dark, so they look to a positive person, like Ralph and get a smiggin, of feeling better after a video, just as you too were seeking answers, perspective? I felt compelled to c9mmunicate with you, the author of the article ,because yes ,I am in disagreement with your choice to have low esteem for him, however , I still feel , although a stranger to me, an understanding and respect for your choice. I hope I’m not the first Deep Diver to give you common decency of honoring your opinion. We can agree to disagree right? I do see how he chooses to show a certain side of him, the most “valuable” , not to place less value on negative emotional states, they are all “good” part of him, the positive side, sharing his rants on this or that, his anger , sure he could do that, why doesn’t he? ,there is plenty of that already out there. It would seem a good leader to you bears all. I ask you , do you show all parts of you ,or are there times where you you too choose to not show? The external you ,the part you don’t like about him, are you facing yourself?


        1. Hi Rachel, thank you for taking the time to comment and write to me. It’s much appreciated.

          Rachel, let’s look at an analogy here just for the sake of demonstration purposes.
          I love Brussel Sprouts while you see them as a detriment to goitres and see no real value in them at all. Or, let’s take chocolate. It revs up my serotonin and dopamine levels. To you, it is a “poison”. And you’d be correct about both. Were you able to share your insight into both why Brussel Sprouts and chocolate were not healthy, would you allow me to go on eating either food without saying a word or, would you at the least, give your opinion and let me judge for myself and perhaps, possibly harm myself by eating them? You may not convince me but, at least you would have tried to have expressed your opinion and leave it up to me, right? Shall I call you a good person or a bad person for having given the opposite to what many in today’s society do and believe?

          I will leave that question with you and thank you again for taking the time to comment.

          Best wishes! (If you come back to read this, that is).


  9. Oh gosh, you are too fragile… i didn’t mean to “put you down”, i just asked what the point of writing what you write (which is always the same) over and over again? (and you didn’t answered, because clearly, everyone can see you’re obcessed with that dude’s sucess and only you can’t see that). I didn’t “chastising you for not praising Smart” , i said “Ok, you disagree with that dude and that’s nothing wrong with that” , “I get it, its your opinion and i respect that, but why you keep repeating this? “.. and what i’ve wrote about was just my opinion, i didn’t mean so insult you, if you feel that way, i’m sorry. You clearly misunderstand me, or you are in a defensive mode thinking i am trying to convice you, which is not true, i just would like to understand whats the point of the posts…Honestly, why does people watching his “free” videos make you so mad? because he is making money just by talking to a camera? i really can’t understand the point to me smells like jealousy. You don’t need to agree with nothing anybody say, or like anybody, but accept the fact that his work impact people in a positive way, and a lot of people are grateful for him, just watch the numbers, comments, etc.. But anyway, if you can’t see that what you’re doing is just complete ridiculous, researching life of a person you don’t like and writing post after post all saying the same stuff i can’t say nothing to you… there is a old saying that says: “The worst blind is the one who does not want to see”,,, Have a nice weekend

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why are you still giving the same comments over and over again? Why are you still here, obviously not having read anything else that I have written other than on Smart nor commenting on any other piece or topic after reading the full piece?
      To me, I would say that you have a defensive stance and a jealousy towards me! Lol

      Blessing Love and Light

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahahah you got that right… i’m sooo jealous of someone wro writes about gossip, tv shows and how much they would like to be on the position of someone… (ironic) keep researching other people life… will do a lot of service for yourself…

        “From my little corner of life”, you need to get a clue hahahah

        Wishing you the best, including stop to being jealous… =D

        Liked by 1 person

        1. And yet you have read nothing else I have written, don’t like anything I write but are still here commenting? Ask yourself why. I have and answered it. Now I dare you to find the answer that I have already answered in another piece.
          Good luck! Lol.😂


  10. Don’t get me wrong, but what is your point? Ok, you disagree with that dude and that’s nothing wrong with that. But you’ve wrote more than 5 articles on that man all saying the same stuff, did “research” on his life, you said that you wish that more people read your article and yet calls everybody who likes him a “brainwashed” cult follower… I get it, its your opinion and i respect that, but why you keep repeating this? you are worried because people watch his videos and because its monetized? Do you realize that there are people (a lot of them) that really like them and not because “charming calm personality” but because what he offer with his videos has helped them? i am one person that is grateful for his work, i am not a “cult follower” and i don’t watch his videos dayli. Also, i don’t need to agree with everything he talk to understand that is a good work he does since many people are grateful and isn’t some harmful “doctrine”… what is clear to me with what you write is that you would like to be in his position, to influence people in a positive way since you’ve already said “my concern as a writer is what people are interested in and want to know more about” and said that not too mant people read what you write… Also, you seem bothered by he speaking about vegan diet… i personaly am very grateful for his speechs about that since i am vegan because of his videos and guess what? has helped me in a great way, more energy, more lightly, less heavy, etc… By the way, his message isn’t for everyone, and thats ok, nothing is for everyone, some people like to worship celebrities, some don’t give a shit… so i honestly think that you projecting your issues writing tons of blog’s about him its only making you look a bit pathetic, you should ask yourself why that bother you so much?.. quoting Mr. Einstein “Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. ” .. hope you change your focus on better things or keep writing about “gilmore girls” because is very visible your concern with that dude and i personaly find that very laughable and pathetic… Wish you the best

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you again, Marques.

