Enlightenment Will Not Come From Others Nor Youtube Gurus

The Alternative viewpoint


Does anyone truly know what the term “enlightenment” means or where it originated?

Enlightenment: aphilosophicalmovementofthe18thcentury,characterizedbybeliefinthepowerofhumanreasonandbyinnovationsinpolitical,religious,andeducationaldoctrine. Anintellectualmovementoftheseventeenthandeighteenthcenturiesmarkedbyacelebrationofthepowersofhumanreason,akeeninterestinscience,thepromotionofreligioustoleration,andadesiretoconstructgovernmentsfreeoftyranny.SomeofthemajorfiguresoftheEnlightenmentwereDavidHume, ImmanuelKant, JohnLocke, theBarondeMontesquieu, Jean-JacquesRousseau, andVoltaire.

(Buddhism)theawakeningtoultimatetruthbywhichmanisfreed fromtheendlesscycleofpersonalreincarnationstowhichallmen areotherwisesubject

(Hinduismastateoftranscendentdivineexperiencerepresented byVishnu:regardedasagoal

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