Writing A Blog Takes Courage And Restraint


You wouldn’t think it but, writing a blog on anything, takes one having courage, conviction and yes, a lot of restraint at times.

It doesn’t matter whether a blog writer is posting photos of their trips abroad, recipes, photos they’ve taken, personal opinions or they are writing about what is considered to be facts from news sources, there’s always going to be someone, somehow, somewhere who will be a Keyboard Dummy Warrior and write something to indicate their disapproval of whatever you’ve written or posted.

Of course, this is the internet where anyone can try to be whomever they wish to be thinking falsely that they have a lot of anonymity.  They also feel that they can say whatever they wish to utter or yell because they figure no one will see their faces or figure out who they really are.  Sometimes, those comments require a lot of restraint on the blogger’s part to not sink down to that person’s level of immature net usage.

There are days when comments come in that simply wreak of someone being both dishonest in who they really are, masked by fake names as well as simply wanting to stir up trouble because a blog post hasn’t agreed with their lines of thinking.

I attempt to be as thorough as I can be when I write a blog piece.  My research may entail news sources, other people’s accounts or stories, my own personal opinions or any combination of the above.  If my pieces are not accurate, it’s because there’s flaws in the reporting of publicly known pieces of information.  I don’t mind new sources bringing me corrections on that information and will amend what I have written to suit the new facts where and when needed.  However, I am not a news source.  Most of my pieces (except for personal experiences) are written from both my perspective and may include  facts from sources that I believe to be reputable.  I also check several sources before I write it as possible fact.  Anyone who pays any attention whatsoever to my pieces, also know that they are labelled as “Opinion” and tagged as such.

In keeping this shorter than my usual length pieces, let it be known that those who wish to comment with nasty comments or those who sign up under false names, we bloggers have something called a “dashboard” where your comments not only bring up email addresses but, if they are made up, we also have access to your IP addresses and a lot of other pieces of information that are easily traceable back to you should we need to take it further.  You aren’t quite as anonymous as you may believe that you are.

From my little corner of life, it takes a great deal of restraint to refrain from retorting back to some commenters in the manner that they have commented to me.  It’s taken years of writing this blog for me to see a comment that contains personal attacks, name-calling, foul language or simply ignorance and simply hit the “trash” button.  I will not post comments that contain foul language for others to read but, I will sometimes post comments that provide personal attacks if it proves my point.  Otherwise, personal attacks are considered nothing of importance to anyone who reads the comments and are not published…though I can think of one topic that I’ve written a couple of pieces on where it fits my blog post points well to publish them and I do.  Those who do this type of thing should keep that in mind before rushing to the keyboards on their computers, tablets or phones to comment.  You’re not as anonymous as you think you are.  You’re actually quite transparent.

Have a great day and read this piece on angry commenters because not only is it hilarious but, true.

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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