      One thing that struck me seems to be your need to put me down…the very thing that you’re accusing me of having done with and to Smart. What is that telling you? It’s telling me a lot. Chastising me for not praising Smart while feeling the need to degrade me, call me sick, pathetic etc., is contradictory. You are doing the exact same thing to me to what you’re saying about me putting Smart down. Can you not see that? I’d say that if there is something wrong with me not agreeing with you and me not liking Smart and having said so…you have done equal by putting me down. So, how different are you than me? Is it that you feel justified in doing so because in your mind, I have no justification for my opinions on Smart? What is that saying about you, your defence of Mr. Smart and what is it saying about even Mr. Smart?

      What would you say is your reasoning for putting me down and my blog while telling me what I can or shouldn’t write about?

      Frankly, I’d call that a “cult-like following” that has you somewhat “brainwashed” by Mr. Smart and his “free” videos.

      If I’m not for you and you don’t like what I write about…where’s the gun to your head to keep on reading it, coming back and commenting? Why does it bother you so badly that you feel the need to call me names for not agreeing that Mr. Smart is brilliant? Why can you not simply dismiss this blog as not your cup of tea and move on? What keeps you here, insulting me and my writing? The answers may surprise you were you to be able to be honest within yourself and about yourself, your motives etc.. There’s a lot to be learned from that right there. Take a deep look, please.

      I think I’ve written all that I need to write about Smart so, I won’t go back over it all again in a response.

      If you have only read the celeb pieces I’ve written, please try looking through my archives.

      Have you read this one?

      How about this 5 part series on Happiness, beginning with this one?

      And there’s many, many more that are not celeb related if you look.

      As for Mr. Smart helping people, may I point you (in case you haven’t seen it yet) to this piece?

      Thank you for your wishes that I heal and I am glad that Smart has been able to enlighten you enough to eat Vegan and laugh at someone else’s opinions, feeling them as “pathetic and laughable”. He’s doing a GREAT job on you and people like you…or….IS HE? Hmmmm…

      Stay well. Best wishes, Love and Light.


  11. Hello. I watch a lot of Youtube videos and for some time, I’ve been watching and even enjoying Ralph Smart. He is such a charmer with his healthy charisma and white smile but just lately, I’ve become somewhat bored with watching him. Like a lot of people, I’m learning to awake to the truth of this very negative world and finding my spirituality. But Ralph Smart goes on about his vegan diet. Don’t get me wrong, I respect vegans and I myself am a vegetarian being an animal lover. But he appears to rub your face in how he eats a pure unadulterated diet with pure spring water, chia seeds and spirulina. Have you checked the price of spirulina whoa !!! No doubt, he can afford this pure fresh lifestyle when he charges £350 an hour for private consultations not to mention the money he makes on the videos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re absolutely right, Pascale. Thank you for commenting.

      I’m afraid that his videos were all far too formulaic for me after awhile. They were novel and charming for me as well at first but, something in me started feeling that not only was there more repetition in all of his videos but, what he was saying, could have been said in 3 minutes without all of his catch-phrases.

      I also started noticing that I was feeling that I’d heard it before, almost word for word. In going back, sure enough, quite a number of his videos were re-cycled, re-filmed but, adding his phrasing (also possibly neuro-linguistic programming for sales/marketing as well as subscribing).

      Like you, the entire Vegan Push he keeps shoving into every video and everyone’s faces was a red light for me. Also like you, I have nothing against someone being Vegan or Vegetarian. I’ve tried both in the past as well but, that style of eating is not for me so, why does he continue to push everyone? It was almost as though he was saying that if you weren’t eating Vegan, you weren’t able to reach the state he was in. Again, more alarm bells went off within me.

      Reading the comments from those who were following him were more like those, following a cult or a cult leader and that startled me and concerned me greatly.

      Suffice it to say that it’s what started me doing research on him and the rest is what I’ve written…though his loyal followers don’t want to hear it, it seems.

      Thank you again for your thought, effort and comment especially, being well thought out for yourself as well as well worded (without swearing or put downs). It would have been fine to disagree with my opinion had you felt that way as long as it was kept from personal insults. Some people don’t get that thinking and proceed to simply swear, curse, name call and sound a bit rather insane. LOL

      Blessings, Love and Light. Have a wonderful day/evening.


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